Internet Security Software

Finger 2.3 Nsasoft US LLC 

Finger is the tool for discovering user information by using well known finger service. To use the finger tool enter the User@)Host in the Finger Input box, and click on the Finger button .The results will be shown in the Finger Response section.Using Finger tool makes possible to get Abuse Address of remote host.For example to get the abuse . Freeware download of Finger 2.3, size 2.96 Mb.


Control Kids 5.05 Proxymis Multimedia 

Control Kids filters all the website noscive or objectable contents.Kill unsolicited pop ups windows. Record all visited web sites.Kill banner ads to speed up your internet connection. Monitor usage of your computer by logging keystrokes and 100 % compatible internet explorer without configuration. Block any kind of unsolicited web site. . Free download of Control Kids 5.05, size 1.02 Mb.

CybSecure 1.2.200 WorkMoment 

With the Power Management feature integrated into CybSecure you can reduce the operating costs for energy and cooling which in turn will reduces the impact on environment.CybSecure is designed to control all your computers from a remote location, be it from a computer at your office or be it from a computer at your home. CybSecure can maintain a . Free download of CybSecure 1.2.200, size 43.66 Mb.

History Killer Pro 5.0.1 Emergency Soft 

History Killer Pro is a professional program to resolve all sorts of privacy issues and related concerns.This software secures your online and offline privacy by removing dangerous and compromising files. At the same time History Killer Pro is a user-friendly software with a lifetime license.This complete solution deletes windows temp files, MS . Free download of History Killer Pro 5.0.1, size 2.89 Mb.

Panda Global Protection 2010 3.00.00 Panda Security 

Panda Global Protection 2010 protects you from viruses, identity theft and all other internet threats. Thanks to the improved Collective Intelligence Technology, the solution is much faster than previous versions. You will also have at your disposal Tech Support 24h-365d, 24h-SOS service and the daily updates that ensure you are protected against . Free download of Panda Global Protection 2010 3.00.00, size 87.06 Mb.

Comodo Internet Security Comodo Security solutions, Inc. 

Comodo internet security is the awarding winning and free security solution for Windows that uses a powerful combination of antivirus, firewall, auto-sandbox, host intrusion prevention and website filtering to immediately protect your computer from all known and unknown malware. Our real-time scanner constantly monitors your computer for threats, . Freeware download of Comodo Internet Security, size 5 b.

BitDefender Total Security 2012 IT To Go ( 

No pop-ups. No configuring. No interruptions. That’s the kind silent security you’ll find in Bitdefender Total security 2012. Antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing, firewall, comprehensive parental controls, social networking safeguards, and remote management features are just the beginning. Total security also comes with 2 GB of free, . Free download of BitDefender Total Security 2012, size 869.34 Kb.

SafenSec Personal 3.5 S.N.Safe&Software 

Tens of thousands of new viruses arrive in security companies’ research labs every day. Anti-virus products that protect you the traditional way – with a ‘signature’ to detect each virus – simply can’t keep up. A new approach is needed. That approach is SafenSec.

SafenSec Personal uses unique . Free download of SafenSec Personal 3.5, size 77.85 Mb.

Secure Windows Pro 2010 3.0.3 Real Kit Technologies 

Secure Windows Pro 2010 is a system application containing both windows tweaks and utilities .It Speeds up your PC, Repair and Secure Settings. Secure Windows gives all features in one smart package.

It gives you the fastest optimizing for cleanup your drives, registry errors repair, broken shortcut links and duplicate files remover . Free download of Secure Windows Pro 2010 3.0.3, size 4.51 Mb.

Acronis Backup and Security 2010 Acronis INC 

Acronis Backup and security 2010 is a subscription-based, full-featured home PC protection solution against both internal threats which can cause data loss and external threats which can damage systems and data. It combines three essential elements into one easy-to-use package: local backup, online backup and internet security. It provides users . Free download of Acronis Backup and Security 2010, size 372.03 Mb.

Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010 Acronis INC 

Acronis internet security Suite 2010 protects up to three home PCs from internet threats. It blocks spyware and phishing attacks and the thousands of new viruses created weekly so you can safely open communications from people you know and those you don't. It protects users from spam and warns of unauthorized access to your wireless network. MSN . Free download of Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010, size 260.80 Mb.

AVS Antispam Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK 

Stop a flow of annoying e-mails with suspicious content with AVS Antispam!AVS Antispam uses a combination of intelligent methods to analyzecontent of incoming messages and detect spam among them. Select amongthree aggression levels to adjust filtering parameters. AVS Antispam iscompatible with popular e-mail applications such as MS Outlook, . Freeware download of AVS Antispam, size 26.50 Mb.

CA Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware 2010 CA 

CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware provides comprehensive protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs that can destroy the information you value most: photos, music, documents, and more. It also protects against a wide range of spyware threats that can expose your confidential information and diminish your PC’s . Free download of CA Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware 2010, size 80.85 Mb.

Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer 1.0.3 

Anonyproz OpenVPN obscures your IP address by sending your traffic through an encrypted tunnel using OpenVPN Clients and Servers.The 30-second Client Setup and excellent performance of OpenVPN makes an easy choice for OpenVpn based VPN. . Free download of Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer 1.0.3, size 2 b.

BufferZone Free 3.31-46 TrustWare 

BufferZone's patented"Threat Virtualization"technology provides the final layer to your computer's defenses. BufferZone technology is a preventative and proactive approach that complements the reactionary method used by all traditional anti-viruses.BufferZone Free download gives you basic BufferZone protection against internet threats. . Freeware download of BufferZone Free 3.31-46, size 9.64 Mb.

Max Secure Anti Virus Pro 2010 Max Secure Software 

Max Secure Anti Virus is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users to scan, detect and delete viruses to get rid of the malware, adware popup, Keylogger and Trojans instantly. Powered with Smart Scan Technology and Max Shields keep you protected all the time when you are online browsing the internet.Max Secure Anti Virus has . Free download of Max Secure Anti Virus Pro 2010, size 116.14 Mb.


ViPNet OFFICE is an IP VPN and it provides secure client-to-client encryption so that mobile workers, home workers, and remote offices
can communicate securely over the internet with a staff at work directly and central VPN gateway.
ViPNet OFFICE is designed as unique client-to-client or client-to-site VPN software with build-in secure . Free download of ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN), size 64.86 Mb.

BitDefender Total Security 2011 IT To Go 

BitDefender Total security 2011 offers comprehensive and customizable protection against the latest viruses, spyware, phishing and identity theft attacks. It includes firewall and network management tools, file encryption, online back-up, and automatic hourly updates. New performance optimization features help you keep your entire system safe . Free download of BitDefender Total Security 2011, size 258.84 Mb.

OpenVPN WatchDog 1.0 Anonyproz 

Simply start the OpenVPN WatchDog after initiating connection to your OpenVPN server. The program will automatically detect the private IP assigned to you by the OpenVPN server and
will start to monitor the connection. In the event that the OpenVPN server crashes, a barking dog sound is produced and an alert is given. In addition, the program . Free download of OpenVPN WatchDog 1.0, size 934.32 Kb.

Panda Internet Security 2012 16.00.00 Panda Security 

Panda internet security 2012 allows you to use the internet for anything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind. It protects you from viruses, online fraud, identity theft and all the other known and unknown threats.

In addition, it keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows you to browse the web privately and securely . Free download of Panda Internet Security 2012 16.00.00, size 77.58 Mb.