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Phantasm CS 2.0 Astute Graphics Limited 

Phantasm CS is an acclaimed plugin for Adobe Illustrator providing color adjustment, embedded image handling and essential pre-press tools. It is supplied in three levels:

Phantasm CS Designer
Ideal for graphic designers who wish to apply color adjustments to vector artwork and images directly in Adobe Illustrator, plus the very . Free download of Phantasm CS 2.0, size 8.58 Mb.


Crazy Motorbike 1.0 ArcadeGamePlace.com 

Free sports skill motorbike game by ArcadeGamePlace.com. Dirt bike game, drive your motor bike on the dirt track, try drive fast and safe. . Freeware download of Crazy Motorbike 1.0, size 5.96 Mb.

Free Moto Stunt 1.0 Online-Game-City.com 

Free Moto Stunt is great motorcycle stunt racing game from Online-Game-City.com. Prepare for 20 challenging levels of freestyle motoracer fun! Get your biker safely to the finish line by overcoming the tricky obstacles. You have just 5 lives! Absolutely Freeware . Freeware download of Free Moto Stunt 1.0, size 5.96 Mb.

Forest Labyrinth 1.0 Cooking-Free-Games.com 

Freeware arcade puzzle logic game by Cooking-Free-Games.com Use all your skill and logic while playing this addictive nice game. Help the hedgehog to move the fruit into the special cells. The game has 20 levels and next level is harder than the previous one. Score points and publish online. . Freeware download of Forest Labyrinth 1.0, size 4.36 Mb.

Cosmic Travel Solitaire 1.0 Free-Hidden-Object.com 

Free patience with two types of solitaire by Free-Hidden-Object.com There are two games in one: Tripeaks and Match 2 with different rules. In Match2 you can move two cards of the same rank. In Tripeaks the foundation may be built up or down regardless of suit. If there is no combination, turn over the top of the stock. . Freeware download of Cosmic Travel Solitaire 1.0, size 10.09 Mb.

Cosmic Solitaire 1.0 ArcadeGamePlace.com 

Free solitaire game with two gameplays by ArcadeGamePlace.com
These addictive games consists of two various types of patience and has 100 levels for continuous play.
The object of the first variation of the patience is to place all cards from the tableau to the foundation. You can move two cards of the same rank. If there is no . Freeware download of Cosmic Solitaire 1.0, size 10.09 Mb.

Intergalactic War 1.0 Free-Game-Land.com 

New shooting addictive galactic game by Free-Game-Land.com Do not loose the opportunity to take part in this captivating intergalactic war with colorful scenery and quick gameplay! There are 20 levels and each level ends with the boss-monster. Use arrows to move and space to shoot. . Freeware download of Intergalactic War 1.0, size 7.18 Mb.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2-Christmas Chronicles vBulletin Solutions, Inc. 

This is a special christmas release for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 The Secret Files in Europe.

This runs independently from the original version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. When installing, you need to ensure you dont install it into the same location as the original if you have it installed.

This version is based off the shareware . Freeware download of Jazz Jackrabbit 2-Christmas Chronicles, size 0 b.

MINERVA: Metastasis 2.0 Adam Foster 

Minerva: Metastasis is another single-player masterpiece by Adam Foster. This is a modification for Half-Life 2 and it uses some of its single-player story to add depth to Minerva. Foster had made a single-player map called "Something Else" for the original Half-Life, and the plot of Minerva follows the plot of this first map. Minerva is . Freeware download of MINERVA: Metastasis 2.0, size 0 b.

AquaSlider3D 1 4 Absolutist Ltd. 

AquaSlider is a pack of wonderful 3D games - Gem Slider & Pyramid Slider. Special effects, graphics makes aquascene a good basis for the game and corresponding mood of player. This game will be loved by Sokoban fans - you cannot help starting your way to find the clue. . Free download of AquaSlider3D 1 4, size 5.71 Mb.

roBOTanks 1 3 Absolutist.com 

RoBOTanks is a new thrilling game. It is for you if you like to drive the robotank through the labyrinths with a lot of traps and troops. We suppose, the machine-gun and the powerful cannon will help you in your trip. You can find more powerful weapon and some useful items like bombs and safety shields, or better chassis if the your one slips on . Free download of roBOTanks 1 3, size 2.37 Mb.

