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Typo Design Clock g-now 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Typo Design Clock for Windows Phone 7

This wonderful designed clock is a beautiful gem for each Windows Phone. Large types, stylish arranged, unique.

At home place your phone on the cupboard while loading the battery and you own this decorative living room watch which scarcely anybody else has.

In the night you can . Free download of Typo Design Clock, size 1.05 Mb.


Acorn of Aneush ChrisRichardWhite 

Mobile \ Games

Acorn of Aneush is a fun and simple strategy game, which has a unique and highly appealing style.

The squirrel home world has been invaded by King Aramis's evil hedgehog army. They have come to steal the Acorn of Aneush and its ancient power! You must aid Lady Kahlua the squirrel queen, in attacking and pushing back the enemy forces.

Asparagus, its culture for home use and for market Digi-Media-Apps 

Mobile \ Reference

Preface-The cultivation of asparagus for home use as well as for market is so rapidly increasing, and reliable information pertaining to it is so frequently asked for, that a book on this subject is evidently needed. While all works on vegetable culture treat more or less extensively on its cultivation, so far there has been no book exclusively . Free download of Asparagus, its culture for home use and for market, size 2.10 Mb.

Home decorator helper Feron.IT 

Mobile \ Productivity

This app helps you to choose colors for you home. You can take a picture of the room you want to paint or use an existing picture and put a color on the wall with your finger. The color can be any of the RAL colors which most DIY can mix for you. . Freeware download of Home decorator helper, size 1.05 Mb.

Home Expenses WiseOak Apps 

Mobile \ Finance

Home Expenses helps you keep track of your regular monthly, quarterly & yearly income and expenses.

This is a great app for letting you know if you can afford that new phone contract, car finance or bigger mortgage - or maybe even cut back on a few things! Just enter details of the potential new payment to see how it will affect . Free download of Home Expenses, size 1.05 Mb.

Industrial Design Sketch-aid magikurp 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This is an app giving people feeds from the best free Industrial Design sketching tutorials on the web.

The feeds are from:
- all work, images, and content is licensed under "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative"

- Copyright 2011 . Freeware download of Industrial Design Sketch-aid, size 1.05 Mb.

Live@Home Live@Home 

Mobile \ Music

Live@Home : un rendez-vous intime et particulier, une nouvelle facon d'entendre et de voir la musique.
Tous les quinze jours, un artiste prend possession d'un lieu unique en son genre, une vaste maison qui devient soudainement le

theatre d'un veritable concert prive, sous le regard de cameras qui saisissent dans un meme tourbillon . Freeware download of Live@Home, size 1.05 Mb.

My Comic Photo Free Help 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

To make your photos to be comic pictures with designed captions.
You can make a complete picture even the trial version.

1.1 Can save state when press "Home" then press "Back"
1.2 Powerful customization template
1.3 Activity about "Get full function of 1.3 version" - finished
1.4 Image . Freeware download of My Comic Photo Free, size 2.10 Mb.

My Home Server Microsoft Corporation 

Mobile \ Productivity

This app helps you to manage your Windows Home Server 2011 from your phone. It even allows you to stream music, videos and pictures from your server directly to your phone. You can also store multiple server accounts within this app in case you want to manage multiple servers.

You must install the “Windows Server Solutions Phone . Freeware download of My Home Server, size 1.05 Mb.

Notepad Free PierrickM 

Mobile \ Productivity

This application allows you to create, read, delete, rename notes on your phone.

Update 2.2 :
- Possibility to send/delete notes from the home scren (long touch on the note)
- Help messages when there are no notes
- More notes on the home screen (3 notes per line)
- Bug fixes

Update 2.1 :
- Animation . Freeware download of Notepad Free, size 1.05 Mb.

Show My Home ElRamlySoft 

Mobile \ Productivity

Is your homefor sale? Is it a mad scramble to prepare your home for a showing when you get that call or txt msg?

The Show My Home application provides a quick and easy room-by-room task list to remind you of the things you need to do to get your home ready. When you complete the tasks, it even offers the ability to txt your significant . Freeware download of Show My Home, size 1.05 Mb.

Snow Solitaire Denis Liger 

Mobile \ Games

Snow Solitaire is a game specially designed for pleasant New Year holidays in 2012. We hope that you will enjoy playing the game. Pr-App.com team worked hard to make a beautiful Christmas design. Our team wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and let our application brighten up your leisure time.

Windows Phone Solitaire Snow is one of the . Free download of Snow Solitaire, size 1.05 Mb.

Take Me Home Konstantin Novikov 

Mobile \ Travel

Take Me Home application allows you to: - Save list of your addresses (such as home, work, gym, etc) - Assign unique icon to your address - Get transit directions to your first saved address by simply starting the application. App will detect your current location and will tell you what bus you need to take. - Easy access to your saved locations . Freeware download of Take Me Home, size 1.05 Mb.

Take Me Home Pro Konstantin Novikov 

Mobile \ Travel

Take Me Home application allows you to: - Save list of your addresses (such as home, work, gym, etc) - Assign unique icon to your address - Get transit directions to your first saved address by simply starting the application. App will detect your current location and will tell you what bus you need to take. - Easy access to your saved locations . Free download of Take Me Home Pro, size 1.05 Mb.

The Home Gym Guide Pixel Perfectionists 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

If you want a fitness library in your pocket then look no further than the "Home Gym Guide".

