Languages Software

JLearnIt 6.0 Japplis 

JLearnIt is a thematic dictionary that allows you to learn vocabulary thanks to the questionnaire.
You can also translate text (word by word) or search for incomplete words, sort the languages to get it in alphabetical order, rearrange the order of the languages, save your score, save as HTML, show only the languages you're interested . Freeware download of JLearnIt 6.0, size 22.75 Mb.


LangOver 5.0.48 LangOver 

LangOver helps in case you write some text and forgot to click ALT+SHIFT or CAPSLOCK. Annoying, eh?! That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language. LangOver will fix it.
With LangOver 5.0 you'll be able to convert your text quickly between languages. Just Click "F10" and your text will be fixed! LangOver 5 is free and . Freeware download of LangOver 5.0.48, size 635.04 Kb.

JLearnItPDA 2.1 Anthony Goubard 

JLearnItPDA is a multilingual translator for PDA devices (PalmOS and WinCE devices).

* 12 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and Latin
* The same dictionary can translate from any language to any language (eg: English to French and . Freeware download of JLearnItPDA 2.1, size 1.54 Mb.

pfQuizzz 1.0 BETA 4 4FipS - Filip STOKLAS 

pfQuizzz is a freeware vocabulary trainer for PC, PDA&Mobile. If you need to drill thousands of words to learn a foreign language, this tool is exactly what you are looking for! In just a few minutes a day you will make huge progress. Once you have managed to learn all the words pfQuizzz will help you retain your knowledge.

[o] . Freeware download of pfQuizzz 1.0 BETA 4, size 220.54 Kb.


Lingoversity is specifically designed to increase your vocabulary in an effective and friendly way. Unlike traditional learning methods, our concept has the power to stimulate, excite and motivate students. Our unique technology guarantees that you will never forget the words you learn.Learning vocabulary is the most fundamental component of . Freeware download of Lingoversity, size 3.15 Mb.

XP Multilingual Translator 2.0 Hard - Soft 

Online translate word, sentence, passage into languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. . Freeware download of XP Multilingual Translator 2.0, size 775.05 Kb.

Blitz FlashCards 1.0.1 Team Blitz UG 

Blitz FlashCards is the ultimative rich multimedia enabled flash card learning software that can be used for memorizing all kind of vocabulary and memorizable topics. Never before it was so easy to combine your text questions and answers together with audio and image files to support your progress. Blitz FlashCards can organize all your topics into . Free download of Blitz FlashCards 1.0.1, size 3.21 Mb.

PROMT Personal Multilingual translator 9.0 PROMT 

PROMT Personal 9.0 is a computer translator. Use it to quickly grasp the general meaning of a text in a foreign language. PROMT Personal is easy to use for people of any age and any background.

Very easy to use
No learning curve?even a child can use it.

Quick translation of any text
Don't spend . Free download of PROMT Personal Multilingual translator 9.0, size 187.76 Mb.

Memler 2.4 FilesPack 

Memler is a next generation of vocabulary trainers. Also it's a fast dictionary. Skins support, free words libraries, libraries manager, reminder mode and a lot of other features. Just add any words you want to learn in your words library, and in several days you'll know them well. Let Memler learn you, only several seconds for an hour, and you'll . Freeware download of Memler 2.4, size 1.67 Mb.

JLearnIt For Mac 6.0 Japplis 

JLearnIt is a thematic dictionary that allows you to learn vocabulary thanks to the questionnaire.
You can also translate text (word by word) or search for incomplete words, sort the languages to get it in alphabetical order, rearrange the order of the languages, save your score, save as HTML, show only the languages you're interested in. . Freeware download of JLearnIt For Mac 6.0, size 32.48 Mb.

DBF to XML Conveter 2 35 WhiteTown Software 

DBF to XML Converter allows you to convert your dbf files to XML files.

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. It is classified as an extensible language, because it allows the user to define the mark-up elements. XML is a universal data format. It is convenient for . Free download of DBF to XML Conveter 2 35, size 1.22 Mb.

Color Matrix Dennis Lang 

Color Matrix is a C# program that demonstrates the effect of using the ColorMatrix operator on an image.This program contains several sample matrix filters which you can select and modify.A background image, an overlay and the result of applying the color matrix on the overlay rendered on top of the background image. . Freeware download of Color Matrix, size 88.83 Mb.

ImageBatchResizer 1.0 Alberto Venditti 

ImageBatchResizer is a program that can reduce the size of all the pictures in a folder.

The user must enter the name of the folder that holds the JPG files that he wants to reduce, the folder where he wants to save the reduced files and the factor that he wants to apply to reduce (or increase) the size of the files. If you select the . Freeware download of ImageBatchResizer 1.0, size 1.90 Mb.

eType Toolbar 2 4 Etype 

eType is completely free and a breeze to use.
Once you install eType, it will complete each word you type in English and translate it to your native language.
Free! Dictionary plus Translator as you type.

Main features:

-Completes your words, while typing
-Translates to your native language
. Freeware download of eType Toolbar 2 4, size 41.66 Mb.

IIsAdmin.NET 1. 1. 2001 CodeProject, 

Manny web developers know that very rarely do they only get to work on a single site at a time. Many times they find theirselves juggling between web sites. As each site becomes more complex (virtual directories, web site configuration settings, etc.), the task of switching between different sites becomes more time consuming. Now throw in the fact . Freeware download of IIsAdmin.NET 1. 1. 2001, size 1.15 Mb.

Geniale Translator 2.08251109 Adobe Systems Incorporated 

The Geniale Translator Adobe AIR application enables you to translate short texts within seconds and offers you a nice GUI, enriched with a number of font styles and sizes and a wide palette of languages to choose from. Good feature about this software is its support to load text document for language conversion. . Freeware download of Geniale Translator 2.08251109, size 96.23 Mb.

Command Prompt Explorer Bar 1 1 Pavel Zolnikov 

This tool extends explorer with functionality of a command prompt.

Implemented as a band object completely in C#. Demonstrates COM Interop and P/Invoke, windows hooking and API interception.

Finally you can run all these .Net SDK tools and ‘Hello World!’ programs without leaving explorer shell.
. Freeware download of Command Prompt Explorer Bar 1 1, size 0 b.

LingvoSoft Application Manager 2008 1. 2. 2011 LingvoSoft 

LingvoSoft Application Manager 2008 for Windows is a free application specially designed for LingvoSoft applications’ users. Basically, this managing tool can perform three tasks: the program can search and find the LingvoSoft applications installed on your system; the program can also inform you about all available updates and new . Freeware download of LingvoSoft Application Manager 2008 1. 2. 2011, size 83.59 Mb.

CharacterEyes enterprise 6 8 Ligature Ltd. 

A full-featured OCR program with power, speed and flexibility, CharacterEyes is easy to use and capable of processing large quantities of text.
CharacterEyes scans the document, analyzes the page layout, and reads the text and outputs in a variety of file formats while retaining all text attributes. . Free download of CharacterEyes enterprise 6 8, size 14.07 Mb.

As400Expert Marco Caselli 

A tool for accessing AS400 file.It has lots and very interesting features like :SQL Query windows with capability to export results in many formats,Extract Cobol (Also ILE), DDS and SQL source for physical file,View and Edit data in As/400 tables and much more. . Freeware download of As400Expert, size 1.27 Mb.