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CodeLobster PHP Edition 3.10.4 CodeLobster Software 

CodeLobster PHP Edition is a free portable handy and easy-in-use code editor that is primarily intended for quick and easy creation and editing of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript files with support Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Smarty template engine, JQuery library, CodeIgniter framework, CakePHP framework, Symfony framework, Facebook social network and . Freeware download of CodeLobster PHP Edition 3.10.4, size 17.32 Mb.


JEPUM 1.0 Web Responsive 

This effecient little application will increase your productivity when managing your pictures and folders in the Joomla Media Manager backoffice. By using this application, you don't have to log in to the backoffice, go to the media manager, find the folders to upload to, etc. every time you need to upload pictures. You just start this . Free download of JEPUM 1.0, size 4.00 Mb.

PixMania Pro DropShip Live 1.1.7 TECH AKIMANIA 

This software is designed for sellers (traders) who want to work with Pixmania Pro.So what does this application?We take the example you want to publish your own products Pixmania Pro on your site it is possible, but know that you need 100 skilled people in the lineup, the longer it takes about 12 months to publish on your website.This application . Free download of PixMania Pro DropShip Live 1.1.7, size 10.33 Mb.

Vertical Scale Menu XML v3 1 FlashDo 

XML driven vertical menu with X-Y scaling on roll over. FEATURES INCLUDED: * Options are configurable via XML * Font-background colors set in XML * X-Y POSITIONS of menu set in XML * Empty space between menu items set in XML* Menu title inner left-right padding set in XML* URL, JavaScript or ActionScript method call with arguments* First item to . Free download of Vertical Scale Menu XML v3 1, size 55.30 Kb.

Banner Rotator XML v5 1 FlashDo 

XML driven flash banner / image rotator with alpha, block, curtain and tile animation effects. FEATURES INCLUDED:
* XML driven flash image / picture / photo banner rotator
* Displays JPG images, GIF images, PNG images and SWF files
* All data can be changed in the XML file
* Supports multiple banners, can display swf . Free download of Banner Rotator XML v5 1, size 83.97 Kb.

Glow Menu XML v2 1 FlashDo 

XML driven horizontal / vertical menu with glow effect. FEATURES INCLUDED:
* Options are configurable via XML
* HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL menu direction
* Font size, color, rollover color set in XML
* GLOW alpha, size, strength, transition speed-delay time set in XML
* You can add-remove sound effect for mouse over, click . Free download of Glow Menu XML v2 1, size 56.32 Kb.

BitNami Joomla! Stack 2.5.6-0 (windows) BitNami 

Joomla! is an open source Content Management System with a growing and active community of more than 400,000 users. Joomla! creates multiple format sites from simple websites to complex corporate applications and allows users to manage each aspect of their website through a simple, browser-based interface. Once Joomla! is up and running, users with . Freeware download of BitNami Joomla! Stack 2.5.6-0 (windows), size 81.60 Mb.

WYSIWYG CSS and HTML Editor 1.0 

iStylr web design kit - Websites quick and clean! iStylr is a wysiwyg css editor and html editor with focus on the development of cms templates. If you are looking for a solution to shorten development times for cms templates and themes look no further. iStylr allows you to create, convert, edit, publish, share, import and export templates for the . Freeware download of WYSIWYG CSS and HTML Editor 1.0, size 10.07 Mb.

SefTranslate module 1.0 OrdaSoft 

SefTranslate module permit translate yours site content to all all language what Google Translate support.
That module work only together with SefTranslate component.
This module permit do content translate with help AJax or with help Redirect.
This is the Basic version of SefTranslate, with limited functionality compared to the . Freeware download of SefTranslate module 1.0, size 1.02 Kb.

Picture Window Digital Light & Color 

Picture Window is a full-featured 32-bit electronic darkroom program. It can be used to import photographs into the computer, enhance them using a comprehensive set of image editing tools, and then create high quality prints, multimedia slide shows, photo screen savers, and more. Its features include perspective correction, color balancing, precise . Free download of Picture Window, size 5.15 Mb.

Broadcast Private Edition 2 1 Radiohost ApS 

The Broadcast Private Edition is a free to use radio automation product. It's a scaled down version of the commercial version of Broadcast but we believe many people and even radio stations will benefit from this free version. Please give it a test drive and see if you like it. . Freeware download of Broadcast Private Edition 2 1, size 8.43 Mb.

Europa Universalis III 1 3 Paradox Interactive 

Europa Universalis III is an strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive.
In this game you will manage all the aspects of an European nation from the fifteenth century to the French Revolution.
This game has its beginning in 1453, the year in which the Turkish take Constantinople, at this moment it begins a period of . Free download of Europa Universalis III 1 3, size 0 b.

PC-Crash DSD 

Collisions up to 32 vehicles can be simulated in 2D and also in 3D. Car to car accidents, car to motorcycles , car to pedestrian accidents, occupant movement and also roll over can be calculated.

More than 4.000 licenses are in use worldwide up to now.

Main features:

-Calculation of distance/time . Freeware download of PC-Crash, size 6.66 Mb.

JX2 3 1 Sabay 

JXII is a persistent multiplayer online world, that is evolving 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is being shaped by an active community of several thousand players.
The story of JXII is based on Chinese legends from times past, when China was young and the Kingdoms of Song and Liao fought legendary wars.

JXII has been launched in . Freeware download of JX2 3 1, size 0 b.

Magic Aces 1.0 Purple Patch Studios 

Magic Aces is an enjoyable poker game for all ages. In this game, the objective is to defeat all of your opponents and become a world class player. The game is really easy to play. You just have to create poker hands from the cards you have and the ones that are already on the table. You always have 5 cards in your pocket and 3 in your draw. . Free download of Magic Aces 1.0, size 21.20 Mb.

Picture Window Pro Digital Light & Color 

Picture Window Pro is a complete photo editing program.

It includes a wide range of tools to enhance your digital photos. The program allows you to load the picture you are going to edit from any drive, or acquire it from your scanner or webcam. You can then transform the image, by applying several geometry effects to the image, like . Free download of Picture Window Pro, size 8.64 Mb.

eyeWyre Simulation Studio 1 3 eyeWyre Corporation 

Simulation Studio provides an interactive and real-time 3D robotics and microcontrollers simulation environment for Windows, all in a physics-enabled virtual world.

Studio comes standard with simulation models for the popular Boe-Bot robot from Parallax as well as the BASIC Stamp 2 series of microcontrollers. Using the integrated . Freeware download of eyeWyre Simulation Studio 1 3, size 218.65 Mb.

Quotes Plus 3 2 Quotes Plus 

The Quotes Plus charting program gives you immediate access to all of the data stored in the Quotes Plus database. It allows you to quickly and easily scroll through lists of stocks so that you can quickly get to the best ones.

The chart program features:

-Moving averages - Simple, exponential and . Free download of Quotes Plus 3 2, size 4.28 Mb.

Frame Explorer 1.0 Digital Light & Color 

Creating an effective framing design can be surprisingly hard. There are so many decisions to make -- the frame, the number of mats, their widths, colors and textures. And it is so hard to visualize the final product or see the effect of changes until the finished frame is delivered.

Frame Explorer revolutionizes the manual selection . Free download of Frame Explorer 1.0, size 6.91 Mb.

PC-Rect 3.0 DSD 

The program allows the user to rectify photographs of surfaces which are close to being planar, such as roadway surfa­ces at accident scenes.

Photographs and videos oblique to a surface are transformated into a plan view like a map. Scanners and digital cameras can be used directly from within the program so the rectification . Free download of PC-Rect 3.0, size 6.25 Mb.