Ip Access Software

StratosNet Accelerator Stratos Global 

StratosNet Accelerator can reduce your standard Ip Access satellite communications costs on FleetBroadband, BGAN and SwiftBroadband by up to 90%!
With StratosNet Accelerator, sending and receiving email, downloading files via FTP and browsing the internet via satellite is faster and more cost effective than ever before. StratosNet Accelerator . Freeware download of StratosNet Accelerator, size 6.22 Mb.


TightVNC Server 2.0 TightVNC Group 

TightVNC Server is a software that allows configuring Ip Access control rules.Using TightVNC, the user can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with his local mouse and keyboard.Useful in administration, tech support, education, and for many other purposes. . Freeware download of TightVNC Server 2.0, size 66.19 Mb.

Rigserve 031 rigserve.sourceforge.net 

Rigserve implements a human-readable control language for remote or local Ip Access to amateur radio equipment (rigs). A Python class library allows interfacing with a large number of rig types via serial ports or other methods. . Freeware download of Rigserve 031, size 165.73 Kb.

Advanced TCP Logger 3.90 KMiNT21 Software 

This program is a simple proxy server(port-mapper). It is an ideal tool for monitoring any network software or for researching network protocols. Log files with all traffic that has passed through this program are organized in a nice manner and can be saved in a separate folder. What is the purpose of this program? When can this program be used? . Free download of Advanced TCP Logger 3.90, size 69.63 Kb.

FTP Serv-U Rhino Software, Inc. 

erv-U is a strong, easy to use, award-winning FTP server. An FTP server uses the FTP protocol to share files across the Internet. Serv-U is not only 100% compliant with the current FTP standard, but also includes numerous features unique to Serv-U that make it a perfect file sharing solution for virtually everyone. Regardless of the purpose behind . Freeware download of FTP Serv-U, size 15.59 Mb.

Easy File Sharing FTP Server 3.5 EFS Software, Inc. 

Easy File Sharing FTP Server is a simple and powerful FTP server for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003. The server supports all basic FTP commands and much more, such as Virtual folders, Groups, Online users, Logs and Ip Access. Easy File Sharing FTP Server offers an easy-to-use graphical interface for controlling user Access to files/folders and . Free download of Easy File Sharing FTP Server 3.5, size 1.71 Mb.

Cerberus FTP Server 2.49 Cerberus, LLC 

Cerberus FTP Server provides industrial strength secure SSLv3 / TLSv1 encryption and powerful FTP server performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Designed to use very little CPU and memory, Cerberus features a user-friendly interface that can be easily hidden or accessed from the system tray. The server is able to listen for connections on . Free download of Cerberus FTP Server 2.49, size 4.09 Mb.

CyberJass Popale Jhon 

CyberJass is a swiss Jass card game, more precisely a Schieber Jass game, that can be played on a PC. With this game, you can play with a partner against two opponents, all three simulated by the computer. You can also play it through the network by direct Ip Access. The missing players will be simulated by the computer.

This game is . Free download of CyberJass, size 6.88 Mb.

zFTPServer Suite 11.3 Västgöta-Data AB 

zFTPServer is a multi threaded Windows file server. Although being extremely simple to use, there exists an advanced configurations mode which should satisfy every need. Also, extensions are available that makes this into a full-fledged Integration Server with the following highlights: Protocols: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTPS Virtual filesystem: . Freeware download of zFTPServer Suite 11.3, size 2.98 Mb.

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server for Windows 7.1 JSCAPE 

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server is a platform independent managed File Transfer server that supports FTP, secure FTP (FTP over SSL), SFTP/SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV protocols. JSCAPE Secure FTP Server greatly simplifies the process of securely exchanging data with trading partners and automation of file transfer processes, resulting in increased . Free download of JSCAPE Secure FTP Server for Windows 7.1, size 51.58 Mb.

