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Phyton CodeMaster-52 5 9 Phyton 

CodeMaster-52 Compiler options
CodeMaster-52 IDE provides most flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective integration of PICE-52 and JEM-52 emulators with best third parties' (TP) compilers. By defaul our 8051 toolset includes a free evaluation copy of the C Compiler from Raisonance that allows to compile and link programs limited to 4K . Freeware download of Phyton CodeMaster-52 5 9, size 11.32 Mb.


DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler 1.0.3983.17298 DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler 

DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help you edit and compile your source code fast and easy. . Freeware download of DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler 1.0.3983.17298, size 734.21 Kb.

Mini Java Compiler 1 Sara Tarek 

Mini Java Compiler is a straightforward application that provides you with a straightforward Compiler for the Mini Java language.

All you have to do is run the JAR file and browse for the file you want the application to compile. The output is saved to the same location as the input file and it contains the formatted code or Java . Freeware download of Mini Java Compiler 1, size 0 b.

Intel SPMD Program Compiler 1.4.2 Dmitry Babokin 

Intel SPMD Program Compiler provides you with a command line application designed for making single program multiple data (SPMD) applications run on Intel CPUs.

The Intel SPMD Program Compiler can generate C\C++ assembly language files and provides support for both x86 and x64 architecture types. Additionally, it can create host-side . Freeware download of Intel SPMD Program Compiler 1.4.2, size 0 b.

CSharp Compiler New B.J Erasmus 

CSharp Compiler was designed and developed as a small tool that can be used to compile .CS (C#) files.

All you have to do is launch the application, select the CSC folder / source file, input the output name and press the "Compile" button.

. Freeware download of CSharp Compiler New, size 0 b.

Catalina Compiler 3.5 Ross Higson 

The Catalina Compiler was designed as a C Compiler that also contains a set of C libraries and device drivers that can be used with the Parallax Propeller microcontroller.

The Compiler can easily run on multiple platforms and is based on the retargetable C Compiler "lcc".


+eTE ANSI C . Freeware download of Catalina Compiler 3.5, size 25.48 Mb.

Ladder Logic Compiler 1.0 boumpower 

Ladder Logic Compiler is a small utility designed for LDmicro software. Generate virtual machine code that can be easily implemented on PIC, AVR or other microprocessors. Produce assembly like opcodes for PLC to handle contact, coil, relay, counters and other elements. . Freeware download of Ladder Logic Compiler 1.0, size 94.37 Kb.

EzWeb Compiler Content Storage File Compiler 1.0 EzTools Software 

EzWeb Compiler is a product for creating Web files. A Web file contains many HTML/ASP/graphic files and folders. It is literally a file system within a file. It can hold any kind of file, but we use it to contain HTML and graphic files (also ASP files for use with our HSP product - see below). Think of EzWeb Compiler as "WinZip for . Freeware download of EzWeb Compiler Content Storage File Compiler 1.0, size 1.08 Mb.

ForevalZ 1.3.2 Sorel 

ForevalZ - Compiler of of mathematical expressions(formulas) with complex numbers given as string at 'run-time'.For use in calculations with complex numbers.Main properties:

unlimited length and nested of expression
Supported main functions.
addition floatpoint variables (complex and real), integer variables and . Freeware download of ForevalZ 1.3.2, size 380.00 Kb.

Syntax Diagram Editor & Parser Compiler 2.01.08 VISRAL L.P. 

Create and Edit Syntax/State Diagrams Graphically with Drag and Drop.
Convert EBNF, ABNF, XBNF, and XML EBNF to Syntax Diagrams.
Generate Parser/Compiler directly from Syntax/State/Flow Diagrams.
Convert Syntax Diagrams to EBNF.
Generates Intermediate Postfix Output for ease of integration .
Implements streaming LL . Freeware download of Syntax Diagram Editor & Parser Compiler 2.01.08, size 1.66 Mb.