This application will help you achieve your desired physique with exercises for every major body part complete with big, clear, animated images and step-by-step guides for maintaining perfect form. Each exercise also features handy tips . Free download of The Home Gym Guide, size 16.78 Mb.

Abduzeedo pxlkhx 

Mobile \ Reference

A collection of both the English & Portuguese Feeds of Abduzeedo, an inspirational and forever contemporary design website packed full of inspiration, tutorials and resources. It also contains all the tweets from the founder, Fabio Sasso. . Freeware download of Abduzeedo, size 1.05 Mb.

A Fool's Knot Digi-Media-Apps 

Mobile \ Reference

John Mwangangi is an idealist. He turns his back on a successful legal career in London to return to his home in Migwani, a small, poor town in eastern Kenya. His ambition is to assist his country?s development, to create a model that others might emulate. But in trying to rediscover his roots and his very identity, old tensions resurface and new . Free download of A Fool's Knot, size 1.05 Mb.

AP Easy Mortgage Calculator Alejandro Pagan 

Mobile \ Finance

How many times have you seen a sign about your dreamed home and wanted to know what the approximate monthly payment would be? Never again wonder if you can afford the monthly payment of your dreamed home! Easy Mortgage Calculator (EMC) requires the minimum number of keystrokes and calculates monthly payment, total interest, insurance, property tax, . Free download of AP Easy Mortgage Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

Amsterdam Bus Pascal_Bonheur 

Mobile \ Travel

Never miss the bus again !

Get access to all Amsterdam bus lines, tramways, metros and add your favorite stops to the home page to quickly see the next arrival.

The application also allows you to get offline access for all your favorite stops.

v1.2 : Bug fix on Next Arrivals for Thursday and . Free download of Amsterdam Bus, size 1.05 Mb.

Ancla Invento gregmao 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Ancla un ano historico en la home de tu telefono: Cada 30 minutos aparecera un ano historico junto con la descripcion del invento. . Freeware download of Ancla Invento, size 1.05 Mb.

Arctic Trouble Pavle Guduric 

Mobile \ Games

The little penguins are lost on the Arctic! Help them to return to their home.

"Arctic Trouble" is the fun puzzle game where you guide the little penguin through 108 amazing levels. Each level is a set of floating icebergs. Your task is not an easy one! Control the little fellow, hopping from iceberg to iceberg, landing him on . Free download of Arctic Trouble, size 1.05 Mb.

Astralian Pride Aussie Pride Australia flwp7 Catto 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Aussie Pride app provides a nice Australian flag as a tile on teh home screen to show pride in Australia. It also has a list of fun Aussie items as well as:
Nice Map
Aussie Twitter Feed

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi . Free download of Astralian Pride Aussie Pride Australia flwp7, size 1.05 Mb.

BART Essentials Mikes Win8 Apps 

Mobile \ Travel

The application is to assist you in use of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). It does not matter if you use BART every day or just occasionally, you will find this application useful.
The design ideology behind the application is to present maximum amount of useful data with minimal interaction with the application user interface. The everyday use . Free download of BART Essentials, size 1.05 Mb.

aWallet ASquare LLC 

Mobile \ Finance

aWallet is a finance management tool that helps you keep track of your spending and savings.

A research shows our stylish design helps user input and view their financial position much easier thus pinpointing areas for improvement.

As suggested by many financial advisors/coaches, the best way to save more money faster, to . Free download of aWallet, size 1.05 Mb.

Awesome Torch JOJO Mobile Polska sp. z o.o. 

Mobile \ Productivity

Bored of simple flashlight ? use this one. Trial version is fully functional but with some adds.
Shake the phone and it starts lighting. Do it again and it stops. Change colors and have a fun.
Main features:
* Shake to start
* Color selection
* Lighting mode
* Brightnes selection
* Language selectio . Free download of Awesome Torch, size 1.05 Mb.

Baby Log It! EKSoftware 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Updated for 7.5! The best baby app on the marketplace.... Keep track of your baby's eating, sleeping and diaper changes with this simple to use app. Pin tiles to your home page for fast logging. Use the history page to see events, even ones you might have missed. The stats page and pinned tile on home page show useful statistics on your baby's . Free download of Baby Log It!, size 1.05 Mb.

BlastCannon Willseph Design 

Mobile \ Games

After a little less than a year, I have decided to re-release BlastCannon back on the market, completely free of charge! I'm a student and game design is still a passion of mine, and it was a great learning experience as a ameteur developer to release something for sale on the market.

That being said, I can't thank those who purchased . Freeware download of BlastCannon, size 8.39 Mb.

Brain Cube XIMAD INC 

Mobile \ Games

- New scenary
- Fixed bugs
- New design
Roll your block through obstacles under snowfall!

Brain Cube is a brain twisting puzzle game of rolling blocks. Tumble a rectangular rolling block through different paths and drop it into the square
hole. For your amusement we put the holes in various places . Freeware download of Brain Cube, size 12.58 Mb.

BuddyLight PhotoPivot 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

BuddyLight is your handheld lighting companion right on your phone.

It shines that extra little light on your subject when you don't have a flash around. When activated, your phone screen turns into a diffused light source that can be used as a key light for that glint in the eye effect, an extra light in a dark space or a booster for . Freeware download of BuddyLight, size 1.05 Mb.


Mobile \ Finance

calculate the emi for ur home loan , car loan etc ,. by entering the principal amount,number of month and rate of interest . Freeware download of CALCULATE UR EMI, size 1.05 Mb.