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JAVA to PDF Source Code Converter New Gustavo 

Java to Pdf Source Code Converter is a simple Java-based software that can convert your Java source code to Pdf.

The app will convert all the .Java files in the folder you select (and will look for .Java recursively in all child folders) and create the same folder structure in your destination folder with all the converted source code in . Freeware download of JAVA to PDF Source Code Converter New, size 0 b.


Password Generator Java Library 0.0.6 idorluyklelfcew 

As its name suggests, Password Generator Java Library provides you with a lightweight Library that includes algorithms for generating secure passwords.

Password Generator Java Library can be used for adding password generating capabilities to your Java application.

. Freeware download of Password Generator Java Library 0.0.6, size 0 b.

MoodleRest Java Library 0.1 Bill Antonia 

MoodleRest Java Library is, just like the name states a small, easy to use, handy Java Library specially designed to help you access Moodle's web services via the REST protocol.

Currently this Library supports all web services except File services. User services are limited to the main fields, extentions to the User data is ignored.

OGC Java library 2.0 Kai Witte 

OGC Java Library is a general purpose Library for Java applications that use the Open Game Cache.

. Freeware download of OGC Java library 2.0, size 62.91 Kb.

jPDFAssemble 1.60 Qoppa Software 

jPDFAssemble is a Javaâ„¢ Library to assemble Pdf files. jPDFAssemble can combine, merge or split Pdf documents. jPDFAssemble also allows adding or manipulating bookmarks in Pdf documents.

The Library can save resulting documents to the local file system or to an output stream to be able to serve the documents directly to a client . Free download of jPDFAssemble 1.60, size 1.76 Mb.

Java Statistics Library New Sean Byrnes 

Java Statistics Library was developed as a general Java Library for common statistical functions.

All operations are floating-point safe utilizing the BigDecimal framework. You can make use of this handy Library to improve your development.

. Free download of Java Statistics Library New, size 0 b.

Barcode Java Library 2.0 MW6 Technologies, Inc. 

MW6 Barcode Java Library supports over 100 different barcodes, our Library can be used in J2SE, J2EE and Java Reporting environments (e.g. Jasper Reports, iReport, Eclipse BIRT, and ORACLE Reports). . Free download of Barcode Java Library 2.0, size 512.00 Kb.

Gavaghan Geodesy Library 1.1.1 Mike Gavaghan 

Gavaghan Geodesy Library was built as a useful and accessible Java Library. Gavaghan Geodesy Library allows users to develop apps that can be used with GPS receivers.

Gavaghan Geodesy Library provides two functions:
· Calculates a destination given a starting point, direction, as well as the distance traveled on Earth;

Java BiDiB Client 1.1 Beta Andre Schenk 

Java BiDiB Client was specially developed as a small and open source Java Library that can provide an accessible and easy-to-use interface to the BiDiB protocol.

BiDiB, which is also known as BiDirectional Bus, is the standard bus for computer based model railway control.

. Freeware download of Java BiDiB Client 1.1 Beta, size 0 b.

Monte Media Library 0.6.4 Werner Randelshofer 

The Monte Media Library was developed as an Open Source and accessible a Java Library for processing media data.

Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data. This Library has some overlap in functionality with the Java Media Framework (JMF).

For some codecs, the Monte Media Library provides . Free download of Monte Media Library 0.6.4, size 0 b.

Java SRCP 1.1 Java SRCP Team 

Java SRCP was designed as an accessible and handy Java Library that is able to provide an easy-to-use interface to control a model railway via the SRCP-protocol.

Now you can use this Open Source Library to further improve your development process.

. Freeware download of Java SRCP 1.1, size 0 b.

Blocks (formerly Database Objects) 2.2.2 Gmax 

Database Objects it's a Java Library containing visual (SWING) and non visual components to easily create database RAD applications. The focus traversal between components is entirely controlled by a special component.

Pdf reports and Excel export components allow you to complete the design of a professional application. Using the . Free download of Blocks (formerly Database Objects) 2.2.2, size 0 b.

A Java library for reading/writing Excel 2.6.12 

JExcelApi is a Java Library which provides the ability to read, write, and modify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This project mirrors the files on, which has been known to go down on occasion. . Freeware download of A Java library for reading/writing Excel 2.6.12, size 2.51 Mb.

Batavia XBRL Java Library 1.0 

The Batavia XBRL Java Library exposes an API that closely follows the XBRL specification. All XBRL components that can be expected based on the specification of the core or any module are represented with interfaces and implementations. License AGPL . Freeware download of Batavia XBRL Java Library 1.0, size 2.35 Mb.

GSI Robocup Java Library 1.0 

A Java Library as a tool to interact with a Robocup Soccer Server. It enables to play soccer with an Artificial Intelligence multi-agent team based on intelligence and decision algorithms coded in JESS language. . Freeware download of GSI Robocup Java Library 1.0, size 530.45 Kb.

Java Library Management System 1.0 

The Java Library Management System is designed to help simplify the task of managing a physical Library (as opposed to software libraries), consisting of individual inventory items such as books, tapes, optical media, etc. . Freeware download of Java Library Management System 1.0, size 180.34 Kb.

jLibPod - Java Library for iPods 0.1 

jLibPod is a Java Library for manipulating the database files and related content on an Apple iPod. . Freeware download of jLibPod - Java Library for iPods 0.1, size 178.70 Kb.

The MGL Java Library 1.0 

A personal Java Library . Freeware download of The MGL Java Library 1.0, size 35.18 Kb.

TreeMap Java Library 1.0 

A treemap visualization Java Library, to implement Shneiderman's treemap easily ( Shows efficiently tree data as a rectangle colored map. Usefull to monitor thousand of files in a little window. . Freeware download of TreeMap Java Library 1.0, size 3.63 Mb.

JMaay : p2p Java Library 1.0 Jmaay 

JMaay is a Java Library used to create, administrate and use a peer-to-peer (p2p) network for your own Java application.It's based on Maay theory, a p2p free software, and was originally built for @rbre, another free software.

JMaay : p2p Java Library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of JMaay : p2p Java Library 1.0, size 38.28 Mb.