Launcher Program Software

MyCleanDesktop 2.1.1 Turbokat Software 

MyCleanDesktop is a icon organizer / application Launcher Program for the windows desktop. MCD allows you to store your desktop shortcuts and files in categorized mini-desktops that are accessible with a mouse click and close automatically. MCD also includes several other handy features such as a calendar, stickynote like notes, mp3 player with . Free download of MyCleanDesktop 2.1.1, size 2.82 Mb.


Command Line Programs UI Launcher rc Cmdappui 

Command line programs Launcher. Program command line is described in C# file via attributes and displayed as property list by UI. User specifies values and runs application.

Description of command line programs via C# file, Simple UI

Command Line Programs UI Launcher rc License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License . Freeware download of Command Line Programs UI Launcher rc, size 79.35 Kb.

PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0 itigic 

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a free Launcher Program aka. shortcut manager which enables you to launch your desktop like an iPad. If you are familiar with Mac OS Launchpad, you could say that it's a better Launchpad just for your Windows. It enables you to quickly access your most used apps, open a recent file, visit a website URL, play your favorite . Freeware download of PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0, size 2.27 Mb.

MouseLaunch 5.6.2 UInterface 

MouseLaunch is a quickest Program Launcher that is activated by one mouse gesture. MouseLaunch uses a built-in unique technology of detecting both mouse button pressing and it enables the complete new user interface of using mouse and launching programs.

You can activate the Launcher by holding down both mouse buttons at any location in . Free download of MouseLaunch 5.6.2, size 687.49 Kb.

Launch-n-Go 2 Tethys Solutions, LLC 

A Program Launcher, text inserter, mega search engine & desktop toolbar – all in one! Work Smart! Open any files, programs or websites with hotkeys. Instantly perform web searches using one or multiple search engines, insert text or play music instantly. Use keyboard shortcuts to perform common Windows tasks such as log off, shutdown or . Free download of Launch-n-Go 2, size 2.39 Mb.

XUS Launcher Professional Edition 2.5 XUS Software 

No more clutter on your laptop/PC desktop! With XUS Launcher you can easily organize all your desktop shortcut icons. Finally your desktop will look beautifully organized like it has never been before. XUS Launcher is extremely easy to use and while it is very thrifty on resources it permits (beside some handy power functions) the quickest access . Free download of XUS Launcher Professional Edition 2.5, size 3.24 Mb.

Porta'Menu Jose Falcao 

Porta'Menu is a simple, easy-to-use and small menu Launcher for fixed or portable devices. Keeps list of programs to be launched easily from the menu, ordering it anyway you like, and can create Program groups for easier use.

Has hash control for Program safety, effectively making programs safer against virus, spyware and the like.

Program Launcher 1.0 Johannes Wallroth 

If you need to start several programs simultanously, this Program can be useful to you. It can start 5 groups of programs with up to 5 programs in each group, either manually or timer controlled. You can start *.exe files or document files, for which the standard Program is started then. You can also specify arguments for the programs to start . Freeware download of Program Launcher 1.0, size 167.77 Kb.

Program Picker 1.0.12 Bond Interface Design Ltd. 

Advanced task switching and Program launching for power users - use two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different applications and/or files, then use the same two keys to switch to the running applications.
Store up to 8,000 files and programs on Program Picker tiles - access any of the first 1,600 with just four consecutive . Free download of Program Picker 1.0.12, size 2.48 Mb.

XUS Desktop Christmas Offer 1. 7. 1971 EDesksoft 

XUS Desktop is a powerful Launcher for your Windows system. XUS Desktop offers a new, easy, fast & swift way to launch the programs. With XUS Desktop, you can now organize your windows desktop icons very easy also. It can make your windows desktop clear, beautiful, And let you easy to launch your frequent programs. XUS Desktop will free your . Free download of XUS Desktop Christmas Offer 1. 7. 1971, size 3.04 Mb.

