IFC Software

IFC Markets Trade Terminal 2.4.2 IFC Markets 

IFC Markets Trade Terminal is a useful application for the NetTradeX users who need to stay in touch with the Forex market. The application allows you to view the updated information and to launch orders with just a few clicks.

You can use this tool for executing orders almost instantly and using multiple graphs in order to analyze the . Free download of IFC Markets Trade Terminal 2.4.2, size 0 b.


IfcOpenShell 0.3.0 Alpha Thomas Krijnen 

IfcOpenShell is a simple Java library designed to help you add IFC support to your Java applications.

The IFC format is used for building information modelling, as it can describe building and construction data. With the help of IfcOpenShell, you will be able to work with this type of files much easier.

. Freeware download of IfcOpenShell 0.3.0 Alpha, size 0 b.

Demo Viewer 0.8 Beta OPEN IFC TOOLS 

Demo Viewer is an accessible instrument that was specially developed so that you can view STEP-based IFC files.

Demo Viewer is a handy and useful application that was developed with the help of the Java programming language.

. Free download of Demo Viewer 0.8 Beta, size 0 b.

IfcObj 0.3.0 Alpha Thomas Krijnen 

IfcObj is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you convert IFC geometry files to OBJ format.

The application only runs using the command prompt, thus it won't pose any problems to those who are familiar with the console. The syntax is as follows: IfcOb.exe

. Freeware download of IfcObj 0.3.0 Alpha, size 0 b.

Solibri Model Viewer 6.0 Solibri, inc. 

Solibri Model Viewer is free software built for viewing Open Standard IFC files and Solibri Model Checker files. Solibri Model Viewer brings BIM files from all IFC compatible software products available for you in a single environment.

With Solibri Model Viewer the analysis results and presentations can be shared with the whole design . Freeware download of Solibri Model Viewer 6.0, size 24.23 Mb.

IFC Exporter for Revit 2012 2 1 IFC Exporter for Revit 

This is the .NET code used by the Revit 2012 family of products that support IFC export. The open source version can override the version that comes standard with shipped Revit.The base version of the code here is based on R2012 UR1. The latest code is based on R2012 UR2. Feel free to ask any questions in the Discussion area, or download and play . Freeware download of IFC Exporter for Revit 2012 2 1, size 0 b.

openifctools 1.0 Openifctools 

The intention of this project is to provide tools for handling IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files.

openifctools 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of openifctools 1.0, size 0 b.

Ermatrude 1.0 Adam Ward 

Fly Ermentrude the bimstore cow across whacky landscapes while dodging the pipes and eating up all the IFC cookies. . Freeware download of Ermatrude 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

ArchiCAD Connection for Revit INT 15.0 Graphisoft 

Free Add-In developed for use by Autodesk Revit programs in the Structure and MEP disciplines. This application is recommended for use with IFC-based model exchange between GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD and Revit applications. The Add-In for Revit applications variously enables direct import of ArchiCAD IFC models and IFC model export to ArchiCAD, or serves . Freeware download of ArchiCAD Connection for Revit INT 15.0, size 43.17 Mb.

staticcomp 1.0 Staticcomp 

Staticcomp is a file archiver. It is a program using library libsc for compressing/decompressing files. Libsc uses compression method based on Burrows-Wheeler transform. For GST stage there are methods MTF, MTF-1, MTF-2, Timestamp, IFC and WFC.

staticcomp 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3) . Freeware download of staticcomp 1.0, size 314.04 Kb.

GstarCAD 2020 Gstarsoft Co.,Ltd. 

GstarCAD is well-known computer-aided design software developed by Gstarsoft company. The company publishes new version and GstarCAD 2020 is the version released in late 2019. GstarCAD 2020 is far ahead in performance, stability, compatibility with DWG files, and other new features that help improve the working efficiency and streamline the . Free download of GstarCAD 2020, size 248.10 Mb.

VectorWorks ARCHITECT 9.0 InstallShield Corporation, Inc. 

VectorWorks Architect offers all the tools and technology commercial and residential designers need in one powerful, cost-effective program. It’s easier to learn and use than most other architectural software applications. Yet it’s capable of creating your most complex designs—from pre-design through construction. . Free download of VectorWorks ARCHITECT 9.0, size 0 b.

TouchCAD 3 6 Lundstrom Design 

The TouchCAD modeling engine provides fast and precise push-pull free form 3D modeling, based on 3D-math curves. The toolbox includes many basic shapes such as lines, polygons, curves, rectangles, double lines, points, cubes, surfaces, tubes, T-tubes, spheres, rectangle to circle extrusions, and tools for extrusion, lofting, path extrudes, . Free download of TouchCAD 3 6, size 83.85 Mb.

Graitec - GraitecRevitLink 2010 1.0 Graitec 

With the GRAITEC Revit link plug-in you can export models to other software and import models from other software.
The Standard version allows you to import and export the GTC files. These files can be imported in GRAITEC software or exported from GRAITEC software (Advance Steel, Advance Concrete and Advance Design). The Professional version . Freeware download of Graitec - GraitecRevitLink 2010 1.0, size 103.39 Mb.

AxisVM10 (r2h) Viewer InterCAD Kft. 

This programs allows a detailed presentation of a model in an environment where AxisVM has not been installed.

If you do not want others to use your work as a basis for their models but you would like to let them see it save the model in an AxisVM Viewer (*.AXV) file format
(see File/Export). The market version cannot read AXV . Free download of AxisVM10 (r2h) Viewer, size 6.44 Mb.

EngVert G&P Engineering Software 

EngVert is an advanced unit conversion and commonly used engineering tools application for Windows (tm) based computer systems. For unit conversions, there are 39 catagories for which unit conversions can be performed. These conversion catagories are fully user expandable up to a total of 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory.

EngVert . Free download of EngVert, size 0 b.

LIRA LIRA Soft Ltd. 

LIRA is a modern software package for analysis and design of building and mechanical engineering structures of different purposes. Static (forces and displacements) and dynamic analyses are available.

The program enables the user to select and check sections of steel and (or) reinforced concrete structures. Preliminary drawings of . Free download of LIRA, size 359.82 Mb.

SteamTab Quad 3.0 ChemicaLogic Corporation 

SteamTab Quad sets a new standard in capability and ease of use for steam property generation. SteamTab Quad contains all of the features of SteamTab Duo. In addition, with SteamTab Quad, you can choose from 4 different formulations to base steam property calculations:
Scientific Formulation (IAPWS-95): This is the formulation approved by the . Free download of SteamTab Quad 3.0, size 377.86 Kb.

ppc_sim_booke 0.01 Ppcsimbooke 

An experimental ISS for freescale's e500v2 core. It is meant to simulate only cpu and memory subsystem and is purely intended for academic/learning purposes only.

full support of booke mmu emulation ( l2 tlbs only )., support for a target based memory model ( targetting DDR, CCSR and IFC for time being ), support for a well tested . Freeware download of ppc_sim_booke 0.01, size 141.32 Kb.

ARPScanner 0.1 Megapanzer 

ARPScanner is a lightweight and reliable application that will enable you to scan an IP range, depending on the ARP requests and replies.

The application runs in the command console, so if you are familiar with it, everything should be easy. The syntax is as follows:
ARPScanner.exe IFC#

. Free download of ARPScanner 0.1, size 0 b.