Icon Tool Software

Icon Seizer 1.8 Kylinsoft, Inc. 

icon Seizer is a user-friendly icon tool, with which you can explore, view and extract all available icons from lots of different file formats like .icl, .dll, .exe, .ocx, .cpl, .drv, .scr, .ico, etc. Icons can be saved to disk file or be copied to clipboard. The program is intuitive and very easy to use. . Free download of Icon Seizer 1.8, size 587.78 Kb.


Free Icon Tool zxt2007.com 

Use Free icon tool to extract icons and cursors stored as EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL and CIL files, and to open all kinds of image files. You can save these extracted icons or image files as ICO files, or BMP,PNG,JPG,GIF,TIF,PSD,TGA and PCX formats. Access image files and folders at will. . Freeware download of Free Icon Tool, size 1.57 Mb.

My Buddy Icons 4.96.80827 Newera Software Technology Inc. 

My Buddy Icons is an easy-to-use icon tool to customize, modify or create your own AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) buddy icons, then send them directly to your AIM messenger. The program includes more than 100 original icons which were created by Newera IconCool Team and it allows you to customize your the icons with 20 different image filters and . Free download of My Buddy Icons 4.96.80827, size 6.39 Mb.

My Buddy Icons 4.96 B80827 1.0 Newera Software Technology Inc. 

My Buddy Icons is an easy-to-use icon tool to customize, modify or create your own AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) buddy icons, then send them directly to your AIM messenger. My Buddy Icons includes more than 160 original icons which were created by Newera IconCool Team and it allows you to customize your the icons with 20 different image filters and . Free download of My Buddy Icons 4.96 B80827 1.0, size 7.97 Mb.

astitray 1.0 astitray.sourceforge.net 

An tray icon tool to allow automatic Dial using an XMLRPC framework.The application is based on two separate tools: - a light desktop application - a XMLRPC server witch make an PBX abstraction. (first driver is for Asterisk) . Freeware download of astitray 1.0, size 67.77 Kb.

Microangelo On Display 6.10.70 Impact Software 

Easily change icons displayed by Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Simply right-click on the icon and select "Appearance" from the popup menu. One elegant dialog allows you to change icons anywhere on your computer. If you can't configure a custom icon with On Display, it can't be done. Folder, shortcut, shell or system icons, On Display can . Free download of Microangelo On Display 6.10.70, size 8.36 Mb.

AM-Notebook Pro 6 2 Aignesberger Software GmbH 

AM-Notebook is a multi-featured personal information manager that provides an easy and reliable way to save notes, formula supported spreadsheets, to do lists, tasks and contacts within a light weight tray icon tool.
Many Features
* Open notes and spreadsheets in different tabs
* Notes with many text formatting features
* . Free download of AM-Notebook Pro 6 2, size 3.88 Mb.

Seanau Icon Toolkit 7.01 Seanau.com 

Seanau icon Toolkit is a free, professional, unique and easy to use icon editing, combination and style tool that allows you to create unique and popular icons easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Powerful Layers tool that allows combined icon becomes more flexible, let your inspiration to become a reality easier. 13 revolutionary stylized filters . Free download of Seanau Icon Toolkit 7.01, size 2.69 Mb.

IconMaster Lite 1.0.2 Gaia Consulting 

The IconMaster is an essential tool for true color icon creation.This tool can edit many sizes of true color icons (24 bit).The available import functions allow to build icons from existing pictures.>>Some Key functions:- Open/Edit/Save of personal size icons- Open/Edit/Save of 32x32 icons- Open/Edit/Save of 16x16 icons- Open/Edit/Save of . Free download of IconMaster Lite 1.0.2, size 3.63 Mb.

Colibrico Design Studio 1.1.20 J├╝rgen Schaetzke EDV Beratung & Programm 

Colibrico Design Studio is a design tool with an extensive icon library.
Colibrico Design Studio automates the creation of graphics and icon sets.
Providing the graphics via the graphic tool offers several advantages.