IP Mailer 2004d IP Mailer 

If your ISP gives you a temorary Ip address each time you log on, you can email your Ip address automatically to your friends and office/home so that you can find your computer for remote Access regardless of the constantly changing Ip address. If you use your computer remotely or need to have other people Access some server functionality on your . Free download of IP Mailer 2004d, size 1.64 Mb.

Hide Real IP 4.6 PrivateIdentity, Inc 

Hide Ip address for anonymous Internet Access. Fake Ip appears instead of real on. All applications supported: web browsers, instant messengers, file sharing and others. Very simple to use: just a few clicks to anonymize your Internet activity and maintain online privacy.Hide Real Ip automatically locates highly anonymous proxy servers around the . Free download of Hide Real IP 4.6, size 420.86 Kb.

IBM i Access para Windows 7 1 IBM 

IBM i Access for Windows delivers TCP/Ip connectivity to users running a variety of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. IBM i Access for Windows offers an all-inclusive client solution for accessing and using resources from your Windows desktop. It includes 5250 emulation, Access to DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) for IBM i . Freeware download of IBM i Access para Windows 7 1, size 0 b.

Hide My IP for Mac 6.0.54 My Privacy Tools, Inc. 

Access blocked content and protect your Ip with Hide My Ip for Mac. Enjoy private web surfing with secure OpenVPN technology at the click of a button. Protect your Internet traffic, bypass censorship, and hide your Ip address. Provides end-to-end enctyption and privacy between your Mac and any website or online service. Access videos on Youtube, . Free download of Hide My IP for Mac 6.0.54, size 4.01 Mb.

IP Detective Suite 2K 2.2 IP Detective 

Ip Detective Suite is an Ip monitoring program that reports your changing Ip address to your ftp site, e-mails it to you and displays it on your desktop. This makes a perfecttool for remote connection with programs such as pcAnywhere. Ip Detective Suite inlcudes Ip Detective Original Ip Publisher, Ip e-mail alert and Ip Desktop Viewer with copy to . Free download of IP Detective Suite 2K 2.2, size 5.00 Mb.

N-Tier Data Access N-Tier Alchemy 

N-Tier Data Access is a VB6 ActiveX dll for data base Access over TCP/Ip to any supported OLEDB data provider. The dll returns ADO record sets or variant arrays to the requesting clients. N-Tier Data Access allows for creation of an N-Tier client server data Access environment. All it takes is setting a few properties and the dll will create data . Free download of N-Tier Data Access, size 1.01 Mb.

Internet Access Scheduler 2.0 Shatran Software 

Internet Access Scheduler (IAS) is a firewall that offers user-level Access controls for Windows 9x/Me. IAS enhances the standard Windows Access management and once installed, administrators can assign permissions to TCP/Ip connections. Internet Access Scheduler lets you control which users can Access what TCP/Ip based protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, . Free download of Internet Access Scheduler 2.0, size 802.82 Kb.

AdRem Free Remote Console 2006 AdRem Software 

Freecon is a freeware utility for fast eDirectory-enabled Access to the NetWare server console that that uses IPX and TCP/Ip. Due to the custom compression algorithm, the program makes it possible to work effectively over very slow and overloaded Internet and WAN connections. Users can discover servers via SLP, view and work on many console screens . Freeware download of AdRem Free Remote Console 2006, size 4.03 Mb.

GetNetworkInfo 2 4 Filesland 

If you are running an ftp server on your local computer or giving Access to your colleagues via Ip address it is important to detect changes of your external Ip. This software monitors changes of your external Ip and displays major network parameters of your cumputer such as: computer name, workgroup or domain, internal Ip and subnet, external Ip. . Freeware download of GetNetworkInfo 2 4, size 45.29 Mb.

AXIS IP Utility 1.0.5 Axis Comm 

AXIS Ip Utility discovers and displays Axis devices on your network. The application is also used to manually set a static Ip address and to Access the unit's home page for further configuration.
The Axis device and the client computer must be on the same subnet/network segment. . Freeware download of AXIS IP Utility 1.0.5, size 29.21 Mb.