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Chinese Chess Soul 6.3.5 ChineseChessSoul,Inc 

Chinese Chess Soul is an exellent master level and popular Chinese Chess Game software.Whoever you are, beginner or expert, you will have FUN and EXCITING playing with her. You and your family can be enjoy by beating computer and improving chess level; Arena match game model, Computer adjusts its level to meet your level and record your scores;


Aditway 2.0 Aditware 

Are you looking for a Business intelligence Application?

Do you depend on your technical support staff to extract data from the Database?

Have you needed to extract data and the technical support staff was not available?

Would you like to get specific real-time information out of the Database?

Would you . Free download of Aditway 2.0, size 368.00 Mb.

Crazy Domino J&B Software 84 

Crazy Domino v1.0 by J&B Software 84, this is the classic game of dominoes with some variations.
There are 10 levels with increasing difficulty of the game, the quantity of cards decides the difficulty.
A small variant is a bonus in-game, to activate it you need to make the objects with the drawing of an Apple colored, these objects . Freeware download of Crazy Domino, size 2.18 Mb.

WinRadio 3.0 WinRadio Software 

WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, industry, military, security, surveillance and spectrum monitoring organizations, as well as many radio and computer enthusiasts.

Since 1996, our . Freeware download of WinRadio 3.0, size 3.14 Mb.

WiNRADiO G305 2 14 WiNRADiO Communications 

G305 demodulators are DSP software plug-ins which fit into the G305 control panel. All the last IF (intermediate frequency stage) and the demodulation stage functions are performed in software. Having been freed from hardware constraints, this brings about unprecedented level of flexibility and performance to the receiver. . Freeware download of WiNRADiO G305 2 14, size 3.57 Mb.

WiNRADiO G33EM Marine Receiver 1 7 WiNRADiO Communications 

This is why WiNRADiO receivers represent a true software developers' paradise, with comprehensive third-party software developer support readily available, making it possible for users to develop their own control software for a wide variety of professional and consumer applications. . Freeware download of WiNRADiO G33EM Marine Receiver 1 7, size 5.62 Mb.

iPuissance 4D 6 13 

iPuissance 4D is a free multiplayer (local/online) Connect 4 style video game.

The Connect Four game is played with red and yellow counters on a vertical grid of 6x7, closed at the bottom. In turns each player drops a counter of his colour in the column of his choice, until one of them makes a line of 4 counters of his colour, like in . Freeware download of iPuissance 4D 6 13, size 7.96 Mb.

ncheckers 1.0 Ihsan 

nCheckers is a Checkers game with a twist. Ideal for mathematically minded, with plenty of time to spare. The game is played on a standard Chess board 64 black and non-black chequered squares. Each player has 12 pieces each placed on a black square. The pieces only move diagonally and so stay on the black squares throughout. The objective of the . Freeware download of ncheckers 1.0, size 41.16 Mb.

nashe 1.0 Ihsan 

This program is a simple game using a board layout based on Nash equilibrium (named after John Forbes Nash, who proposed it). This game is not about demonstrating the equilibrium theory or its application. Nevertheless some principles of the equilibrium theory would apply when you play this game against the computer. . Freeware download of nashe 1.0, size 35.01 Mb.

GuessWhat 1.0 Ihsan 

This is a two-player guessing game. Each player takes turns trying to guess the other player's choice. You can play against the computer. The object of the game is for you to guess what computer has selected and for the computer to guess you choice. You have to find out computer's choice before the computer guesses yours. . Freeware download of GuessWhat 1.0, size 1.43 Mb.

Mindgames Hex 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

Hex is played on a diamond-shaped board made up of hexagons. The number of hexagons may vary, but the board usually has 11 on each edge. Two top and bottom opposite sides of the diamond are labeled red, while the hexagons at the left side and right side are green. One player plays with green pieces while other with red. The players alternatively . Freeware download of Mindgames Hex 1.0, size 3.09 Mb.

Mindgames Abalone 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

The board is a hexagonal field representing the Sumo arena.

There are 4 interlaced different size hexagons, where the most exterior hexagon has 5 circular locations at each side. In the middle there is a single location. As a total, there are 61 circular board locations.

Each player has fourteen pieces that can rest in . Freeware download of Mindgames Abalone 1.0, size 75.23 Mb.

chainletter 1.0 Ihsan 

In this word game you are required to make 5-letter words. Middle letter of each word is used as the first and last letter of the next word. Try to use most commonly used letters as a middle letter so that the chain continues longer for higher scores. You can select word dictionary of your choice and can set display colour schemes. . Freeware download of chainletter 1.0, size 36.36 Mb.

last4 1.0 Ihsan 

You must guess the last four (or first four optionally) letters of a set of 5 words. Updated to print puzzles and copy to clipboard. You can change the puzzle layout to guess the first four letters rather than the last four, can select a dictionary of your choice or one of your own. . Freeware download of last4 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.

heyawake 1.0 Ihsan 

Heyawake is an Japanese number puzzle. It is played on a rectangular grid of cells with no standard size; the grid is divided into variously sized rectangular "rooms" by bold lines following the edges of the cells. Some rooms may contain a single number, typically printed in their upper-left cell as originally designed, every room was . Freeware download of heyawake 1.0, size 40.03 Mb.

1Check 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

Remove pieces like in a normal checkers game. Move diagonally jumping over a piece into an empty square removing a piece in this process. Only one piece may be removed in one move. It is fairly easy to remove 30 to 39 pieces. It is challenging to remove 40 to 44 and a substantial achievement to remove 45 to 47. . Freeware download of 1Check 1.0, size 30.38 Mb.

Mindgames Sudoku 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

The purpose of this program is to solve or create a SuDoKu puzzle. It is assumed that the user is already familiar with the concept and rules of this game. More than 20,000 sample puzzles are provided.
This program is based on rather simple but very successful algorithm. This algorithm may not be an optimum way of solving a puzzle. Once you . Freeware download of Mindgames Sudoku 1.0, size 55.62 Mb.

boomeword 1.0 Ihsan 

In this word game you are required to use the last two letters of a word and make new words ultimately returning back to the original word. The last two letters of a word must be the first two letters of the next word. All words are five letters long and must return to the original word in five steps. . Freeware download of boomeword 1.0, size 41.23 Mb.

Mindgames Mendicot 1 1 Ihsan Ul Haque 

Also known as Uno, Mendicot is the world's oldest and most popular card game.

The game consists of two packs of playing cards of 54 cards each. Tthe winner is the player who first scores more than 500 points by disposing off, before your competitors, all the cards you hold. . Freeware download of Mindgames Mendicot 1 1, size 56.97 Mb.

Mindgames 8off 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

This solitaire card game is a variation of FreeCell. 48 cards are dealt at random, 6 cards each for eight Piles. Four remaining cards are placed in the empty Cells.
The aim is to build on each of the four Foundation cards on the top left corner in the order: A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K, one suit per Foundation. . Freeware download of Mindgames 8off 1.0, size 41.20 Mb.