Image Scanning Software

Image SXM 187 Steve Barrett 

Image SXM is a version of the public domain Image analysis software NIH Image that has been extended to handle the loading, display and analysis of Scanning microscope images. Image SXM supports SAM, SCM, SEM, SFM, SLM, SNOM, SPM and STM images from the following systems: Asylum Research, Burleigh Instruments, Digital Instruments NanoScope II, . Free download of Image SXM 187, size 4.24 Mb.


WPF Image Components SDK Image Components 

Image Components for WPF, is a comprehensive Windows Presentation Foundation Imaging SDK. It allows users to read and edit the most common Image file types, and convert between them. It also allows Image annotation, Image capture by twain devices, OCR content by zone, selection or full page, read the most commun barcode types, Image pages thumbnail . Free download of WPF Image Components SDK, size 23.75 Mb.

ClearImage Repair 5.5 Inlite Research 

Easily develop production applications, in VB, C++ or Delphi, to automatically improve the appearance of scanned, faxed or captured images. Read images in TIFF, JPG, Grayscale and Color. Use the high level power of ClearImage Repair to standardize the appearance and size of the images and to remove annoying artifacts. Archive high quality images . Free download of ClearImage Repair 5.5, size 6.63 Mb.

Scanitto 1.16 Masters ITC 

Using the scanner at home or in the office you can have following problems: -Unuseful and enough hard interface of Scanning program which is providing with scanners; -There is no an opportunity of saving images in a format which is necessary for you. -There is no function of direct-printing which can save a lot of time for you.Scanitto has been . Free download of Scanitto 1.16, size 1.43 Mb.

Scanitto Pro 3.14 Masters ITC Software 

Most bundled applications that come along with new scanners are supplied as trial versions, while their full versions are quite on the expensive side and are full of advanced features you will most probably never need. Regular users rarely resort to advanced color-correction, non-standard formats and other fancy features, while professionals simply . Free download of Scanitto Pro 3.14, size 13.27 Mb.

Quick Album Arainia Solutions LLC 

Quick Album is a friendly Image publisher and organizer, which makes managing digital pictures an easy task for both beginners and experts. With Quick Album, you can browse images, videos, create virtual albums, publish them as Web pages, present slideshows, apply background music or narrations, and post your end result on the Internet with . Freeware download of Quick Album, size 2.12 Mb.

ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 Plug-in for ERDAS Inc. 

Digital imagery is becoming more and more ubiquitous as time goes by.
With the proliferation of means whereby Image data can be obtained (digital cameras, satellite imaging, Image Scanning) there is now a vast amount of Image data in use, all of which consumes valuable storage and bandwidth resources. The need to use datastore and bandwidth . Freeware download of ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 Plug-in for, size 9.23 Mb.

Priore TWAIN for VS.NET 1.0 Centro Studi Informatica 

Priore TWAIN .NET Control is an invisible-at-runtime (windowless) control available for a .NET Windows Forms, which allows you to create sophisticated TWAIN compliant imaging applications. Priore TWAIN .NET Control provides the following rich set of features: * Standard TWAIN Image acquisition and Data Source selection. * Image acquisition without . Free download of Priore TWAIN for VS.NET 1.0, size 388.10 Kb.

SMARTi Enterprise 3.1.7 FileMark Corp. 

SMARTi Enterprise is an integrated document processing, archiving and records management system. SMARTi facilitates and manages the capture, online storage, retrieval, distribution and processing of all forms of unstructured information including images, forms, office documents, reports, statements, eMails and faxes. Instead of storing paper copies . Free download of SMARTi Enterprise 3.1.7, size 48.55 Mb.

Duplicate Cleaner Free 3.0 DigitalVolcano 

Cleaner hard drives means faster performance! Save disk space by finding and deleting duplicate files on your hard drive or network. Duplicate Cleaner can find duplicate files, music (MP3, M4A, M4P, etc), photos, videos or documents - if it is duplicated on your system then Duplicate Cleaner will find it! It then offers you many ways in which to . Freeware download of Duplicate Cleaner Free 3.0, size 1.60 Mb.

