Installed Software Hard Drive Washer 3.00 

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. These disk space consuming files are used to remember personal data or user behaviour in the best case, but most of the time they only decrease the speed of your system the more is installed on it. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really take care . Free download of Hard Drive Washer 3.00, size 358.20 Kb.


Hard Drive Powerwash FREE 1.00 Hard Drive Powerwash 

Hard Drive Powerwash is a Windows Utility that enables its users to remove file clutter from their systems quickly and easily. What is file clutter? File Clutter generally refers to files created by programs for temporary use. Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and others routinely save the content of every page we visit. . Freeware download of Hard Drive Powerwash FREE 1.00, size 2.16 Mb.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2-Christmas Chronicles vBulletin Solutions, Inc. 

This is a special christmas release for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 The Secret Files in Europe.

This runs independently from the original version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. When installing, you need to ensure you dont install it into the same location as the original if you have it installed.

This version is based off the shareware . Freeware download of Jazz Jackrabbit 2-Christmas Chronicles, size 0 b.

Graitec - GraitecRevitLink 2010 1.0 Graitec 

With the GRAITEC Revit link plug-in you can export models to other software and import models from other software.
The Standard version allows you to import and export the GTC files. These files can be imported in GRAITEC software or exported from GRAITEC software (Advance Steel, Advance Concrete and Advance Design). The Professional version . Freeware download of Graitec - GraitecRevitLink 2010 1.0, size 103.39 Mb.

Spacejock Installer Spacejock Software 

The Spacejock Install Center will give you instant access to almost the entire library of Spacejock programs. Once installed, you can use a simple interface to download my programs, check your computer for required system files and even install them if they're missing. . Freeware download of Spacejock Installer, size 3.06 Mb.

MSA Link 1. 2. 2018 MSA 

New MSA Link Software can transfer your portable gas detection instrument records and other stored information to a connected PC.
MSA Link Software functions include:
- Intuitive icon-driven menu
- Downloading periodic or session log
- Graphing and tabular data available
for exporting
- Changing alarm setpoints . Freeware download of MSA Link 1. 2. 2018, size 21.86 Mb.

Abbreviation Management Add-in 1 3 PCfone, Inc. 

Thesis and paper writing has obstacles like using abbreviations. For large documents with many abbreviations, it will be very time consuming to trace each abbreviation and if it was revealed before. This problem happens mainly when one integrates other group of documents to build a bigger one. Additionally, one has to write an abbreviation list . Free download of Abbreviation Management Add-in 1 3, size 2.33 Mb.

Arabic and English Typing Tutor 4 6 PCfone, Inc. 

It aims at training to type in both languages (Arabic and English). Switching among languages is achieved using the keyboards plugins button. Selecting the Arabic button, configures the software to train the Arabic Keyboard showing in the window's title "Arabic Typing Tutor" while with the English button it shows "English typing . Free download of Arabic and English Typing Tutor 4 6, size 4.95 Mb.

NativeExcel2 for .NET 2.017 NikaSoft 

NativeExcel2 for .NET is a high-performance solution that allows to create, read and modify Excel spreadsheets on the fly from any .NET application.
A key feature of this version of NativeExcel for .NET is support for XLSX file format (Excel 2007/2010 file format).
NativeExcel2 does not require installed Microsoft Excel on the . Free download of NativeExcel2 for .NET 2.017, size 1.72 Mb.

Arabic Typing Tutor Software 4 6 PCfone, Inc. 

This software aims at increasing the Arabic typing speed, through teaching basics of how one should put his hand on the keyboard. It provides many training examples and fantastic games.

Each lesson teaches extra keys, in addition to having a practice window to practice taught keys from the previous lessons. Sentences chosen in the . Free download of Arabic Typing Tutor Software 4 6, size 4.96 Mb.

Bbuddy 1.42.0 New Development Assoc. 

Bbuddy is a lightweight Internet browser that will allow yout o easily navigate the web. It has a full screen mode like Internet Explorer great if you use free internet you get some screen space back.

If you want to change the home page for Bbuddy you need to register. Regsitration is free. . Free download of Bbuddy 1.42.0, size 2.90 Mb.

KaKeeware Browser 1.0 kakeeware 

KaKeeware Browser is the smallest browser in the world.

The goal was to prove that impossible is possible ;). The size of the executable is 2868 bytes and its size can be even smaller* - the file is packed with UPX and then rebuilt with LordPE. The proggie is just a simple dialog-box with the Internet Explorer OLE Control (IWebControl2) . Freeware download of KaKeeware Browser 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

p7Napper 20100430 Opera Software 

Here you will find the resources required to get p7Napper working on your Windows PC.
More info can be found on the Whirlpool thread or in the Wiki.


Installation is simple and is only a few steps.

1. Create a new directory for the files. Eg: C:p7Napper
2. Get . Freeware download of p7Napper 20100430, size 744.49 Kb.

Media Center Mount Image 1.8 Mikinho 

Mount Image is a simple add-in for Windows 7 Media Center for displaying and mounting disc image files (i.e. ISOs) from the native interface, either Movie Library or Video Library. Most people recommend either 3rd party video libraries (Media Browser, OML, MyMovies, ...) and generally those are the easiest, but I thought I'd share another option . Freeware download of Media Center Mount Image 1.8, size 408.94 Kb.

Ideal Dispatch 2011 6.1.1 Pointdev 

IDEAL Dispatch provides remote installing and uninstalling of software, remote running of scripts and programs, and remote actions (view, copy, rename).

With the help of IDEAL Dispatch, you can remotely install Windows patches, run scripts and msi files, uninstall programs, or update software on all the servers and client workstations on . Free download of Ideal Dispatch 2011 6.1.1, size 10.76 Mb.

Big Blue Piano 1.0 Daniel Smith Music 

The Big Blue Piano VST plugin was developed to be an virtual d-deDUelectricd-deDt piano - similar in sound to the Fender Rhodes. At the moment it is extremely minimal, with no GUI based controls at all (other than the keyboard).

However, vibrato can be controlled with the Mod-wheel MIDI cc. Channel aftertouch affects vibrato strength, . Free download of Big Blue Piano 1.0, size 346.03 Kb.

GT-6 Fx FloorBoard 20100609 Colin Willcocks 

Reads and prints GT-8 settings from .syx files. (Webinterface: requires a webserver with php installed and configured correctly!)
Drag and drop GT-8 editor with stompboxes interface. . Freeware download of GT-6 Fx FloorBoard 20100609, size 11.67 Mb.

AVIcodec 1.2 Build 113 B AfterDawn Oy rev2183 

AVIcodec is a nice little tool for identifying what codecs you need in order to play your multimedia files. Program supports MPEG-1/MPEG-2, AVI, Ogg, ASF, WMV, etc formats.

Tool is a direct competitor to GSpot, but has better support for non-AVI formats, such as VCD, SVCD, DVD, etc. AVIcodec can also produce a simple list of all codecs . Free download of AVIcodec 1.2 Build 113 B, size 566.23 Kb.

bassje 1.0 

bassje is a very big sample sequencer with 3 TOMS already installed it`s very nice to make your drums a bit alive :) hope you like it basje it my cat`s name :) . Free download of bassje 1.0, size 1.28 Mb.

A-PDF Photo Flipbook Builder 1.2 

A-PDF Photo Flipbook Builder is a digital photo flipbook publisher software program turn your digital photos into online flash photo albums with page tuner effect. It lets you create realistic, book-like albums with an intuitive interface that is natural, familiar and intuitive.

<b>Main Features</b>

<b>Photo . Free download of A-PDF Photo Flipbook Builder 1.2, size 20.08 Mb.