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Cogitum Co-Citer 1.0 Cogitum LC 

Cogitum Co-Citer is a tool for creating and managing collections of texts from the Internet. It captures the selected text, Internet address where it has been found, its title, and the date of grabbing. A user can assign any comments and save it in a newly created or in an existing Co-Citer folder. Co-Citer provides sending collections by e-mail, . Freeware download of Cogitum Co-Citer 1.0, size 476.16 Kb.


Windows Live Mail to Windows Live Mail MME Software, LLC. 

Moves email, contacts, and calendar items quickly and easily from your PC running Microsoft Windows Live Mail to your new Windows Live Mail program. This software is simple and easy to use. With one click you can now move your complete email account! . Free download of Windows Live Mail to Windows Live Mail, size 576.51 Kb.

4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 2.00 4TOPS 

4TOPS Query Tree Editor is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tree dialog displays the dependency tree of the selected query (Uses / Used By). The buttons on the dialogs support a natural way of working with queries, smoothly switching from the tree overview to query editing to saving . Free download of 4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 2.00, size 571.39 Kb.

MaXimus DVD 1 2 MaXimus 

MaXimus DVD 1.2 is a free DVD player for Windows.

The program will play any DVD just like a home DVD player, but it provides added features.

It has separate play rates for forward and reverse, with speeds from 0.5x to 30x in 0.5 intervals of.

Allows you to set bookmark on the video, that you can later . Freeware download of MaXimus DVD 1 2, size 4.90 Mb.

iDumpPro 2. 5. 2002 ESCsoft 

iDumpPro is an iPod backup and restore application for Windows. It uses wizards to help you back up the songs and videos on your iPods to a folder on your hard drive. iDumpPro allows you to use the Backup and Restore utility to create full backups of your devices and then restore them to the hard drive. Additionally, you can access the main . Free download of iDumpPro 2. 5. 2002, size 0 b.

PalmPod 1.0 Sappenin 

PalmPod allows you to fine-tune which types of Palm records get exported to your iPod, both at the conduit level and by category. You decide how far back/ahead calendar and task records should be exported. You tell PalmPod whether to export your private records or not on a per-conduit basis. Now, Protecting your own privacy is as easy as 1-2-3! . Free download of PalmPod 1.0, size 4.75 Mb.

Maximized Software TiViTunes Maximized Software 

TiViTunes is a utility which will publish (export) your iTunes playlists so that TiVo can play them.

If you have your TiVo connected to your home wireless (or wired) network, you probably already know that TiVo can stream and play your MP3 files. Just point the TiVo Desktop software at your main music folder. But there's only one . Free download of Maximized Software TiViTunes, size 3.06 Mb.

XMLTV Importer for SageTV 4.0.3387 LM Gestion 

XMLTV Importer for SageTV is a tool that converts and import XMLTV guide data into SageTV.
XMLTV is an Open Source project with a simple and effective principle. A utility (a grabber) extract television programs from a Web site and save these data in XML format. These XML data can then be used in a software that will display a program guide. . Freeware download of XMLTV Importer for SageTV 4.0.3387, size 96.73 Mb.

BookDB2 Spacejock Software 

BookDB is a great software for people who end up buying books at double the price or the double of each book. It is also good for libraries where a record has to be maintained for books borrowed. In this system, all the books along with their details can be entered in many formats. The print mode is super condensed; for that reason a magnifying . Freeware download of BookDB2, size 2.30 Mb.

InfoStore Pro 1 51 MH Software 

InfoStore is a Windows application that makes it easy to store and retrieve all of your personal and business information. From a simple repository of notes, to a collection of custom databases, InfoStore lets you store information so you'll find it again when you need it. . Freeware download of InfoStore Pro 1 51, size 2.30 Mb.

myreport 4 1 cs-computer software 

MyReporter is a powerful windows (IIS) CGI script which will dynamically generate your report from the report template designed in MyCon, Mascon or FreeMascon live. You can choose to just display the report to the enduser in a webbrowser in PDF, XLS or RTF format or email it instead, all using just one call to the MyReporter CGI.
The . Freeware download of myreport 4 1, size 4.04 Mb.

MyWitch 1.0.0020 Dirk Richter - Softwaredevelopment 

For overview all databases and tables are displayed in a tree structure. In addition the number of data records is displayed behind the table to make changes recognizable easily. You can create several database profiles and therefore manage numerous databases simultaneously. . Free download of MyWitch 1.0.0020, size 2.52 Mb.

Addit! Pro For Combat Flight Simulator Joseph Stearns 

Addit! Pro For Combat Flight Simulator 2 is a full-featured addon manager for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2.

Main features:

- Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, campaigns, missions, panels, scenery, sounds, textures and more.
- Archive addons you are not using.
- Modify aircraft, panels and . Freeware download of Addit! Pro For Combat Flight Simulator, size 6.12 Mb.

E Sections 4 51 E Surveying Solutions 

"E Sections" is a complete Section Creation and Management Solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instant calculation reports related to Road / Railway lines / Irrigation / Pipeline design / Sewer Network Project.

'E Sections' comes with two . Freeware download of E Sections 4 51, size 27.26 Mb.

InnerSoft CAD for AutoCAD 2007 1 2 InnerSoft 

InnerSoft CAD is a add-on for AutoCAD. This group of tools will allows you to: Export to a Excel Sheet the values of Area/Length property or coordinates for various AutoCAD entities. import from a Excel Sheet the vertex coordinates for a set of 2D polylines or 3D polylines (you can choose between 3 different methods). You can also import a set of . Freeware download of InnerSoft CAD for AutoCAD 2007 1 2, size 0 b.

Shape2Earth 1.490 Google 

Shape2Earth leverages freely available and easy to use Geographic Information System (GIS) software to create professional visualizations for viewing in GoogleTM Earth.

Main features:
-Convert Any Shapefile to KML - Shape2Earth reprojects your data on the fly
-Apply Thematic Symbology to your Data - Color code to display . Free download of Shape2Earth 1.490, size 1.48 Mb.

Lightray3D 1 4 Tzivenis Sakis 

A 3D modeling, rendering, animation application for Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP.
Main Features:
- Polygonal modeling
- Spline modeling
- Skin modeling(character creation)
- Bones
- Cameras
- Lights: Point,Spot,Directional,Volumetric
- Height Field & Fractal Terrain Meshes
- 3D Text
- UV . Free download of Lightray3D 1 4, size 5.55 Mb.

Bishop3D Bishop3D 

Bishop3D is a POV-Ray (Persistent of Vision Raytracer) modeler and animation system. It allows you to model the scenes interactively and it will automatically generate the correspondent POV-Ray SDL script.

Bishop3D communicates with POV-Ray via POV-Ray's extension interface, providing a seamless integration between the modeler and . Free download of Bishop3D, size 8.23 Mb.

PowerSHAPE 5. 6. 1930 Delcam 

PowerSHAPE CAD software provides a complete environment to take your product ideas from concept to reality.

PowerSHAPE offers unrivalled freedom to manipulate surface form of the CAD model, to build from wireframe and make global changes with solid feature operations and editing.

PowerSHAPE follows the philosophy of . Free download of PowerSHAPE 5. 6. 1930, size 2.75 Mb.

Peak3D 1 1 PeakWork Software 

Peak3D is a professional and highly interactive modelling tool for 2D and 3D computer graphics. This powerful 2D/3D computergraphics modeler enables you to create fully interactive three-dimensional objects and scenes.

A new and powerful software that includes many innovative tools which make it unique in its field. Peak3D is an easy . Free download of Peak3D 1 1, size 1.10 Mb.

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