Image Backup Tool Software

TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore 3.25 TeraByte, Inc. 

TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite is an affordable and reliable drive Image Backup and restore software package that is used for backing up all of your hard drive data to other media or external drives (such as eSATA, USB or 1394) and allows you to easily perform a bare-metal restore for efficient disaster recovery. It can also be used . Free download of TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore 3.25, size 123.87 Mb.


Image Scale Tool AtlaSys Technologies 

Image Scale Tool is a handy and reliable application designed to resize multiple images at the same time.

The scaling process results in pictures of smaller size that can easily be shared or sent via email. The images will be scaled based on a user-defined percentage.

. Free download of Image Scale Tool, size 0 b.

Ocster Backup Pro 9.05 Ocster GmbH & Co. KG 

Exceptionally easy and powerful Backup Tool. Supports Cloud Backup (including Image Backup!), as well as Backup to local drives or network drives. Supports most big cloud storage providers (Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many more). Creates 50% smaller Image backups than competing products (Infinite Reverse Incremental Image Backup). Also supports . Free download of Ocster Backup Pro 9.05, size 29.25 Mb.

Digital Camera Image Restoration Tool Website Monitoring Tool 

Digital camera Image restoration Tool is cost effective utility retrieves deleted, erased digital pictures, still photographs, movie clips, audio, video files from wide range of digital cameras including Novelty camera, Point and Shoot cameras, Specialty camera, Professional camera and other digital video cameras with different pixels. Digital . Free download of Digital Camera Image Restoration Tool, size 1.66 Mb.

Deleted Image Recovery Tool Data Recovery 

Data Doctor Deleted Image Recovery Tool is effective photo pictures retrieval software which easily recovers digital photos from inaccessible corrupted and not detected digital storage device. Photo restoration Tool provides complete recovery of graphical files, photographs, pictures, snaps of any format and preserve their original resolution. . Free download of Deleted Image Recovery Tool, size 1.39 Mb.

Outlook Express and File Auto Backup Tool 2006.10 AutoBAUP 

Easy-to-Use data Backup Tool, it can automatically Backup your important data--including Outlook express, My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, and any type of file/folder--to local hard disk, USB disk, network, and other storage device. It has intuitive interface, works reliably in the background, uses very little system resources, and can run as . Free download of Outlook Express and File Auto Backup Tool 2006.10, size 1.79 Mb.

Active Directory Backup 12.10.01 

There could be many reasons why the user needs Active directory control. Without the presence of such Tool, any critical change in AD could adversely affect organization and hamper the security. Lack of complete knowledge about AD changes could lead to infrastructure management issues and security compliance failures. Even if someone keeps a check . Freeware download of Active Directory Backup 12.10.01, size 15.73 Mb.

RD's Little Windows Backup Ralf Doehmer 

RD's Little Windows Backup is a little file Backup Tool designed to provide a folder mirrors the source folders via hard links. The files are stored in separate dirs with history. Long paths are supported and also network, multiple settings. for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of RD's Little Windows Backup, size 0 b.

Image Markup Tool University of Victoria HCMC 

Developed by the University of Victoria’s Humanities Computing and Media Centre in Canada, Image Markup Tool is an open-source software utility for describing different elements present in an Image using XML. With this Tool you will be able to create your own categories of images, classify your annotations, and add as many of them as you . Freeware download of Image Markup Tool, size 0 b.

BackUp Tool aka but 0.4.1 

Backup Tool is a small Perl script that is periodically executed to created backups of certain projects/directory's and only adds the Backup if changes have been made since the last time a Backup has been made, to do this it makes use of md5 checksums. . Freeware download of BackUp Tool aka but 0.4.1, size 4.02 Kb.

bkp - a backup tool 1 

bkp is a simple command line Backup Tool, written in perl, under GPL license; it allows you to make Backup of your data. . Freeware download of bkp - a backup tool 1, size 21.00 Kb.

