Image Sequences Software

123 Swift Image Extractor 1.0 TOPCMM, Inc. 

With this program you can extract Image elements from Flash movies (SWF files) or convert the SWF files to Image Sequences. The program can support multiple Image file formats including JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF. 123 Swift Image Extractor works on Win95 / Win NT4 with SP3 above / Win98 / WinMe / Win2000 / WinXP. . Free download of 123 Swift Image Extractor 1.0, size 1.48 Mb.


SqCheck - An image sequence viewer 0.4.1 

A viewer for Image Sequences, aimed to be a professional tool for viewing animation frames rendered with 2D and 3D editing software. It is cross-platform, fast, supports many Image formats and OpenGL rendering. . Freeware download of SqCheck - An image sequence viewer 0.4.1, size 465.63 Kb.

kinocut 0.0.3 Michal Gron 

kinocut is a useful application that was especially designed to help you load Image Sequences and turn them into videos on the fly.

The program supports common picture formats like JPG or PNG and the output movies are in MP4 format which can be played by many players on several platforms and devices.

. Free download of kinocut 0.0.3, size 0 b.

Panolapse 1.05 Patrick Shyu 

Panolapse is an intuitive application that comes in handy to all users who like to take Image Sequences and want to enhance their pics.

According to the focal length and crop factor they choose, users can generate panoramas that would give the impression of 360° panning.

. Free download of Panolapse 1.05, size 0 b.

Bojo Video Converter 1.0 Bojo Software 

Bojo Video Converter is a free software which allows the user to convert between AVI video files and Image Sequences. Simple to use and very user friendly this is the perfect tool for those who want a free and easy to use a converter between AVI files and images. . Freeware download of Bojo Video Converter 1.0, size 89.69 Mb.

GBTimelapseEOS 3 1 Granite Bay Software 

GBTimelapseEOS is a Microsoft Windows application for the capture of time-lapse Image Sequences or for general purpose remote capture. You control a Canon EOS digital camera tethered to your computer by a USB cable. Using the camera's settings, you capture images using the computer rather than the camera controls and collect a series of images . Free download of GBTimelapseEOS 3 1, size 9.02 Mb.

ConvisionSafe 3.0 Convision Technology GmbH 

ConvisionSafe is a program developed specially for evaluation of the Image Sequences taken by a Convision IP Video Server with integrated hard disk. With ConvisionSafe you have a direct link from a computer or notebook via LAN, with Cross-Connect cable or via ISDN to your video server. You can view Image Sequences stored on its hard disk, select . Freeware download of ConvisionSafe 3.0, size 0 b.

CellCV 0.52 

The CellCV project is a C/C++ computer vision project that performs parallel elaboration of Image Sequences using the STI Cell Processor in order to achieve a speedup . Freeware download of CellCV 0.52, size 388.67 Kb.

hdrff rc 

hdrff is a modular shell script (bash) for automatic processing of HDR Image-Sequences. It supports the complete workflow from downloading the images to the harddisk, aligning, HDR-creation and tonemapping. . Freeware download of hdrff rc, size 263.75 Kb.

Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.2.0 Beta Laboratorium f+aT-r Informationstechnologie 

The Voodoo Camera Tracker estimates camera parameters and reconstructs a 3D scene from Image Sequences. The estimation algorithm offers a full automatic and robust solution to estimate camera parameters for video Sequences.

The results are useful for many applications like film production, 3D reconstruction, or video coding. The . Free download of Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.2.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Clip Fetcher 2.1 CoolMediaSoft 

ClipFetcher make it easy and fast to download any sequenced file from the internet. Customize download of pictures Sequences (any format jpg,gif,tiff,png,bmp etc) or download Sequences of movie clips (any format mpg, avi, etc)Feature Highlights:Download any sequence or single file of any type!Picture Sequences - jpg, png, gif, tiff - any format is . Free download of Clip Fetcher 2.1, size 524.38 Kb.

Simi MatchiX Demo 2.0.0021 Simi Reality Motion Systems GmbH 

Simi MatchiX is our software for markerless automatic tracking. Motion data are captured through automatically scanned video or Image Sequences. In this way the system generates all identified rotation, displacement and time information.
Unlike the free demo version of Simi MatchiX, the full version has been optimized for the Intel Pentium 4 . Free download of Simi MatchiX Demo 2.0.0021, size 6.43 Mb.

Portable Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.0.1 Beta Laboratorium fdoDsr Informationstechnologie 

The Voodoo Camera Tracker estimates camera parameters and reconstructs a 3D scene from Image Sequences. The estimation algorithm offers a full automatic and robust solution to estimate camera parameters for video Sequences.

The results are useful for many applications like film production, 3D reconstruction, or video coding. The . Freeware download of Portable Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.0.1 Beta, size 41.89 Mb.

FadeToBlack 2.0 1.0 ABC Products 

With FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor you can quickly and easily join, split, crop, trim, modify color, rotate, overlay / merge, blur your AVI video files, along with Sequences of JPG and BMP images or photos from your digital camera.Because FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor is intuitive, even a novice will find that slimming a single AVI or joining several . Free download of FadeToBlack 2.0 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

GonVisor 2.14 GonVisor 

GonVisor is a multiple-format viewer for Windows systems which supports pictures, comics, manga, magazines and books in electronic format. It is designed for comfortable viewing of Image Sequences and to easily create, open and manage files as cbr, cbz, cba, cb7, zip, rar, ace or 7zip. GonVisor allows you to join in one unique file an unlimited . Freeware download of GonVisor 2.14, size 1.75 Mb.

GXSM for Windows 2.0 Alpha GXSM Team 

The GXSM software is a powerful graphical interface for any kind of 2D and up to 4D (timed and multilayered 2D mode) data acquisition methods, but especially designed for SPM and SPA-LEED, which are used in surface science. It includes methods for 2D data (of various types: byte, short, long, double) visualization and manipulation. It can be used . Free download of GXSM for Windows 2.0 Alpha, size 20.45 Mb.

Magic Pic2Ani 1 10 iTinySoft, Inc. 

Magic Pic2Ani is a freeware program from iTinySoft (strange, the domain name does not exist anymore, and the program can only be found under the effectmatrix web site (home of many cool video tools and utilities, like the great Total Video Converter)).

This program performs a single task: to glue several Image files (bmp, gif, jpg, . Freeware download of Magic Pic2Ani 1 10, size 1.21 Mb.

METRIC Demo Plus 8 8 M-Service 

Metric is the measurement program for measuring 2D objects on a laptop or PC.

These versions of Metric are available: PE Plus and MT

A network-capable Image archive is also available for all versions of the program.

METRIC allows you to use a PC to display and measure a video Image both in live Image and still . Free download of METRIC Demo Plus 8 8, size 202.00 Mb.

Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe Edition 5.3.2 Abrosoft 

Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe Edition is a reliable application designed to help you to create awesome warping movies and unique animations.

The list of supported input images includes the following: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, TGA, PCX, etc. The output can be exported to AVI, GIF, screensavers or Image Sequences.

The . Free download of Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe Edition 5.3.2, size 0 b.

Twixtor for After Effects 4.6.5 RE:Vision Effects, Inc 

Twixtor raises the bar in motion estimation. Twixtor 4.5 introduces a complete rewrite of its tracking. Twixtor is much more accurate, tracks objects farther, and exhibits fewer artifacts when there are objects crossing in the scene. This means less tearing and stretching of objects as they cross or go out of the Frame.

Twixtor enables . Free download of Twixtor for After Effects 4.6.5, size 5.42 Mb.