3D Mailbox Light World Market Watch, Inc. 

Tiny 3-megabyte email program with the world's best spam filter -- SpamBayes -- bulit right in. Never before has filtering spam been so simple or effective.

Spam filtering is typically either overly-complicated or overly-simplified.

3D Mailbox Light uses SpamBayes, arguably the best spam filter available, and makes . Freeware download of 3D Mailbox Light, size 6.78 Mb.

Worm2000 1. 9. 2003 TERMINAL Studio (www.terminalstudio.com) 

Remake of the classic arcade worm-like game. The game goal is to operate the moving worm and to eat something. Customize your worm. Options let you control the game speed and the worm view. Select one of 14 game skins or create new. There are 10 basic game levels plus 50 additional levels. . Free download of Worm2000 1. 9. 2003, size 0 b.

Vectra 110 Digitalica Studios 

Vectra is an 2D unique arcade-style game that has very addictive gameplay. It features 2D game engine using 3D graphics powered by the well-known open source graphics library OpenGL. In Vectra, there is a cylinder with 8 rails leading towards you. Your shot can only shoot from the top rail, but the cylinder itself may be rotated to choose which . Freeware download of Vectra 110, size 17.27 Mb.

Diving Cat 1.0 Real-Free-Arcade.com 

Amusing addictive and colorful free arcade game for all by Go-Free-Games.com This cat is not a usual; it dives and catches fish, the bigger fish you caught the more scores you get. Do not forget to breath (float to the surface), two lines in the upper left corner show how many oxygen and life you have. There are enemies both under water (the warms) . Freeware download of Diving Cat 1.0, size 295.94 Kb.

Galactic Journey Solitaire 1.0 PlayOnlineSite.com 

New patience game with two types of gameplay and a lot of levels from PlayOnlineSite.com. You are Galactic Odyssey knocking about the cosmic world. Move from one planet to another and return to the Earth where Penelope is waiting. There are twenty planets with 5 levels in each, so 100 levels in sum for your continuous pleasure. The game combines . Freeware download of Galactic Journey Solitaire 1.0, size 10.09 Mb.

Burning Wheels 1.0 ArcadeGamePlace.com 

Free action shooting and racing game by ArcadeGamePlace.com Shoot at the rivals, collect bonuses and be the first at the Finish. Absolutely free download and play without limits. Game controls: Use arrows to drive and space to shoot. . Freeware download of Burning Wheels 1.0, size 6.18 Mb.

Arcade Racing 1.0 Free-Game-Spot.com 

Free online racing game with shooting elements by homepage Take part in this fascinating race, shoot at the rivals, avoid their bullets and bombs and be the first at the finish. Collect bonuses: acceleration, money and car repair. Do not forget about the timer. Get money for each successful level that can be spent on car upgrade or on new weapon. . Freeware download of Arcade Racing 1.0, size 6.18 Mb.

Devilish Motorbike 1.0 Free-Game-Spot.com 

New freeware motorbike game by Free-Game-Spot.com. Devilish Motorbike is a fun motorcycle riding game that requires some key skill to help this scary devilish looking dude ride his motor bike through some challenging race courses filled with obstacles! Use arrow keys to drive motorcycle. Space bar to drive. . Freeware download of Devilish Motorbike 1.0, size 7.59 Mb.

Advanced Treeview Explorer 1.0 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited 

Make a professional navigation tool for your site with the Advanced Treeview Java Tree Menu! . The Advanced Tree Menu can even execute javascript functions.

With this feature packed and highly customizable Treeview Java Tree Menu you will be quickly adding a great menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets . Freeware download of Advanced Treeview Explorer 1.0, size 188.74 Kb.