DVD Backup Tool 0.1.12 

DVD Backup Tool for the GNOME desktop. Allows you to back up a DVD movie to a similar capacity media or back up a title of a DVD to a normal 4.7 GB DVD disk, shrinking the video if needed. You can also back up a title to two disks to prevent shrinking. . Freeware download of DVD Backup Tool 0.1.12, size 813.18 Kb.

Licen - Permission Backup Tool 0.4.0 

Licen is a multi platform permission Backup Tool. Permissions can be backed and restored up from hole networks as well as single workstations. Hence permissions have a big impact on computer security we are focusing on writing a very secure product. . Freeware download of Licen - Permission Backup Tool 0.4.0, size 5.32 Kb.

MySQL Backup Tool 

Backup Tool for MySQL to automatically / manually create sql dump files, for data, table structure, functions and stored procs. Can run via the task manager for backups on a regular base. Backup can be zipped with a password and saved on a server. . Freeware download of MySQL Backup Tool, size 1.71 Mb.

PDM - PHP Dump Maker - Smart Backup Tool 4.1 Pdm 

Smart PHP Backup Tool. Reads given SRC+subdirs, creates set of directories filled (or linked) with the content of SRC, made to fit given capacity. Features: multivol. backups, ISO creation, on-the fly CD/DVD burn, file splitting, index creating and more.

PDM - PHP Dump Maker - Smart Backup Tool 4.1 License - GNU General Public License . Freeware download of PDM - PHP Dump Maker - Smart Backup Tool 4.1, size 29.19 Kb.

Yet another backup tool 1.0 Yabt 

Yet Another Backup Tool is a directory Backup Tool, using the automysqlbackup directory structure. It currently provides rotating and email reports, very handy for sysadmin.

Yet another Backup Tool 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Yet another backup tool 1.0, size 1.14 Kb.

Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool 1.0 Ambt 

Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool allows you to create regular backups of your MySQL Database without any interaction.

Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Firefox Backup Tool 1.0 

Firefox Backup Tool is a free Firefox configuration Backup and restore Tool, can help you to Backup profiles, bookmarks, and other relevant data. If you frequently update and tweak Firefox, or do not want other people to modify the main configuration of your browser, this is the software you want. . Free download of Firefox Backup Tool 1.0, size 901.77 Kb.

Image for Windows 2.66 TeraByte, Inc. 

Image for Windows is an affordable and reliable drive Image Backup and restore software package that is used for backing up all of your hard drive data to other media or external drives (such as eSATA, USB or 1394) and allows you to easily perform a bare-metal restore for efficient disaster recovery. It can also be used for disk to disk cloning . Free download of Image for Windows 2.66, size 6.87 Mb.

MagicISO MagicISO 

MagicISO is a powerful CD/DVD Image file editor, CD burner, and CD/DVD Backup Tool. It can directly create, edit, extract and burner ISO files, It also can convert almost all CD/DVD Image formats to ISO/BIN/CUE. With MagicISO, you can handle DVD Image up to 10GB; make cd Image files from CD/DVD-ROM; also can burn ISO files and another CD/DVD Image . Free download of MagicISO, size 2.40 Mb.

Image Backup Tool Web Results

Metasphere Image2swf image conversion tool

Free multiplatform tool converts a file or folder of files from any image format into a SWF file.

Access Image

Image editing tool, which includes numerous painting and drawing tools. Some of the features include, special-effect filters, layer support, support for RGB color separation and image masking,...

Microsoft Windows Backup Recovery

SysTools BKF repair software is safe and 100% secure backup recovery solution which provides the features are never heard and used before. Microsoft Windows Backup Recovery tool capable to repair...

Aurigma Graphics Processor

A proffesional image processing tool. It supports multiple formats and can work with multiple layers. Supports over 35 effects(including resize, blur, contrast). Drawing geometry(including lines,...


Multi-purpose image management tool, catalog, transform, rename, present, transfer, edit, and archive JPG images. Create contact sheet-like Web pages with thumbnails linked to the full-sized...


Easy to use image cataloguing tool, it can create, manage and maintain a photo album.


An incremental backup tool that manages scheduled backups. Site available in German and English. [Win32]