Itunes Music Collection Software

Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection Nuclear Coffee 

My Music Collection is the most comprehensive Music catalog software designed for organizing and managing Music collections of any kind, including CD discs, MP3 files or vinyl records. This Music organizer allows you to create an ordered CD database and view its contents, even if the disk is lying on a shelf or is being borrowed by a friend of . Free download of Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection, size 6.45 Mb.


Recover iPod iTunes Music Library Data Wiper 

iPod Itunes Music library recovery application enables user to retrieve data including files, folders from iPod hard disk memory. iPod data salvage program rescues data and information from iPod even if your iPod device is inaccessible. iPod Music player backup software recovers files, folders if drive not detected message is being displayed by . Free download of Recover iPod iTunes Music Library, size 650.12 Kb.

IM Collector Music Edition 1.42 

IM Collector is the Music organizer software for Windows intended to gather, store and catalogue the information about your Music Collection (both digital audio and non-digital audio records) and to represent the resultant Music database in the most convenient ways. IM Collector provides you with a number of tools and features, such as:- Media . Free download of IM Collector Music Edition 1.42, size 7.50 Mb.

iVolume for Mac 3.1.4 

Tired of constantly adjusting your Music's volume?iVolume ensures that all your songs play at the same volume level.iVolume calculates the volume perceived by the human ear for each song of your Itunes Music Collection. Thereby iVolume gets the most out of the approved Replay Gain algorithm and adjusts your songs accordingly.Compatible With Your . Free download of iVolume for Mac 3.1.4, size 3.76 Mb.

Music Wizard Professional 7.2.0 Stefan Hollesch 

Music Wizard is the perfect solution for managing your Music Collection, including CD, MP3, DVD, MiniDisc, Vinyl records, Tapes, DAT and DCC. You can locate songs or records with the powerful search function, and create complete lists of your records sorted by artist, titles or time. If you are lending a record, Music Wizard reminds you if this . Free download of Music Wizard Professional 7.2.0, size 7.16 Mb.

MarkelSoft TuneZIP for iTunes 2.0 MarkelSoft, Inc. 

TuneZIP for Itunes - easily zip and share any or all of your Itunes Music Library. Packaging modes include zipping a playlist, backing up/zipping full Itunes Music Library, zipping only songs, zipping only movies, zipping only videos, zipping only podcasts, zipping only TV shows, zip a playlist and zipping using a file pattern e.g. *.mp3, *.m4v, . Free download of MarkelSoft TuneZIP for iTunes 2.0, size 17.67 Mb.

Music Collection GSoft4U 

The Music Collection is an easy program that allows you to archive your Music Collection. Using it you can enter in a Collection all the Music media that you own or you intend to. The program accepts all kinds of musical media (cd, lp, dvd-a, etc.)
You can add or edit any kind of information concerning the albums in the Collection and it is . Freeware download of Music Collection, size 4.18 Mb.

CATraxx 9.44 FNProgramvare 

CATraxx is a powerful Music organizer database which will help you catalog a Music Collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s. Automatically download CD data from the Internet, or scan your hard drive for audio files. A comprehensive set a data fields enables you to keep track of a wide range of information. With CATraxx, you are in . Free download of CATraxx 9.44, size 17.67 Mb.

iVolume for Windows 3.1.3 

Tired of constantly adjusting your Music's volume?iVolume ensures that all your songs play at the same volume level.iVolume calculates the volume perceived by the human ear for each song of your Itunes Music Collection. Thereby iVolume gets the most out of the approved Replay Gain algorithm and adjusts your songs accordingly.

Compatible . Free download of iVolume for Windows 3.1.3, size 2.49 Mb.

Melomania 1.89 Able Apples 

Melomania is a handy Music Collection program for Windows, which allows you to catalog Music collections of any kind, from vinyl to MP3s, and provides you with the facilities to manage a Music database, including:

* automatic adding of digital tracks
* information loading from Internet
* lent media tracking
* instant cover . Free download of Melomania 1.89, size 8.66 Mb.

