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Isolines Software


Simple, powerful and inexpensive CAD software for surveying. You can do triangulation, Isolines, color-filled contour maps, sections, intersections, volume and much more. You can process hundreds of thousands of points or triangles, even on less powerful PCs.
Through its own CAD system (called RCAD), specialized for 3D and for a large number . Free download of RTOPO 3.3s, size 1.09 Mb.



An add-on for AUTOCAD or BricsCAD, which makes the triangulation of a set of POINT entities, the intersection curves (Isolines) between a set of 3DFACE entities and a set of equidistance plans, horizontally or vertically and the volume and center of gravity of a set of bodies or between surfaces composed of 3DFACE entities. You can also load and . Free download of TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD 2.3, size 2.59 Mb.


TRIANGULATION performs triangulation of a set of 3D points width compulsory interconnections between the points. The outcome is represented by 3DFACE entities. Isolines determines the curves of intersection of a set of 3DFACE entities width a set of plane equidistances horizontally or vertically. The outcome is made up of POLYLINE entities . Free download of TRIANGULATION, ISOLINES, VOLUME & 3DINTERSECTION 3.51, size 367.62 Kb.

Centrifugal_Pumps_Fluidodynamics_Analysy 1.0 Centrifugalpomp 

project to create the graphics of meridian velocity and the Isolines in a centrifugal pump, help wanted.

Centrifugal_Pumps_Fluidodynamics_Analysy 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Centrifugal_Pumps_Fluidodynamics_Analysy 1.0, size 7.36 Mb.


An application for AUTOCAD 2002-2015 or ZWCAD 2014 or 2015, which determines the intersection curves between 2 sets consisting of 3DFACE, 3DSOLID or 3DMESH entities. The outcome is represented by 3DPOLY entities. It can also generate 3DFACE entities, perpendicular to a POLYLINE for obtain cross sections, can generate horizontal 3DFACE entities for . Free download of 3DINTERSECTION for AutoCAD 4.2, size 588.80 Kb.

Touratech QV 4.0.0133 Thomas Flemming, Touratech AG 

The ultimate GPS and Tour Planing Software for:

Optimal orientation and planning:

- Data organisation in a profeesional database
- Sophisticated track editing and analysis
- Comfortable generation and editing of routes and waypoints
- Complex search queries which can also be stored

. Free download of Touratech QV 4.0.0133, size 40.09 Mb.

Amira 5. 2. 2002 Visage Imaging, Inc. 

Amira is a powerful, multifaceted software platform for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding Life Science and bio-medical data coming from all types of sources and modalities. Amira is the leading software solution that satisfies even your most demanding needs to work with clinical or preclinical image data, nuclear data, optical or . Free download of Amira 5. 2. 2002, size 183.50 Mb.

FemtoScan Online 2.3.219 Advanced Technologies Center 

A powerful software for analysis of different kinds of microscopic images. Mainly oriented for the scanning probe microscopy 3D images processing and analysis, but can be also used for optical and electron microscopy images. Between its features are powerful 3D representation, with ability to record movies, clipboard integration, USB cameras . Free download of FemtoScan Online 2.3.219, size 44.04 Mb.