Intelligent Character Recognition Software

OCR Router 1.0 eDocfile Inc. 

OCR Router is a program that uses Optical Character Recognition on facsimiles and uses the text if finds to distribute the fax. OCR Router will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address or any combination of them based on a set of rules. The program starts by saving all incoming faxes in an archive folder as either a tiff image or . Free download of OCR Router 1.0, size 10.35 Mb.


IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts 6 9, Inc. 

This professional grade font package includes high quality MICR CMC-7 fonts at various width intensities to support multiple printer types for bank check printing in Brazil, Mexico, France Spain and most Spanish speaking countries. This CMC-7 MICR font contains ten specially designed numeric characters 0 through 9, and five special symbols for . Free download of IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts 6 9, size 480.26 Kb.

Socr3 0.3.6 

Socr3 is a plugin-oriented, open source platform upon which I'm building an OCR suite. The name Socr3 stands for "Open Source Optical Character Recognition, Reading, Rendering, and Exporting", and is subject to change in the future. . Freeware download of Socr3 0.3.6, size 16.62 Mb.

Smart OCR SDK 5.1 Smart Soft 

With Smart OCR SDK, developers can easily implement OCR (optical Character Recognition) technology into their own software products. The Smart OCR technology recognizes and processes scanned paper documents and PDF files and converts them into fully editable and searchable digital files. The SDK offers more than 99.8 percent accuracy and . Free download of Smart OCR SDK 5.1, size 40.39 Mb.

Unified Character Recognition 1.0 Ucr-project 

UCR is a project name for the development of an handwritten characters in Korean language. The goal is to create a UCR Library for handwriting as well as OCR from off-line, on-line data. And we have a plan to build a UCR library for mobile.

Unified Character Recognition 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Unified Character Recognition 1.0, size 0 b.

Button Detection 1.0 Buttondetection 

A Button Detection Project via VS.8 for elevator button detection.This project has used open CV for image processing. For optical Character Recognition, Google code, tesseract has been used as it is free, open source, and relatively powerful.

Button Detection 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Button Detection 1.0, size 0 b.

NDT - Nokia Data Logger 1.0 Nkdatlog 

Turn a cellphone into a data logger of LCD displays. This program allows using any nokia series60 phone, equipped with camera, as a data logger for LCD displays by mean of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

NDT - Nokia Data Logger 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of NDT - Nokia Data Logger 1.0, size 0 b.

Fuzzy Mining Tool Cassbeth Inc. 

Fuzzy Mining Tool is a handy application that uses web-based technologies in order to analyze text documents and retrieve misspelled words. You can use the application to process the text files saved by optical Character Recognition programs.

The user can specify the word that needs to be extracted from the document and view the results . Free download of Fuzzy Mining Tool, size 0 b.

queXF 1.13.5 ACSPRI 

queXF can be used as a web based, Open Source alternative to programs such as Cardiff Teleform and Remark OMR, in some situations. It can be used as a CADE (Computer Assisted Data Entry) tool.

queXF removes the need to manually enter form data, therefore reducing error and fatigue. queXF does OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) on each form . Freeware download of queXF 1.13.5, size 3.67 Mb.

ABCocr .NET 3.003 WebSupergoo Software 

Use ABCocr.NET to convert text to images using C#, VB.NET and even ASP.NET...

ABCocr.NET is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It's based around a custom version of Tesseract 3, an OCR engine, originally developed as a commercial product by Hewlett-Packard and has been extensively revised . Free download of ABCocr .NET 3.003, size 41.76 Mb.

VietOCR for Windows 3.1.3 Quan Nguyen 

A Java/.NET GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine. Supports optical Character Recognition for Vietnamese and other languages supported by Tesseract.

<b>Features :</b>

Multi-platform (Java version only)
PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP image formats
Multi-page TIFF images
Selection . Freeware download of VietOCR for Windows 3.1.3, size 7.69 Mb.

Install Package IronOcr 4.1.1 Iron Ocr and Imaging Development Team 

IronOCR: an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and QR / Barcode library for C# and VB.Net

Library Supports: Console Applications, ASP.NET Web Applications, MVC, Web APIs, and Desktop Applications written in any .Net dialect, for example, C# or VB.Net.

Requires: .Net system 4.0 or above on the Windows Platform . Free download of Install Package IronOcr 4.1.1, size 33.06 Mb.

TechVision FormIDEA 4.0 TechVision Software 

FormIDEA (Form Image Data Entry Assistant) is an intelligent forms processing add-in for Microsoft Office, which can help you to capture data from scanned or faxed paper forms directly into Excel workbooks - data fields of interest are automatically identified and extracted. Form data (such as machine-printed alphanumerical text, check marks, . Free download of TechVision FormIDEA 4.0, size 9.34 Mb.

Neuratron PhotoScore MIDI Lite 5. 5. 2001 Neuratron Limited 

PhotoScore MIDI Lite, incorporating OmniScore2 technology, is fast and highly accurate music scanning and Recognition software - the musical equivalent of a text OCR program. Also capable of converting PDF files to music files, it is easy-to-use, plays-back, and exports scanned scores as MIDI files. It reads a wide range of styles including 6 line . Free download of Neuratron PhotoScore MIDI Lite 5. 5. 2001, size 4.29 Mb.

Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate 7.0.2 Neuratron Limited 

Neuratron PhotoScore is a printed and handwritten (Ultimate version only) music Recognition program - the musical equivalent of a text OCR program.

PhotoScore Ultimate picks out virtually every detail and even recognizes 4 and 6 line guitar tablature, 1, 2 and 3 line percussion staves. It is the world's first and only commercial . Free download of Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate 7.0.2, size 24.54 Mb.

Vonasoft CaptureText Vonasoft 

Vonasoft Capture Text is a powerful text Recognition software. It can capture and recognize text anywhere in your computer, such as message dialog, software interface, flash animation, picture, PDF and some webpage can not be copied, etc. With Vonasoft Capture Text, you won't have to re-type anything.

After installation Vonasoft . Free download of Vonasoft CaptureText, size 1.85 Mb.

InftyReader Non Profit Organization Science Accessibility Net 

InftyReader is OCR software to recognize scientific documents including mathematical formulas, and to output the Recognition results into various file formats: LaTeX, MathML, XHTML, HRTeX, IML.
InftyReader runs on Windows XP, on a PC equipped with 500MB memory or more.
Note that it does not run on Windows 98, Me, nor 2000. . Free download of InftyReader, size 51.59 Mb.

TouchPad Handwriting Alvin Wong 

TouchPad Handwriting is a simple application that you can use to write letters by hand using your notebook's touchpad.

Using the Synaptics API, the program is capable of performing handwriting Recognition on laptops or notebooks. It can only recognize one English Character at a time and enables users to customize the auto-insertion time . Freeware download of TouchPad Handwriting, size 0 b.

Chinese Character Test 1.0 Clavis Sinica 

How many Chinese characters do you know? Take the Chinese Character Test to find out!

This app is based on the popular web-based Chinese Character Test applet on the Clavis Sinica website. It estimates the number of characters you know based on a simple Character Recognition test. For each test item, you're shown a Character and then . Free download of Chinese Character Test 1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise 5 Automation Anywhere 

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is an intelligent automation software for business&IT processes. It is designed to let you visually create, execute and manage your automation. Automate&schedule complex tasks in minutes, without any programming. Record keyboard&mouse or create automation scripts with drag and drop actions. Features SMART . Free download of Automation Anywhere Enterprise 5, size 15.41 Mb.