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SpreadsheetConverter to HTML / JavaScript Professional Framtidsforum I&M AB 

Use SpreadsheetConverter to Html / Javascript Professional to create online calculators without the help of a programmer.

At last you can create online calculators without the help of a programmer. All you need is Microsoft Excel. Calculate on the WEB. Convert MS Excel spreadsheet into good-looking calculating web page. No plugins.


Patu Digua 0.1 Green Soft 

Patu Digua, or shortly Digua, is a web (Html, Javascript and CSS) obfuscator and compressor. It will reduce the size of your website, boosting performance this way, and it will make your Javascript source code harder to be copied.

* obfuscation and compression of Html, CSS and Javascript files
* automatic . Freeware download of Patu Digua 0.1, size 3.30 Mb.

HTML Popup Ultimate 3.40.5 HTML Popup Software 

Advanced DHTML Popup is a powerful Html Popup window creator that works in a WYSIWYG way and produces cross browser Html Popup windows and hover ads without any knowledge of Html/Javascript. The product uses an intuitive interface to design and customize the Html popup window and has a simple method of compiling and attaching the created Html popup . Free download of HTML Popup Ultimate 3.40.5, size 7.00 Mb.

Scriptomania 2.7 BreedSoftware 

Html/PHP/Javascript/MySQL editor -- Syntax highlighting for Html/Javascript/PHP into the same document+ SQL highlighting -- Macros (can even record mouse actions) -- Completion engines (Html/PHP) + Auto completion -- Auto correct engine -- Test your PHP scripts locally -- PHP/Javascript snippets -- Add a counter or a PHP gallery to your site by . Free download of Scriptomania 2.7, size 2.13 Mb.

eBook Pack Express 1.75 Caislabs Software, Inc. 

E-Book Pack Express converts Html, Javascript, VBScript, Flash and ActiveX files into stand-alone, compressed and encrypted e-books, manuals or presentations.The unique features provided by eBook Pack Express are:. Enhanced ebook security options, encrypt e-books with up to 3 security modes.. Full text search.. Highly optimized eBook viewer.. . Free download of eBook Pack Express 1.75, size 2.17 Mb.

Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc) 

Scripts Encryptor is a handy utility to scramble (obfuscate) Html, Javascript/JScript, C/C++/MFC code. Unlike many other obfuscators it does not employ Javascript for encoding, which significantly increases the number of web browsers that will be able to open scrambled documents without distortion. Use this software to protect your online content . Free download of Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc), size 299.01 Kb.

Scripts Encryptor Control 

Scripts Encryptor is a handy utility to scramble (obfuscate) Html, Javascript/JScript, C/C++/MFC code. Unlike many other obfuscators it does not employ Javascript for encoding, which significantly increases the number of web browsers that will be able to open scrambled documents without distortion. Use this software to protect your online content . Free download of Scripts Encryptor Control, size 191.49 Kb.

BlackBookSafe 0.8 Adobe Systems Incorporated 

BlackBookSafe is an Html/Javascript contact list sample application built on Adobe AIR 1.5. The application uses the JQuery framework and the AS3CoreLib library, and leverages three new AIR 1.5 features: Pixel Bender effects, 3D transformations, and the encrypted local database. . Freeware download of BlackBookSafe 0.8, size 69.31 Mb.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Snippet Editor 2.0.3 Tyanya Software LLC. 

With SnippetEditor, you can edit Html/Javascript code and see the results right away. It supports the standard console log to debug your script. This app is designed to be an offline tool where no internet connection is required. However you can also go online and see any sites's source code. While you are at it, you can modify its source code and . Free download of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Snippet Editor 2.0.3, size 734.00 Kb.

MioFactory 2.22 Mioplanet 

MioFactory is a desktop applications generator that lets you create downloadable and installable exe files using Web programming techniques: Html, Javascript, Flash, PHP, ASP, .NET, etc. Your applications can include installation procedure to add shortcuts to your application and website. You will be able from Javascript, via URLs or from Flash . Free download of MioFactory 2.22, size 4.82 Mb.


ZZEE PHPExe compiles PHP, Html, Javascript and other web files into Windows GUI programs. You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. You can use the same code for online and Windows applications with little or no modification.Benefits: -Applications compiled with ZZEE PHPExe look and behave like . Free download of ZZEE PHPExe 2.2.0, size 11.30 Mb.