Active Tray 2.2.1 Divcom Software 

For most PC users, the Windows System Tray is used to occasionally check the date and time, and, more rarely, to run a Program or two. Yet, this relatively small area of screen real estate has always had the potential to revolutionize the Windows Desktop, making it a pivotal tool for increasing productivity and performance.
Enter 'Active . Free download of Active Tray 2.2.1, size 1.31 Mb.

uberLaunch 1.0.2 Fero's Stash Box 

uberLaunch makes launching all of your everyday tasks easy! Start any Program, file, command, or website on a schedule, or with a One-click launch. uberLaunch's One-click feature is perfect for starting daily routines on your computer, and like the name says, takes only one click. Save time and do it all with uberLaunch!
uberLaunch . Free download of uberLaunch 1.0.2, size 10.80 Mb.

SoftKey Manager 1.0 Fantastic Bytes Software 

SoftKey Manager is a SoftKey Editor for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to change the defaults of your Today screen SoftKeys. With SoftKey Manager you can set Today Screen Left and Right SoftKey Names and Shortcuts. It allows you to easily set a SoftKey to anything in your Start Menu, any file on your device, and to an Internet Explorer . Freeware download of SoftKey Manager 1.0, size 25.24 Mb.

AcceleRun Free 2 2 SVAr software 

AcceleRun will run any of hundred installed programs during 2 seconds. Will save your nerves and health, without additional mouse clicks. Forget about long menus and commands, you do not need to remember complex combinations of keys. All that is needed is to know some letters which are part of the name of the Program, web site, document or folder. . Freeware download of AcceleRun Free 2 2, size 1.10 Mb.

Perfect Screens LITE 4.0 Pitrinec Software 

The Perfects Screens, award-winning desktop management utility, can bring a user whole new dimension to working on computer. The ability to arrange all the work to several virtual screens (desktops) gives the user better survey on running and installed applications. Running applications are spread out to several virtual screens and the user is not . Free download of Perfect Screens LITE 4.0, size 608.17 Kb.

Perfect Screens PRO 4.05a Pitrinec Software 

The Perfects Screens, award-winning desktop management utility, can bring a user whole new dimension to working on computer. The ability to arrange all the work to several virtual screens (desktops) gives the user better survey on running and installed applications. Running applications are spread out to several virtual screens and the user is not . Free download of Perfect Screens PRO 4.05a, size 608.17 Kb.

1st Autorun Express 3.2 Green Parrots Software 

Make your CD and DVD autorun your documents or display an autorun menu in a few simple steps, without the need to study AUTORUN.INF!

No design or programming required! You just need to select documents, web pages or presentations to autorun, all the hard stuff will be done for you automatically!

In contrast to other autorun . Free download of 1st Autorun Express 3.2, size 1.14 Mb.

Acute Softwares Diary 5 Acute Software 

Acute Softwares Electronic Diary is, in its simplest form; a replacement for your paper diary and all those post it notes that are scattered around your desk. You can use it to jot down notes, appointments, websites, things to do, reminders, just about anything at all; and it can be retrieved instantly. Give important events a remind time and you . Free download of Acute Softwares Diary 5, size 3.36 Mb.

Quick Starter 2.6 Boyarick Net 

Quick access to your favorite applications, documents, folders and network shared.Automatically start programs at specific times.Pop up a reminder message.Shutdown the computer at specific times.Automatically launch of files and programs after loading system.Built-in the PlacesBar Constructor (the folder bar in Open/Save dialog). . Free download of Quick Starter 2.6, size 879.62 Kb.

Process Cleaner 1.96 Process Cleaner 

After you shut down all processes currently running, bring the non-executable Since Optionally the user can decide to run the executable process. You can use your computer in top condition. This Program allows basic processes for Windows OS with no other exceptions, and is made for the purpose of explicit process closing, for 'Grid Delivery . Free download of Process Cleaner 1.96, size 1.54 Mb.