Net Tracker for Libraries 1.5 Data Village 

Net Tracker for Libraries is a full-featured database system designed for small to medium sized libraries. The software includes an integrated server and loan circulation component. You can use the software to keep track of all types of books, magazines, videos, CDs and other media. For each item you can track title, author, subject, publisher, . Free download of Net Tracker for Libraries 1.5, size 2.62 Mb.

Net Tracker for Customers 1.5 Data Village 

Easily keep track of customers and clients with Net Tracker for Customers. Whether you would like to increase sales, improve customer service, reduce paperwork or streamline marketing, the software will help you attain your business goals. The software can store customer type, contact information, postal address, email address, contact history, . Free download of Net Tracker for Customers 1.5, size 3.98 Mb.

Spam Filter for ISPs LogSat Software LLC 

Spam Filter for ISPs is designed to be a front-end for your incoming SMTP server. Spam Filter for ISPs is a spam filter gateway. Spam Filter for ISPs receives all emails addressed to your domain(s) and checks if the sender is listed in one or multiple DNS-based block lists; if not, the email is passed on to your main SMTP server. The administrator . Free download of Spam Filter for ISPs, size 36.28 Mb.

Eikonology Image Database 1.15 

Easy to use Image database software, designed specifically for radiologists but useable by everyone, for Scanning, storing, classifying, archiving and exporting digital images. . Free download of Eikonology Image Database 1.15, size 0 b.

Image Components 3.2 Image Components 

Main Image Components functions are: opening file or directory and saving most common images file types (*.tif, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png) and convert between them. Thumbnail view of the Image multi or single page. Navigation between the pages, by thumbnail click or by toolbar. Image fit to the screen (original, best and width). Rotate left, . Freeware download of Image Components 3.2, size 15.33 Mb.

Win32 Image Components SDK 3.0 Image Components 

Image Components, is a comprehensive Win32 Imaging SDK. It allows users to read and edit the most common Image file types, and convert between them. Image fit to the screen (original, best and width). Rotate left, right, flip and mirror. Zoom + and Zoom -. Inserting, appending, deleting or moving pages. Cropping by selection or auto cropping, . Free download of Win32 Image Components SDK 3.0, size 22.67 Mb.

ScanWiz 2 50 Softi Software 

ScanWiz is a PDF Scanning program It is very simple to use and supports scan to pdf and can save documents as compressed TIFF as well as many other popular Image files. Scan to PDF & Scan to TIFF (the top 2 industry standard files for document imaging). Uses G4 TIFF compression which allows a typical page to be under 30kb . And much more. . Free download of ScanWiz 2 50, size 4.63 Mb.

Nextimage 1. 7. 2000 Contex 

This software is a fully integrated Scanning, copying, viewing, converting and printing system for compatible wide format color and monochrome scanners and Image files.

The program provides three main "tasks" you can complete - Scan, Copy and File. To start working with the program, you must first choose the task that . Free download of Nextimage 1. 7. 2000, size 306.23 Mb.

Barcode Image Maker Software I T 

Barcode Image Maker Software generates random or sequential barcode Image fonts for Scanning purposes in barcode printer format. The results have been tested with all major Barcode printers. Barcode 128 was designed for high density alphanumeric work. This font set includes all subsets (A, B, C, UCC/EAN, SCC-14, and SSCC-18) of bar code 128. . Free download of Barcode Image Maker Software, size 4.11 Mb.

PaperScan Scanning Software Pro Edition 1.4.6 ORPALIS 

PaperScan Pro is an universal Scanning software designed to offer power as well as simplicity of use.
While most Scanning applications are dedicated to one scanner or one Scanning protocol, PaperScan Pro allows you to control any scanner, including network scanners (TWAIN or WIA protocols), cameras or acquisition cards. All features are . Free download of PaperScan Scanning Software Pro Edition 1.4.6, size 11.98 Mb.