- The graphics can be exported in any size.
- All graphics can be combined.
- Color filters can . Free download of Colibrico Design Studio 1.1.20, size 36.53 Mb.

Super Icon Helper 1 Igoodsoft 

Super icon Helper is a utility that allows you to extract all icons out of the files on your hard drive.The colors may be monochrome (one bit), 16-color (four bits), 256-color (eight bits), true-color (24 bits), or true-color and alpha-channel (32 bits). Super icon Helper can extract icons from both 16-bit and 32-bit applications and libraries, . Free download of Super Icon Helper 1, size 3.43 Mb.

IconCool Manager 5.18.80308 Newera Software Technology Inc. 

IconCool is a powerful tool to manage, extract, convert, modify, search, create, enlarge or reduce xp icons and vista icons. An icon library with dozens of sample entries is included and accessible through a tree-style organizational system, allowing you to categorize icons and create new libraries within them. You can search icons in the library . Free download of IconCool Manager 5.18.80308, size 10.70 Mb.

IconCool Editor 5.68.80308 Newera Software Technology Inc. 

IconCool Editor is a powerful icon editor to edit icons, cursors and web graphics. It comes with all the functions for creating and editing ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TGA and WBMP image files. In addition, it offers more than 50 image filters, including Blurring, Sharpening, Embossing, Diffusing, Color Balance... as well as 20 . Free download of IconCool Editor 5.68.80308, size 13.73 Mb.

IconCool Studio 8.00 Newera Software Technology Inc. 

IconCool Studio is a complete solution for 32 bit icon editing and creation. The program includes all standard icon editing tools, as well as a variety of filters and effects that can be used to enhance your icon designs. The included Mixer enables you to create custom icons from scratch, using multiple layers and a variety of ready-to-use design . Free download of IconCool Studio 8.00, size 21.97 Mb.

Icon Office 1.0.2 IconTools Software 

icon Office is a icon conversion and multi-tabs icon library management software, extract icons from files or folders, convert icon to ico, icl, bmp, gif, png, jpeg file, builds and maintains icon libraries like Windows Explorer, multi-tab icon library browser, search icons by keywords, support Vista icon.Multi-tab icon library browser, each icon . Free download of Icon Office 1.0.2, size 6.33 Mb.

321Soft Icon Designer 3.20 321soft studio 

321Soft icon Designer is the most user-friendly icon software for Windows. It allows to create and edit icon images in either standard or custom sizes for your new software, Windows and Mac as well as create a favicon for your website. You can capture favorite image using the snapshot feature and save the image into an icon, or export icon to . Free download of 321Soft Icon Designer 3.20, size 1.27 Mb.

Free Icon Gallery ! NeSoft Inc. 

Free icon Gallery contains more than 3,000 free colourful icons and icon libraries and they are all absolutely free!!! . Freeware download of Free Icon Gallery ! , size 501.76 Kb.

IconICan Studio 2.01 IconICan Team 

IconICan Studio is a professional cursor and icon editor. It is an integrated solution for the creation, editing and design of all kinds of icons and cursors. A variety of filters are provided for you to enhance the design effects. The software has 500 + embedded image elements and supports multi-layer image element operations, with the help of . Free download of IconICan Studio 2.01, size 7.94 Mb.

IconChanger 3.5 Shell Labs 

Does your desktop look plain and boring? Get icon Changer! icon Changer is a software application that makes changing icons fun and easy. It's a hassle-free way to personalize your desktop without having to open up any computer manuals. Simply click the icon you want to change, point at the one you like and that's all. Change icons to make . Free download of IconChanger 3.5, size 1.16 Mb.

Handpad 1 1 Utilmind Solutions 

Handpad is a small, extremely simple and easy to use notebook program which is always near your mouse and ready to keep your urgent notes and thoughts in flat text files. The program resides in the system tray area and does not annoy you with its presence on the screen. It even does not shows the program icon on task bar, but always in the system . Free download of Handpad 1 1, size 97.80 Mb.