LabVIEW Mac Software

LabVIEW Code Wiki 1.2 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This project is a base for developing new LabVIEW tools which aren't fully functional yet. Together with a forum discussion this will enhance the power of multi-developer LabVIEW tool development . Freeware download of LabVIEW Code Wiki 1.2, size 297.55 Kb.


Code Capture Tool 

Development \ Documentation

This tool allows you create fast code-images of LabVIEW. With support for text and drawing annotations . Freeware download of Code Capture Tool, size 3.49 Mb.

HRAP: Heart Rate Analysis Program 1.0 

Education \ Science

The LabVIEW application toolkit for phasic heart rate analysis in psychophysiological research incorporates a variety of tools for offline extraction and analysis of heart rate data. . Freeware download of HRAP: Heart Rate Analysis Program 1.0, size 10.27 Mb.

OpenG Builder 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The OpenG Application Builder plugs into the National Instruments LabVIEW Application Builder. The OpenG Application builder provides several additional features to the National Instruments Application Builder including segregation of Open Source LabVIE . Freeware download of OpenG Builder, size 1.64 Mb.

Spectra processing and analysis tools rc.1.1.0 Spectools 

Education \ Science

Automated Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis Combining Background Subtraction, Cosmic-Ray Removal and Peak Fitting programmed in LabVIEW.

Current version 1.1.0. Binaries and source available.

Spectra processing and analysis tools rc.1.1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) . Freeware download of Spectra processing and analysis tools rc.1.1.0, size 11.82 Mb.

FTDI D2XX Bindings 86 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Several language bindings for the FTDI D2XX driver used in FTDI's USB products. Currently supported languages are Python (pyd2xx), Java (jd2xx), CSharp (csd2xx) and LabVIEW (lvd2xx). . Freeware download of FTDI D2XX Bindings 86, size 1.59 Mb.

Optical Tweezers Control 1.0 

Education \ Science

Optical trap control software. This project provides an example LabVIEW software program to perform data acquisition and feedback control of optical tweezers, especially for single-molecule biophysics experiments. . Freeware download of Optical Tweezers Control 1.0, size 5.75 Mb.

iCorrector 86 Icorrector 

Education \ Science

The iCorrector is aimed to model and correct the interference fringes affecting the photoluminescence excitation spectra of thin-film dielectric samples. The calculations of the interference profile are performed taking into account the experimental conditions: excitation light incidence angle, wavelength range, luminescent centers distribution. . Freeware download of iCorrector 86, size 4.98 Mb.