World Wind Java Web Browser Balloons 6.0 NASA 

World Wind Java Web Browser Balloons displays Html, Javascript, and Flash content to the user in the form of a screen-aligned balloon.This software has two browser balloon types: one which displays a balloon attached to a position on the Globe--GlobeBrowserBalloon, and one which displays s a balloon at a point on the screen--ScreenBrowserBalloon . Freeware download of World Wind Java Web Browser Balloons 6.0, size 169.98 Kb.

Jetpack SDK 1.5 

Jetpack is a project to make it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies like Html, Javascript, and CSS. Our goal is to enable anyone who can build a web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate, and play. What is the Jetpack SDK? The Jetpack SDK is an environment for building Firefox add-ons. . Freeware download of Jetpack SDK 1.5, size 2.62 Mb.

TAdvMemo, TDBAdvMemo, TAdvCodeList 

* Lightweight memo control with configurable syntax highlighting * Highlighting for Html, Javascript, Web, CSS, Basic, Pascal, SQL, C#, Perl, Python, INI, XML included * Codefolding support * Undo and redo functions * Optional gutter with configurable line number display * Clipboard operations * Find and replace dialogs * Printing support * Save to . Free download of TAdvMemo, TDBAdvMemo, TAdvCodeList, size 5.08 Mb.

Centrallix Application Platform 1.0 

Centrallix is a Html/Javascript/AJAX based rich internet application platform featuring data and application abstraction, a SQL engine for joining diverse data sources, declarative (not scripted) development, reports, components, and style templates. . Freeware download of Centrallix Application Platform 1.0, size 2.62 Mb.

ClearSky 1.0 

ClearSky is an editor built by Html/Javascript junkies, for Html/Javascript junkies. It's key aim is to produce the best possible workspace for web developers who prefer to write code than edit with a WYSIWYG editor. Written in C++ with GTK+. . Freeware download of ClearSky 1.0, size 439.87 Kb.

elcid 1.0 

eL-CID helps explain program development with: a player for animations; a web site of web programming examples (Html, Javascript, CSS, ASP, SQL); tools to make new animations. eL-CID means e-Learning by Communicating Iterative De . Freeware download of elcid 1.0, size 174.35 Kb.

JSenna - Fast Web Development 2.1.4 

The JSenna Tool is used to generate Web applications on basis of Html, Javascript, DHTML in client side (running inside of the browser) and JAVA/J2EE in server side based in Model View Controller WEB frameworks. JSenna = Fast Web Development . Freeware download of JSenna - Fast Web Development 2.1.4, size 2.21 Mb.

Poor Man's TCO Calculator (PMTC) 0.1 

This is a standalone Html/Javascript application with which a manager can get an estimate of the costs involved with the deploymnent of 1) a conventional network, 2) a network with OSS based servers and 3) a network with OSS based servers and desktops. . Freeware download of Poor Man's TCO Calculator (PMTC) 0.1, size 192.14 Kb.

VmFormatter 1.0.0 

Eclipse plugin based on NeatCleaner, the Html/Javascript cleaner. It's very small and efficiency .For Html,XML files, it provides a Formatter which not only act on Html tag but also Javascript,vtl. . Freeware download of VmFormatter 1.0.0, size 51.10 Kb.

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Claims to convert Java GUI client-side applications to HTML/JavaScript-based front end with no recoding. [Commercial]

ProtWare's HTML Guardian

Protect your website by encrypting Html, Javascript, Asp and Vbscript source code. Encrypt Html formatted email, protection for links, images and Java applets.

Chami Tips

Tips, tricks and mini tutorials on HTML, JavaScript and other related topics.

Action Web Design

Offers web graphic design, and HTML/Javascript programming.

Web Design in a Nutshell, Second Edition

Reference for HTML 4.01 tags with special attention given to browser support, platform idiosyncracies, and standards. You'll also find lots of updated information on using graphics, multimedia,...

Minard, Jeff

Web developer using mainly PHP, MySQL, html, javascript, flash. Currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Multimedia and Web Design.

Goldstein, Steve

Web designer and technical writer with skills in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Freehand, Microsoft Visio, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.