MusiFind Pro 4.04 Author Direct Shareware 

Music Collection management for home enthusiasts and professional DJs. Simple, clear, easy-to-use interface. Import data automatically from our Internet Database or 9 other sources. Fields for all common Music-related data and customizable for other data. Fully customizable 'dictionaries' for lookups. Multiple search methods. Professional, flexible . Free download of MusiFind Pro 4.04, size 12.14 Mb.

CasaTunesSync for iTunes 1.0.34 CasaTunes 

Use CasaTunesSync for Itunes to allow CasaTunes to play Itunes Music from any Windows PC in the house. Simply install and run CasaTunesSync for Itunes on each computer that has Itunes Music.
The advanced capabilities of CasaTunesSync for Itunes enables you to consolidate all
your Itunes Plus Music residing on one or more Microsoft . Freeware download of CasaTunesSync for iTunes 1.0.34, size 68.77 Mb.

MeloDroid 3. 1. 2004 Daniel Sherry 

MeloDroid let's you sync Itunes Music to your Android device both wirelessly and over USB and use your Android device as a wireless remote for Itunes, and includes a ton of useful features. It's the ultimate Itunes sidekick. MeloDroid is comprised of two components.
MeloDroid.exe is a Windows program that acts as a server for the remote, and . Freeware download of MeloDroid 3. 1. 2004, size 167.94 Kb.

iTunes Music Library Export 2.2.2 

Provides the ability to export playlists from an Itunes Music Library. Supports exporting playlists as m3u files. 1.x branch built using .NET. 2.x branch build using Flex (AIR) and Scala. . Freeware download of iTunes Music Library Export 2.2.2, size 3.50 Mb.

Acoustid Fingerprinter 0.5.1 Lukas Lalinsky 

Acoustid Fingerprinter is a handy application that analyzes your Music Collection and extracts the fingerprint information. The program allows you to submit the information to the Acoustid database.

In order to use the application you need to get a key and to select the folder where your Music is stored.

. Free download of Acoustid Fingerprinter 0.5.1, size 0 b.

Llama Music Cleanser New Chris Kurhan 

Llama Music Cleanser uses your favorite media player like Itunes, Windows Media Player, Zune Software, or Winamp to help you sort through your messy Music Collection and remove any and all songs you just don't want to hear anymore. With it's simple, easy-to-use interface, managing your Music has never been so effortless. All you have to do is . Freeware download of Llama Music Cleanser New, size 0 b.

Barbad Music 1.1 NASAPPDEV 

With Barbad Music app you can access our persian Music Collection anywhere, anytime!

- Listen to sample tracks and purchase your favorite Music via Itunes.
- Check out our new releases, stay up to date with latest news and upcoming concerts, and share them with your friends. . Freeware download of Barbad Music 1.1, size 1.68 Mb.

eJukebox 3.998 AudioSoft.Net 

eJukebox features an interactive interface that allows you to graphically browse your Music Collection along with its album art. You can easily import Music from your physical CD Collection by using the built-in CD Ripper. Behind the scenes, e-Jukebox utilizes the popular free program Winamp to provide support for the playback of numerous media . Free download of eJukebox 3.998, size 5.49 Mb.

Music Label 2009 15.0 Codeaero Technologies 

Music Label 2009 helps you organize your Music Collection. The track info on your CDs is indexed automatically, using the online Gracenote CDDB2 Music database. Images of your CD covers are retrieved from

Music label helps DJs to create playlists and tracklists from their Collection. Music collectors can get detailed reports . Free download of Music Label 2009 15.0, size 11.72 Mb.

My Music Quiz 1.3.5 Fishbend Ltd 

My Music Quiz is an audio game that will play short random samples of your own Music Collection and challenges you to identify artist, track title and album title. The samples may be played slower, faster or together, in order to make it more challenging. You can play alone or with a group of friends. You can choose from various game modes . Free download of My Music Quiz 1.3.5, size 2.00 Mb.