Linq To Mysql Freeware

dotConnect for MySQL Express 6.10 Devart 

dotConnect for Mysql Express, formerly known as MyDirect .NET, is an enhanced data provider for Mysql that builds on ADO.NET technology To present a complete solution for developing Mysql-based database applications. As part of the Devart database application development framework, dotConnect for Mysql Express offers both high performance native . Freeware download of dotConnect for MySQL Express 6.10, size 12.82 Mb.


Entity Developer Express for SQL Server 3.20 Devart 

Entity Developer is a free powerful modeling and code generation tool for ADO.NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, and Linq To SQL. You can use Model-First and Database-First approaches To design your model and generate C# or Visual Basic .NET code for it. It introduces new approaches for designing ORM models, boosts productivity, and leverages . Freeware download of Entity Developer Express for SQL Server 3.20, size 20.26 Mb.

SQLyog MySQL GUI 6.56 Webyog Softworks Private Limited 

SQLyog is an easy To use, compact and very fast graphical tool To manage your Mysql database anywhere in the world. SQLyog is a tool that allows you manage Mysql database.

Salient Features :-

* Complete Unicode/UTF8 Support
* Developer / User Productivity
* Favorites Manager
* HTML Schema Documentation

MySQL Backup FTP 1.0 Pranas.NET 

What can MySQLBackupFTP do:

MySQLBackupFTP can schedule daily jobs To
* Connect To Mysql through TCP/IP, SSH or phpMyAdmin
* Backup your Mysql databases
* Zip & encrypt the backups
* Zip & encrypt file folders
* FTP(S) the backups To a remote FTP Server or save it on the LAN
* . Freeware download of MySQL Backup FTP 1.0, size 1.84 Mb.

DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware 6.0 Mentat Technologies 

DreamCoder for Mysql Enterprise Freeware is a tool for developing and managing Mysql databases. This product can increase the productivity and quality of development teams and database administrators (DBAs).

In the DreamCoder for Mysql you will find different modules and utilities To manage and develop in Mysql.

DreamCoder . Freeware download of DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware 6.0, size 14.22 Mb.

Viobo MySQL to Excel Data Migrator Free 1.0 Viobo Software 

Viobo Mysql To Excel Data Migrator is the most efficacious data-migrator between Mysql and Excel currently. It migrates data from Mysql To Excel accurately and perfectly, and with NO database administrator experience required.
The data migrator is compatible with all versions of Mysql and Excel, including Mysql 3.x To 6.x, Excel 97 To 2007, . Freeware download of Viobo MySQL to Excel Data Migrator Free 1.0, size 1.66 Mb.

DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware 4.9 Mentat Technologies 

DreamCoder for Mysql Freeware is an excellent tool for managing the Mysql database server. This tool is ideal for people who are learning about the database and who need basic server functionality. . Freeware download of DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware 4.9, size 11.57 Mb.

RISE MySQL code generator 4.0 RISE to Bloome Software 

RISE Mysql code generator
The RISE Mysql code generator generates a native Mysql script. The script incrementally updates the tables, columns, indexes and constraints in the database To match the RISE model. Once the database model is updated, the views defined in the RISE model are created in the database and possible default data, entered . Freeware download of RISE MySQL code generator 4.0, size 456.70 Kb.

RISE PHP for MySQL code generator 4.0 RISE to Bloome Software 

RISE PHP for Mysql code generator
The RISE PHP for Mysql code generator renders PHP source code for database access. The generated code implements the classes and methods corresponding To the information interfaces specified in the RISE model. This includes classes for database access and, optionally, classes implementing SOAP/JSON web . Freeware download of RISE PHP for MySQL code generator 4.0, size 456.70 Kb.

Database Workbench Lite for MySQL 3.4.1 Upscene Productions 

Database development IDE for Mysql with many features: visual object editors, schema browser, SQL Insight, two-way visual query builder, templates & catalogs, export and import tools and much more. . Freeware download of Database Workbench Lite for MySQL 3.4.1, size 17.00 Mb.

Spotlight on MySQL 2.0.1 Quest Software 

Spotlight on Mysql displays a complete visual representation of the Mysql database allowing you To observe actual activity, including process flows and configuration settings in real time from a single display. It quickly identifies performance bottlenecks and problem areas in complex data sharing environments using flows, graphs and visual icons, . Freeware download of Spotlight on MySQL 2.0.1, size 26.08 Mb.

