Hit Software

Hit-Recorder concept/design GmbH 

hit-Recorder is the simplest way to obtain free and legally thousands of music files in shortest time. By the automatic admission of many internet radio stations your music collecting grows automatically; hit-Recorder takes up to 20 records the same time as MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA and save this records to hdd, usb-stick, iPod/iPhone, PlayStation . Free download of Hit-Recorder, size 11.05 Mb.


HitAggregator 1.0 Jax Overhead Door 

HitAggregator is a web stats tracking software tool that allows you to generate a web script that will track all your visitors and web statistics automatically. It will reveal to you the webpages that are getting the most traffic for you, where your web visitors are from and how they are coming to your site. You are going to discover what exact . Freeware download of HitAggregator 1.0, size 1.30 Mb.

PROFIS Anchor 2. 2. 2004 Hilti Corporation 

A new interface makes it quicker and easier than ever before for planners and designers to select and design anchors based on the latest national codes and approvals such as ACI, IBC and ICC, helping ensure compliance with the latest industry standards.

The user-friendly interface speeds access to the software’s anchor . Freeware download of PROFIS Anchor 2. 2. 2004, size 150.99 Mb.

HILTI PROFIS DF Diaphragm Hilti corp. 

Hilti Profis DF Diaphragm Software calculates diaphragm shear, flexibility factors and uplift resistance for steel deck roof and floor systems using Hilti fasteners. The program is based on the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) Diaphragm Design Method and incorporates the latest ICC-ES AC43 performance data. The program incorporates a powerful design . Freeware download of HILTI PROFIS DF Diaphragm, size 10.38 Mb.

Hit'n'Mix Play 1. 5. 2008 Hit'n'Mix Ltd 

hit'n'Mix Play tears apart MP3s/CD tracks and unlocks their basic building blocks - the individual vocals, instruments, percussion & ambient noise, provides the power to change, mash up & remix the separated vocals/instruments/ percussion in new and exciting ways never thought possible. And allows to save & open .Rip files, . Freeware download of Hit'n'Mix Play 1. 5. 2008, size 38.09 Mb.

Snark Busters 2: All Revved Up 32.0 Shockwave com 

Jack Blair, world-renowned racecar driver, has put his fast-driving days on hold to catch the Snark in this follow-up to the hit hidden object adventure. Join Jack as he races between the real world and reverse realms in an attempt to catch his quarry. Solve dozens of whimsical puzzles, explore worlds of exquisite detail, and keep your eyes peeled . Free download of Snark Busters 2: All Revved Up 32.0, size 317.05 Mb.

BDES Hilti International Edition 7 4 Hilti Corporation 

BDES Hilti International Edition is provided free of charge to specifiers to be used for the analysis and design of composite and non-composite beams, as used in general building construction.

Main Features :
- Design according to Eurocode ¾, British Standard 5950 and American AISC LRFD Standard
- Single span . Freeware download of BDES Hilti International Edition 7 4, size 4.89 Mb.

Send Keyboard Keys 1.0 Vsisoftware.com 

Send Keyboard Keys 1.0 Automatically sends keyboard keys to windows applications. - By: homepage . Freeware download of Send Keyboard Keys 1.0, size 1.77 Mb.

KeyPlayer 1 5 Canadian Mind Products 

Java Keystroke and Mouse Event Tutor / Keyboard Diagnostic Application to let you experiment to learn how mouse and keystroke events work. Output appears on the console. Just click the mouse or hit keystrokes and watch what details of the events generated. To install, Extract the zip download with WinZip, available from winzip.com (or similar unzip . Freeware download of KeyPlayer 1 5, size 817.15 Kb.

Super Pitcher 1.1.2000 Novel Games Limited 

You don't have to shoot a handgun in order to be enshrined in the hall of fame for sharpshooters - aim and shoot all designated objects and get the rewards in the fair, and you know you will be adored. This game opens with a page stating the valid and wrong targets of the round. Press the Continue button on the screen to start the game, and you . Freeware download of Super Pitcher 1.1.2000, size 270.34 Kb.

Bomb Squad 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited 

Being a member of an elite bomb disposal team, you are given a task of locating all 5 bombs hidden in a 8x8 grid within the time limit. Before locating the bombs, you can send probes into the grid by clicking the boxes outside of the grid one at a time and observe the paths of the probes. After sending a probe, the result will be shown on the . Freeware download of Bomb Squad 1.0.0, size 269.31 Kb.

Ultimate Web Counter 1.03 www.Web-Design-Factory.net 

The Ultimate Web Counter is a Freeware tool to can add to your web site that will allow visitors to choose counters to add to their own sites. One of the only scripts of its kind! - Written in HTML and JavaScript, so the page is platform-independent (works on any kind of hosting account, even free ones!) - Easy to install, just upload the page with . Freeware download of Ultimate Web Counter 1.03, size 713.03 Kb.

MPC Batch Encoder 2.3.1 Wim Speekenbrink 

MPC Batch Encoder is a Windows frontend for the MusePack encoder and decoder, for Tag and for ReplayGain.

MPC Batch Encoder is a non-enclosed frontend: it doesn't enclose the encoder. The only thing it does after you hit the Go button, is create and launch a batch file. You can see the MPC encoder doing it's great job in a DOS-box. . Freeware download of MPC Batch Encoder 2.3.1, size 41.94 Kb.

One Hit Wonder Regular 1.0 FontFrame.com 

One hit Wonder Regular is a TTF character that was made in order to help you change the ordinary appearance of your papers. . Freeware download of One Hit Wonder Regular 1.0, size 83.89 Kb.

Click Counter Script 1 MFScripts 

This open source click counter script has been developed by MFScripts as a completely free download for its users. The script contains an admin area where you can view the stats of each url, and multiple templates which can be easily changed according to your preference, and also has been coded with full PHP functionality.

We have also . Freeware download of Click Counter Script 1, size 7.17 Kb.