Keil Compiler Software

exe-eBook Creator 1.5 

exe-eBook creator is a freeware ebook Compiler for TreePad files. It enables you to create a stand-alone eBook from a TreePad file with just a few mouse clicks. This stand-alone eBook is a single "exe-file" containing the TreePad database as well as the TreePad Viewer program. The advantage of an exe-eBook is that it can be distributed . Freeware download of exe-eBook Creator 1.5, size 1.65 Mb.


Anne Compiler 0.2 

This is a Compiler which produces ANNs out of a simple, procedural programming language. Those programs can then be subject to genetic algorithms and neuro-evolution to enhance them automatically. . Freeware download of Anne Compiler 0.2, size 389.68 Kb.

Algol 68 Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime 2.1.2 

Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime for UNESCO/IFIP's Algol68 revision 1; With: POSIX threads (Parallel& Multicore), plotutils, GSL (GNU scientific library), curses, sound, TCP sockets, RegEx & PostgreSQL; Algol68RS (UK Defense Research Agency) emits C code . Freeware download of Algol 68 Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime 2.1.2, size 479.54 Kb.

ASN to Java Stub Compiler 1.0 

An ASN to Java Stub Compiler. . Freeware download of ASN to Java Stub Compiler 1.0, size 146.05 Kb.

Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler 0.1 

Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler (arccc) uses constraint satisfaction algorithms to fill crossword grids given a wordlist. The current implementation can fill simple grids in less than a minute. A word list gleaned from a variety of sources is includ . Freeware download of Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler 0.1, size 377.82 Kb.

Austin Protocol Compiler 1.2 

Compiler for message-passing network protocols, currently based on UDP. APC is written in Python and produces C code. It includes a C run-time library. . Freeware download of Austin Protocol Compiler 1.2, size 297.83 Kb.

AVR Forth (Forth-like) compiler 32 

FORTH-like language Compiler for AVR ATMega . Freeware download of AVR Forth (Forth-like) compiler 32, size 291.68 Kb.

BASIC ASM to TI-83+ Z80 Compiler 0.04 

BZC stands for BASIC ASM to TI-83+ Z80 Compiler. It is a Compiler for programmers who want to easily create fast and powerful programs for the TI-83+ calculator without having to learn assembly language. . Freeware download of BASIC ASM to TI-83+ Z80 Compiler 0.04, size 867.91 Kb.

BSP Map Compiler 0.4 

rmapc is an efficient free map Compiler for games using BSP files. Although influenced by id Software's quake map Compiler, rmapc is developed from scratch and does not reuse code with similar utilities. . Freeware download of BSP Map Compiler 0.4, size 101.05 Kb.

BTP Cross Plataform Basic Compiler 2003.06.23 

BTP is a new Cross Plataform Basic Compiler Project using Basic to Pascal Translation and compilation using FPC (Free Pascal Compiler).Current State is good. You can make anything under console and use inline pascal for now if you like to build GUI app . Freeware download of BTP Cross Plataform Basic Compiler 2003.06.23, size 119.33 Kb.

CDL cycle language, compiler, simulator 1.0.18 

Language, Compiler and simulator for CDL cycle description language Platforms: OSX, Linux, Cygwin CDL is a C-like language for hardware description; simulator generates C++ models and synthesizable verilog. Includes C++ cycle simulation engine. . Freeware download of CDL cycle language, compiler, simulator 1.0.18, size 474.78 Kb.

Chai-T Java+Traits Compiler 1.1 

Chai-T is a prototype implementation of a Compiler for a language based on Java and including Traits (, which are a new program structuring unit designed to maximise flexibility in code reuse . Freeware download of Chai-T Java+Traits Compiler 1.1, size 1.55 Mb.

Clipper/Xbase compatible compiler 32.64.2009. 

Clipper/XBase compatible Compiler with initial support other xBase dialects. Multitasking, OOP,SIX/Comix, SQL and ODBC drivers,a C-API for third-party developers, a few wrappers for popular libraries (such as BZIP, GZIP, GD, Crypto, and Fcgi), .... . Freeware download of Clipper/Xbase compatible compiler 32.64.2009., size 5.14 Mb.

D Compiler IDE 

A small IDE for the D language Compiler. Doesn't currently have any completion code or something like that, it's just as small as possible. It facilitates starting creating programs in the D language by making using command line unneccessary. . Freeware download of D Compiler IDE, size 15.05 Mb.

Draak Compiler 85 

Draak is a multi-language, macro Compiler, meaning all syntax and code generation is defined in a single file. Draak is a single binary that is able to compile any context free language (like C, Pascal, Java) for any platform with only 1 file. . Freeware download of Draak Compiler 85, size 113.55 Kb.

Efficient Shader Compiler 1.1.001 

An efficient shader Compiler, a simple and practical solution for managing shader files in 3d engine projects. Editing fx files is just as easy as editing c files with its help. It provides a lot more than fxc.exe. (key words: HLSL,GLSL,DirectX,CG) . Freeware download of Efficient Shader Compiler 1.1.001, size 768.76 Kb.

Embeddable Forth compiler 0.0.1 

Embeddedable Forth Compiler is a Forth system for 32 bit devices with no OS. I am currently using it with ADUC7026 board. Also tested on STM32. Win32 version is is used for testing. . Freeware download of Embeddable Forth compiler 0.0.1, size 45.84 Kb.

Extensible Compiler for JVM 0.0.1 

The goal of the project is to create extensible Compiler to JVM. The Compiler uses plugins and extensible syntax defined in separate project. . Freeware download of Extensible Compiler for JVM 0.0.1, size 2.12 Mb.

Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.0 

A 32/64-bit Pascal Compiler for Win32/64/CE, Linux, Mac OS X/iOS, FreeBSD, OS/2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo NDS and DOS; semantically compatible with Delphi, Borland Pascal and Mac Pascal (partially) with extra features, e.g. operator overloading. . Freeware download of Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.0, size 34.35 Mb.

Formula Compiler Source 2.09 

Formula Compiler Source for writing your own Compiler. Arithmetic expressions & functions; IF-THEN; AND OR ..; EQ GT ..; user functions like threshold, flipflop; others are easy to be implemented . Freeware download of Formula Compiler Source 2.09, size 409.73 Kb.