Quest Software Toad for MySQL Freeware Quest Software 

Toad for Mysql Freeware is a tool that improves the productivity of developers and administrators by providing an easy-To-use development environment.
With Toad, developers and database administrators can use a familiar, proven tool To manage Mysql databases. . Freeware download of Quest Software Toad for MySQL Freeware, size 55.83 Mb.

EMS MySQL Manager Lite EMS-HiTech 

EMS SQL Manager Lite for Mysql is an excellent freeware graphical tool for Mysql Server administration. Mysql Manager works with any Mysql versions from 3.23 To 5 and supports all of the latest Mysql features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys and so on. It has minimal required set of instruments for those users . Freeware download of EMS MySQL Manager Lite, size 54.37 Mb.

dbForge Studio Express for MySQL 5.00 Devart 

dbForge Studio for Mysql is the most powerful Mysql management and administartion tool combining the features of phpMyAdmin, Mysql Administrator, and other Mysql GUI tools (Mysql Front Ends). Besides, dbForge Studio Express for Mysql is absolutely free! It works with any Mysql database server from version 3.23 up To 5.5 and supports most of the . Freeware download of dbForge Studio Express for MySQL 5.00, size 23.52 Mb.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware 4 5 EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc 

EMS SQL Manager for Mysql Freeware is a high performance tool for Mysql database administration and development. It works with any Mysql versions from 3.23 To the newest one and supports all of the latest features including Mysql triggers, views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, Unicode data and so on. SQL Manager for Mysql . Freeware download of EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware 4 5, size 43.64 Mb.

WP MySQL Console 0.2 

WP Mysql Console (WPMC) is a web based Mysql command shell. WPMC aims To be a web shell has same functionalites of real Mysql Shell. Integrating of WPMC To any web application such as WP is very easy because dont need any firewall construction. Its completly http based. I ported WPMC from phpMySQLConsole. Benefits: Dont require shell account on . Freeware download of WP MySQL Console 0.2, size 99.33 Kb.

MySQL Recovery Tool Free 1.0 MySQL Recovery Tool Free.corp 

Mysql Recovery Tool Free is a simple, yet powerful file recovery and repair tool for damaged and corrupted Mysql database files. Mysql files are used very widely for a large number of applications and computer processes, both on your PC and over the Internet. However, Mysql files can become damaged or corrupted as a result of computer virus . Freeware download of MySQL Recovery Tool Free 1.0, size 1.97 Mb.

PostgreSQL to MySQL Converter 1.0.1 Converter Freeware Studio 

PostgreSQL To Mysql is a best program that will convert PostgreSQL Databases To Mysql. Transfer data directly To a server. Transfer password protected databases. Optional transfer of indexes. Optional transfer of records. Optional drop tables. Option add new columns. Optional transfer of default values in field definitions. Identifies and transfers . Freeware download of PostgreSQL to MySQL Converter 1.0.1, size 1.67 Mb.

Free Backup for MySQL 5.5 Database Think Software 

Free Backup for Mysql is an easy-To-use Windows GUI software works for Mysql database backup. It can be used To make full backup from your local and remote Mysql database for Free. You do not need To study any command-line operations as mysqldump, just need To click some buttons for making backup easy using the software.

Free Backup for . Freeware download of Free Backup for MySQL 5.5, size 4.75 Mb.

SQLite a MySQL 1.0 High Level Soft 

As its name suggests, SQLite a Mysql can help you export data from a SQLite database To Mysql.

The application comes in handy for database administrators that need To migrate database content without losing any data. Just setup the two connections and youare ready To go!

. Freeware download of SQLite a MySQL 1.0, size 0 b.

Linq To Mysql Web Results

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An interface to the database MySQL for the programming language Haskell. [Open Source, LGPL]

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Article describes how to install the Tomita Masahiro's MySQL module and use it to write MySQL-based Ruby scripts. By Paul DuBois.

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Simple PHP and MySQL tutorial with examples like creating a guestbook, uploading image to database and creating simple content management system (CMS).

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Article details programming MySQL for web use by Arron Weiss.