Intervals Software

Auralia for Windows 4.5 Rising Software 

Improve your playing by improving your ears! Auralia is comprehensive ear training software for beginners, students and professionals! Suitable for all ages, Auralia has thousands of questions, across 41 topics. intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, melodic dictation, tuning, jazz progressions - they're all covered. Each topic has a carefully . Free download of Auralia for Windows 4.5, size 117.89 Mb.


Chord ID 3.0 Kba Software 

Easy to advanced ear training: harmonic dictation. Easy to advanced.
8 bar chord progressions of graduated difficulty in pop, Latin, country, rock, and jazz styles with instant feedback, immediate scoring, and self testing.
Begin with the easy task of identifying only the I or V chords and train youself to identify all diatonic and . Free download of Chord ID 3.0, size 663.55 Kb.

Melodic ID Demo 5 1 Kba Software 

Melodic ID is unlimited, graduated (easy to advanced) 4 bar melodic dictation in all keys, simple and compound meters, with instant feedback, immediate scoring, and self testing.

Main features:
-If you want to practice melodic dictation, demo program with first level (out of 9) enabled,
-Melodic ID combines Pitch ID and . Free download of Melodic ID Demo 5 1, size 2.45 Mb.

Note Reading Extended 2.0 Wim Wijnen - Music Education - Tiel - The Netherlands 

Note Reading Extended is for the absolute beginner.
Learning music can make you smarter. Most people think music is difficult to read, but it's not.
Note reading - easy, write the note, is this correct, or not?
Note Count, place the notes in the correct order,
how fast can you read the notes?
Search the wrong . Freeware download of Note Reading Extended 2.0, size 22.43 Mb.

Statistical Analysis Calculator Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who need to look at basic statistics for a set of numbers quickly. This software calculates: mean, median, mode, variance, sum, standard deviation, average deviation, coefficient of deviation, total, square total, and variance. By processing numbers with a simple interface, this software will save you time . Free download of Statistical Analysis Calculator Software 7.0, size 1.77 Mb.

A Musical Tutorial 3.1 Ronald Swerdfeger 

Sight Read-Identify notes that appear on a staff Sight Read Drill-Read notes in the time provided. In Continuous Mode mentally identify notes Piano Keys-Identify notes on staff by clicking correct piano key Scales-Display scales/broken chords as they play. Step Mode plays/displays one note/chord at a time, displaying on keyboard Key . Free download of A Musical Tutorial 3.1, size 2.86 Mb.

Auto URL Refresher 2.0 Torok Laszlo 

Use Auto URL Refresher to refresh web pages either randomly or at selected intervals enabling you to keep an eye on fast changing eBay auctions, stock market tickers, sports events or any other dynamically changing web pages without having to manually click the refresh button in your browser repeatedly. Refresh up to 9 different URLs at random or . Free download of Auto URL Refresher 2.0, size 618.66 Kb.

Windows Privacy Tool 1.0.3 

1st Privacy Tool is a powerful security utility that allows you to restrict access to Windows important resources. This easy-to-use utility helps you to keep your computer in order. It enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy. You can deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, . Free download of Windows Privacy Tool 1.0.3, size 3.38 Mb.

ConnectionMonitor SteelBytes 

Pings hosts at regular intervals, to determing if your connection is working, and generate a log of the results. . Freeware download of ConnectionMonitor, size 83.89 Kb.

Toggle Tabs Timer 1.6.2 Sylvain Piren 

Toggle Tabs Timer is just an update to auto-toggle-tabs by Rick Pannen.
This add-on allows automatic, timer scheduled toggle between all open tabs.
Configuration is done via the Tools menu (menu is not displayed by default in firefox 8).
I added latest Firefox versions (up to 8.*) and changed time intervals slightly. . Free download of Toggle Tabs Timer 1.6.2, size 3.14 Kb.

Computer Pinger 2.5 Marcus Young 

This program is a personal project i started that pings a NetBios name or IP Address at a set interval of time, and returns the status of the computer checked at those intervals, and logs unique sign on's. . Free download of Computer Pinger 2.5, size 31.46 Kb.

Karens Replicator 3.6.8 Karen Kenworthy 

Automatically backup files, directories, even entire drives! Karen's Replicator copies selected files from one drive/folder to another. Source and Destination folders can reside anywhere on your network. Files larger than 2 GB are supported.rnrnOptions include repeated copies at intervals as short as a few minutes, or as long as several months, . Freeware download of Karens Replicator 3.6.8, size 2.03 Mb.

EngStartQueue 0.9.8 Beta RC2 Marek Vajgl 

EngStartQueue is utility to organize and execute start-up application in order. Execution depends on current computer performance left. There is no need to specify any intervals. . Free download of EngStartQueue 0.9.8 Beta RC2, size 296.74 Kb.

Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker 1.5.1 AVLAN Design 

Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker allows you to capture your favorite movie scenes of MPEG, AVI, DivX and DVD files to picture files or thumbnail galleries. The software supports the many kinds of captures method. You can set up capture specified number of shots or take snapshots from the movies at set time intervals. Handy navigational controls . Free download of Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker 1.5.1, size 1.46 Mb.

RSS/XML to DB 1.0 Christopher Thornton 

RSS/XML to DB is an easy to use program designed to help you transfer your RSS/XML feeds directly into your SQL server database. It can transfer from an RSS link or from an XML file on your hard drive. Use the timer option to transfer at set intervals or just transfer once . Freeware download of RSS/XML to DB 1.0, size 3.46 Mb.

TimeClue Portable 2.4.0 Build 59 

TimeClue is a free, simple and tiny time reminder software that fades your desktop into a bluish color at fixed intervals. . Freeware download of TimeClue Portable 2.4.0 Build 59, size 188.74 Kb.

Egg-Time Counter for Windows 1.1.0 Roger Meier 

Egg Timer is a nice and useful desktop timer that you can use whenever you need a countdown tool.

Use the up-down arrows to adjust the start time, or enter the start time using the keyboard. Press the 'Set' button to set the timer to the selected start time. Then use the 'Start' and 'Stop' buttons to start and stop the timer.

Portable FadeTop 2.5.0 Build 84 

FadeTop is a visual break reminder for Windows. At regular intervals, it fades your desktop into a bluish color, and displays current time. . Freeware download of Portable FadeTop 2.5.0 Build 84, size 188.74 Kb.

Java Tail GUI 1.0-rc1 Black Flag 

Java based GUI implementation of *nix "tail -f" functionality for multiple log files.


* View multiple text files in tabbed pane
* changes to files appended to display in ~1sec intervals
* changes appended to display with timestamps
* restore last session functionality
* search term . Freeware download of Java Tail GUI 1.0-rc1, size 52.43 Kb.

ToolTip Memorizer 0.0.2 Tomasz Pielech 

Simple software used to help in memorising words in foreign languages. It displays them randomly in specified intervals. The messages with words are meant to be as less annoying as possible. . Freeware download of ToolTip Memorizer 0.0.2, size 5.78 Mb.