Java Game Programming Software

CroftSoft Code Library 2008.09.28 

An Open Source portable pure Java Game library with example games, Swing-based sprite animation engine, deployment framework, and firewall tunneling networking. The code is documented in the book Advanced Java Game Programming by David Wallace Croft. . Freeware download of CroftSoft Code Library 2008.09.28, size 18.96 Mb.


Game Programming Engine 1.0 

The GPE (Game Programming Engine) project is my attempt to program a Game engine from scratch in C++ and Lua using the OGRE, CEGUI, and OIS libraries. I am currently using the GPE to power my computer Game Abaddon. . Freeware download of Game Programming Engine 1.0, size 61.02 Mb.

libTrix Game Programming API 1.0 Libtrix 

Intended to be a portable environment for 2D and 3D sprite,tile and bitmap Game Programming.

libTrix Game Programming API 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of libTrix Game Programming API 1.0, size 0 b.

Java WorkBench Programming Widget 1.0 Workbenchwidgit 

Learn Java Binary Programming. This Desktop Programming Resource has packaged NetBeans & Eclipse along with a complete Programming Information Resource and Access to Forums and Libraries. (Requires JDK be installed in order to run). [See Readme]

Learn Java Binary Programming, Build Executable Files, NetBeans and Eclipse On Board, . Freeware download of Java WorkBench Programming Widget 1.0, size 0 b.

Learn game programming - Lost in 8bit 1.0 Janina Sieslack 

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? It is easier than you think. Lost in 8bit is a perfect hands-on Game example to start beginning Game Programming.

Defend the ameb station against never ending attacks of angry pixel monster hordes. Shoot your way to freedom and stay alive as long as . Free download of Learn game programming - Lost in 8bit 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

A Game Demo by The Old Game Factory rc 

Fully playable Java Game demo illustrating basic Game Programming technics, such as sprite animation, pixmap fonts, time or frame related Game loop, affine transformations, convolution filters, sound generation and playback... . Freeware download of A Game Demo by The Old Game Factory rc, size 63.95 Kb.

java spacecraft 1.0 Javacraft 

Students try to study about 3D Game Programming in Java. The ultimate target is to produce a Real time strategy Game like starcraft in 3D. Trying to do it with lwjgl or jogl.

Java spacecraft 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of java spacecraft 1.0, size 0 b.

LWJGL 2.8.5 LWJGL Team 

LWJGL, otherwise known as The Lightweight Java Game Library was built for both amateur and professional developers.

LWJGL is supposed to allow commercial quality games to be written in the Java Programming language.

The Lightweight Java Game Library offers programmers access to cross-platform libraries (OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL) . Freeware download of LWJGL 2.8.5, size 0 b.

Jorillas 0.8 

JGorillas is a small Game written in the Java(TM) Programming language, featuring two players (henceforth called monkeys regardless of their actual appearance) who throw items (henceforth called bananas regardlass of their actual properties) at each othe . Freeware download of Jorillas 0.8, size 276.25 Kb.

JNetwar 1.0 Jnetwar 

I started this Project some months ago to get some Game Programming and Java knowledge. So i am Programming for fun at my weekands at this code.
ATM it is the Codebase of a strategy Game. I think it is going to be something like war Game in a surreal computer network.

Strategy Game, Client-Server, Runs on Linux and Windows

simple opengl game engine 1.0 Sogl 

Game engine modeled on the simpengine from the book Opengl Game Programming. To be built in Java, on top of JOGL (which is a set of Java bindings to Opengl). Also, coding of a tutorial testbed and a simple Game demo.

simple opengl Game engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of simple opengl game engine 1.0, size 0 b.

GLBasic SDK premium 4.0 Dream Design 

GLBasic is a Programming language designed for Game Programming. It has simple commands for 3D, networking, joysticks and media playback. GLBasic compiles small, fast, stand-alone executables. Used media resources can be compressed into a protected archive with only one line of source code. The SDK includes an editor, compiler, font-generator, 3D . Free download of GLBasic SDK premium 4.0, size 48.86 Mb.

Elixir Game Engine 0.9 

The Elixir Engine is going to be a set of libraries useful for Game Programming under the Win32 platform. It covers from underground tasks like resource managing and console commands to higher tasks like graphics, sound and input. . Freeware download of Elixir Game Engine 0.9, size 445.23 Kb.

Fortran to Java rc 

The goal of the Fortran-to-Java project is to provide Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to numerical libraries originally written in Fortran (particularly BLAS and LAPACK). The result of this work, JLAPACK, is distributed here. . Freeware download of Fortran to Java rc, size 47.64 Kb.

Genetic Programming Framework 3.5.0 

The Distributed Genetic Programming Framework is a scalable Java genetic Programming environment. It comes with an optional specialization for evolving assembler-syntax algorithms. The evolution can be performed in parallel in any computer network. . Freeware download of Genetic Programming Framework 3.5.0, size 1.23 Mb.

Guessing game with an AI 2.0 

This Java Game is a Game of guessing numbers. Users guess numbers from randomly generated limits and compete against an AI which is also "guessing" to get the correct number before the user (don't's turn based, not simultaneous!). . Freeware download of Guessing game with an AI 2.0, size 76.26 Kb.

Intrepid 2D Game Library 1.0 

Intrepid is an object-oriented 2D Game Programming library written in C++ utilizing OpenGL and SDL that takes care of the low-level Programming involved in making 2D games.You can create nearly every kind of 2D Game. Comes with collision-detection, phy.. . Freeware download of Intrepid 2D Game Library 1.0, size 142.93 Kb.

Rails: an 18xx game system 1.7.3 

Rails is a Java Game engine intended to play any of the 18xx series of turn-based board games For 3-6 players and set in the 19th century, these games allow players to step into the shoes of the robber barons and railroad tycoons of the time period.. . Freeware download of Rails: an 18xx game system 1.7.3, size 11.04 Mb.

Secret of Java 1.0 

A Java Game that was developed for a class project. The original intention was to make it similar to Secret of Mana, but it became more of a dungeon crawler. (8/15/09) Development was slowed due to Summer. We should be resuming development shortly. . Freeware download of Secret of Java 1.0, size 2.96 Mb.

Snake (game) in pure pascal 1.0 

The project is the Game (Snake) developing to show and using simple pascal in Game Programming. It also uses AI (not yet implemented). . Freeware download of Snake (game) in pure pascal 1.0, size 92.44 Kb.