BibleMax Keil and Delitzsch on the Old 1.0 BibleMax 

Karl Keil (1807-1888) was a German Protestant interpreter of the Bible. Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890) was a Lutheran German scholar. Both authors undertook the huge task of commenting on the Old Testament verse by verse. The resulting work is a comprehensive, knowledgeable book containing commentaries on all and every verse of the Old Testament, . Freeware download of BibleMax Keil and Delitzsch on the Old 1.0, size 8.12 Mb.

Tab Manager 2003 Compiler for MSN 1.1.269 Tcsoftware 

Tabmanager Compiler for msn 6 allows you to create a tab installer for msn 6. A simple tab installer is very easy for your visitors of your websites.
Your website will get more hits if they added a your tab using a tab installer to Msn messenger 6. . Freeware download of Tab Manager 2003 Compiler for MSN 1.1.269, size 38.22 Mb.

GNU Prolog 1 4 Daniel Diaz 

GNU Prolog is a free Prolog Compiler with constraint solving over finite domains. GNU Prolog accepts Prolog constraint programs and produces native binaries (like gcc does from a C source). The obtained executable is then stand-alone. The size of this executable can be quite small since GNU Prolog can avoid to link the code of most unused built-in . Freeware download of GNU Prolog 1 4, size 4.32 Mb.

LIOGO 0.4.6 Lionel Lask 

LIOGO is a Logo Compiler for .NET.

Logo is an interactive programming language mainly used for learning. First, Logo is really good for drawing because in Logo you draw using a "turtle" that you must teach what you want to draw.

Logo is also a powerful dynamic programming language: you can build a fully new . Freeware download of LIOGO 0.4.6, size 1.47 Mb.

eBook Maestro STANDARD 

EBook Maestro STANDARD is a powerful, commercial eBook Compiler that produces feature-rich presentations while allowing complete control over customization, security and features. EBook Maestro STANDARD offers a full spectrum of options for all your eBook projects. The universal simplicity of this eBook maker, reinforced by a feature-rich . Freeware download of eBook Maestro STANDARD, size 3.06 Mb.

Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell 3.0 Spetnik's VB Site 

Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell inputs the filenames you specify and sends them, along with any other options, to the Borland Compiler. The Compiler runs along with the linker in a separate DOS window, which should close automatically. Output from the Compiler and linker is then redirected to the Results box. This enables you to see any errors . Freeware download of Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell 3.0, size 0 b.

Aurora Compiler Ionic Wind Software 

Aurora is a powerful 32 bit Compiler featuring an integrated development environment with advanced Compiler, assembler and linker.

Aurora features a C/C++ like syntax with high level commands making it ideal for students and advanced programmers alike. Aurora can create stand alone executables with no runtime libraries needed. Designed . Freeware download of Aurora Compiler, size 0 b.

Turbo51 Igor Funa 

Turbo51 is a free Pascal Compiler for the 8051 family of microcontrollers. It features a fast single pass optimizing Compiler, Borland Turbo Pascal 7 syntax, full floating point support, mixed Pascal and assembler programming, full use of register banks, advanced multi-pass optimizer, smart linker, generates compact high quality code, output . Freeware download of Turbo51, size 464.90 Kb.

CLCC 0.2.0 Build 11 George van Venrooij 

CLCC is a Compiler for OpenCL kernel source files. It is intended to be a tool for application developers who need to incorporate OpenCL source code into their programs and who want to verify their OpenCL code actually gets compiled by the driver before their program tries to compile it on-demand.
The benefits of using CLCC are simple: when . Freeware download of CLCC 0.2.0 Build 11, size 104.45 Kb.

exe-eBook Creator 1.5 

exe-eBook creator is a freeware ebook Compiler for TreePad files. It enables you to create a stand-alone eBook from a TreePad file with just a few mouse clicks. This stand-alone eBook is a single "exe-file" containing the TreePad database as well as the TreePad Viewer program. The advantage of an exe-eBook is that it can be distributed . Freeware download of exe-eBook Creator 1.5, size 1.65 Mb.