Linux Kernel Software

BadMEM patches/utils for Linux Kernel 1.7 

Production of a patch to make (partly) buggy memory modules work in a (vanilla)-Linux Kernel; Kernel patch and additional (user-space) utilities . Freeware download of BadMEM patches/utils for Linux Kernel 1.7, size 98.58 Kb.


Fred Emmott's Linux kernel patch sets 1.0 

Linux Kernel patchsets containing whatever I currently find useful. Please post support requests/bugs on See release notes for current features. . Freeware download of Fred Emmott's Linux kernel patch sets 1.0, size 911.70 Kb.

Ip-Over-SCSI Linux Kernel Driver 0.90 

This is a project to implement a Ip-Over-SCSI Linux Kernel driver to be used in beowulfs type computers. The intent is to substitute more expensive myranet boards. . Freeware download of Ip-Over-SCSI Linux Kernel Driver 0.90, size 155.00 Kb.

Karma Linux Kernel patches 2.6.26 

Karma Linux Kernel patches for workstations and servers. . Freeware download of Karma Linux Kernel patches 2.6.26, size 1.00 Mb.

Klogger: Linux Kernel Logging Framework 2.6.14 

Klogger is a framework for post mortem analysis of the Linux Kernel behavior. Offering low overhead and flexibility, it allows researchers to analyze performance without the need for extensive Kernel knowledge. . Freeware download of Klogger: Linux Kernel Logging Framework 2.6.14, size 305.46 Kb.

Linux Kernel based IDS 

Development of Linux Kernel extensions which enable intrusion detection and prevention functionalities based on NSA's SELinux ( . Freeware download of Linux Kernel based IDS, size 10.14 Kb.

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool 

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool . Freeware download of Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool, size 39.30 Kb.

Linux Kernel Immune System 1.0 

Linux Kernel Immune System (KIS).KIS is a immune-inspired Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) developed as part of the Linux Kernel. It's a hybrid of anomaly and signature based approaches. . Freeware download of Linux Kernel Immune System 1.0, size 21.38 Kb.

Linux Kernel Module Wrapper 0.1.1 

This project aims to provide a quick way for modularizing Linux Kernel functions even if they aren't within a module! It can be used for developing and testing Kernel functionalities without needing a reboot. . Freeware download of Linux Kernel Module Wrapper 0.1.1, size 30.81 Kb.

Linux Kernel State Tracer 2.3.3 

Linux Kernel State Tracer(LKST) records information as trace data about events in the Linux Kernel. It records various events like process context switch etc. This program is a facility for analyzing trouble of the Linux Kernel. . Freeware download of Linux Kernel State Tracer 2.3.3, size 1.12 Mb.

LInux Kernel Web Configuration Tool 1.0 

Mconfig is a web server tool to configure the Linux Kernel via a web browser, similar to make {menu,x,}config, but written in C and with a proper yaccparser. . Freeware download of LInux Kernel Web Configuration Tool 1.0, size 2.56 Mb.

Merkey Linux Kernel Debugger (MDB) 

Linux Kernel Debugger written by Jeffrey Vernon Merkey. Resembles the NetWare Debugger shipped with Novell NetWare. This debugger is a loadable module which is convenient for tracking down problems in the field. . Freeware download of Merkey Linux Kernel Debugger (MDB), size 1.07 Mb.

mos7715 Linux kernel driver 7715. 

This project contains the USB to Combo Serial & Printer port Linux Kernel driver for cables using the Moschip MCS7715 chip. It is packaged in a stand-alone form that can be used with older 2.4 and newer 2.6 Kernel versions. . Freeware download of mos7715 Linux kernel driver 7715., size 627.39 Kb.

pcwd linux kernel driver 1.41 

The pcwd is a Linux Kernel driver for the Berkshere Products PC Watchdog Card, based on code from Ken Hollis, adding support for the new Rev. C and PCI boards and displaying information in /proc/pcwd. It is free under the GNU Public License. . Freeware download of pcwd linux kernel driver 1.41, size 21.91 Kb.

RapidDisk Linux Kernel RAM Disk Module 2.2.1 

RapidDisk (or rxdsk) is a Linux Kernel module to dynamically create, remove, and manage RAM disk volumes. Ramdisks are a method by you which can allocate parts of your RAM for high performing file data storage. . Freeware download of RapidDisk Linux Kernel RAM Disk Module 2.2.1, size 432.95 Kb.

The Linux Kernel Translation Project 2007.01.25 

The Linux Kernel Translation Project: up-to-date collection of Kernel configuration and document translations. . Freeware download of The Linux Kernel Translation Project 2007.01.25, size 1.21 Mb.

The Shadow Linux Kernel Patchset 3 

Shadow-sources is a Linux Kernel Patchset that is designed to be stable, include fixes and performace enhancing patches, and is designed to be modular allowing others to easily include or subtract patches, while keeping focus on Server stability. . Freeware download of The Shadow Linux Kernel Patchset 3, size 46.36 Kb.

User-mode Linux kernel port 

The user-mode Kernel port is a port of the Linux Kernel which runs in a set of processes. The result is a user-mode virtual machine and a Kernel which can be debugged and developed using all of the usual process-level tools. . Freeware download of User-mode Linux kernel port, size 206.97 Kb.

Virtual IP Linux Kernel Patch 

Patch for Linux Kernel (branch 2.4) for skiping capability of binding port less of 1024, setuid, setgid and chroot. . Freeware download of Virtual IP Linux Kernel Patch, size 5.97 Kb.

Linux kernel preemption project 1.0 Kpreempt 

Linux Kernel preemption patch,and associated scheduling latency performance measurement tools.

Linux Kernel preemption project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Linux kernel preemption project 1.0, size 0 b.

Linux Kernel Web Results

The Linux Kernel Archives

This is the primary site for the Linux kernel source.

Linux Kernel Mailing List Archive

Searchable archive of kernel development e-mail list.

LKSCTP - Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol

The Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol (lksctp) project is an implementation of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) in the Linux kernel.

Linux Kernel Compilation Benchmark

Linux Kernel Compilation Benchmark 1998

Security ACLs for Linux kernel

The site provides a patch for extended attributes and access control lists for Linux kernel.

The Linux Kernel

Open source book on the Linux kernel.

Understanding the Linux Kernel, 2nd Edition

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