Local Software

IE History Monitor 2.1 Igor Tolmachev 

History Monitor is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all visited Internet pages, including the captions, URLs, date of last access and expiration.

History Monitor allows you to customize and clean up IE History entries selectively.

Using IE History Monitor
- When you start History Monitor, it will . Free download of IE History Monitor 2.1, size 115.34 Kb.


awSiteUp 1.1.0 AultWare 

The awSiteUp application was designed to be a general purpose website monitoring tool.

The design and functionality have been kept simple. awSiteUp will monitor a website, at a set interval, and alert you when the site does not respond.

awSiteUp can also monitor your Internet facing IP address and alerts you when it changes. . Free download of awSiteUp 1.1.0, size 4.19 Mb.

Slicksync IE and Outlook Express Synchronizer Basic 1.1 RinjaniSoft 

Slicksync IE and Outlook Express Synchronizer Basic is an application designed to help automate the synchronization of your favorites, mail and address book. Slicksync IE and Outlook Express Synchronizer Basic provides an easy to use wizard interface which will guide you through synchronizing your data to a local, network or removable drive. . Free download of Slicksync IE and Outlook Express Synchronizer Basic 1.1, size 2.52 Mb.

ObPwd for Windows 0.53 Mohammad Mannan 

ObPwd is a technique to generate strong text passwords from any web object (selected text, images, and URLs), or your personal digital content - such as your photos, audio/video files, and documents. You must keep your password generating digital object (local files or a pointer to web objects), but do not need to memorize the generated password. . Freeware download of ObPwd for Windows 0.53, size 73.40 Kb.

SiteUpload 1.0 Dejan Jelovic 

SiteUpload is a .NET command-line app for uploading websites to FTP servers. It's smart enough to upload only changed files.

FTP servers are frequently funny about times they assign to files, so this app cannot compare local and remote times when deciding whether to upload. So it uses a local file to remember which files it uploaded. . Freeware download of SiteUpload 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

TopoBlog 1.1beta James Caple 

TopoBlog is a Rich Internet Application facilitating the creation and dissemination of grass-roots news, on a global scale, within the context of a world map and world cities. TopoBlog helps to weave global context out of local news. . Free download of TopoBlog 1.1beta, size 30.15 Mb.

Docyrus for Windows Alpha 1 Aur, CERDECAM 

Docyrus is a web application allowing to create articles from imported chapters or articles. You can store local documents (doc, wiki, HTML, RSS, openOffice) online, manage them online and export them in many formats (pdf, openOffice, HTML,...). . Free download of Docyrus for Windows Alpha 1, size 5.13 Mb.

USB Manager Server-Client 1.2 Makesoft Co. 

The program will be useful (helpful) in offices of companies, which use USB ports not often on there computers.

USB Manager Server-Client contains two modules:

- USB Manager Server: it is necessary install on a local computer, which would use for connection with remote computers.
- USB Manager Client: it is necessary . Free download of USB Manager Server-Client 1.2, size 1.43 Mb.

PsGetSid 1.44 Sysinternals 

PsGetsid allows you to translate SIDs to their display name and vice versa. It works on builtin accounts, domain accounts, and local accounts. . Freeware download of PsGetSid 1.44, size 1.69 Mb.

Remote Installer Starter Edition EMCO 

Remote Installer enables you to install or uninstall MSI packages to the remote computers in the local network.

Here are some key features of "Remote Installer Starter Edition":

dlTE The remote installation of MSI packages at the computers in the local network
You are able to perform remote installation of MSI . Freeware download of Remote Installer Starter Edition, size 4.27 Mb.

Any2Service 1.1.5 F.R.Y Shell Software 

Create a windows service out of any type of executable file (exe, com, bat).
For example: if you want convert your batch file or kix script to a windows service. You can do it with single click.
The services can be created either locally or on a remote computer or server. (Requires admin rights either local admin or network admin). . Free download of Any2Service 1.1.5, size 975.17 Kb.

TightVNC for Windows 2.5.1 GlavSoft LLC 

TightVNC is a free remote control software package. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer. TightVNC is:

* free for both personal and commercial usage, with full source code available,
* useful in . Freeware download of TightVNC for Windows 2.5.1, size 1.64 Mb.

Access Boss 3.2 Build 3.2.1 FSPro Labs 

Access Bossd-OC?D? is a great access management and time control utility that allows you to restrict the time when the specified group of users is allowed to log on and use a local or network computer.
Limiting access hours can be very beneficial to both corporate IT departments, small business and individuals. Many parents found it to be a . Free download of Access Boss 3.2 Build 3.2.1, size 1.51 Mb.

Reset Local Password Pro 3.0 Keroon Software Corporation 

Allows you to change passwords for local accounts from a remote computer. No need to go to the remote machine to change local Administrator or other account passwords. Change passwords on a single or multiple computers, simultaneously. A must have utility for any Network or Systems Administrator. Requires Administrative Rights to local PC. . Free download of Reset Local Password Pro 3.0, size 5.30 Mb.

Trend Micro Smart Scan Agent Pattern 6.711.00 Trend Micro Inc. 

These patterns are used by Trend Micro products that include the Smart Scan feature. The "Smart Scan Agent Pattern" resides on the usersd-deOao local client workstation . Freeware download of Trend Micro Smart Scan Agent Pattern 6.711.00, size 16.55 Mb.

SmadAV 2009 7.4 Smadav.net 

In Rev. SmadAV 7 times this has been enhanced to be much faster and lighter in detecting and securing your computer from virus threats in Indonesia. New features added such as Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster), Smad-Theme (Changing the color theme), Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan). This all makes SmadAV become one of the fastest antivirus . Free download of SmadAV 2009 7.4, size 429.92 Kb.

PC Vault 1.6.0 JFJ Software 

Keep you private information or files hidden and secure"
PC Vault is a shareware program that acts as a bank vault, or safe, where you can keep you private information or files hidden and secure. Everything in The Vault is protected with an advanced encryption (256-bits*), and requires a password (your password) to open the vault to . Free download of PC Vault 1.6.0, size 503.32 Kb.

GnuPG SFX Creator 1.03 Dirk Paehl Germany 

GNUPG_SFX create an orignal with GNUPGP (www.gnupg.org)crypted file. THE SFX_PGP.EXE is the decrypt file with the original GNUPG 1.49. the GNUPG_SFX.EXE required a local GPG.EXE. The new crypted file has the name cryptsfx.exe This file is the SFX_CRYPTER and the original GNUPG 1.49 and your crypted file. . Free download of GnuPG SFX Creator 1.03, size 933.23 Kb.

Microsoft Threat Analysis and Modeling 2.1.2 Microsoft Corporation. 

Microsoft Threat Analysis & Modeling tool allows non-security subject matter experts to enter already known information including business requirements and application architecture which is then used to produce a feature-rich threat model. Along with automatically identifying threats, the tool can produce valuable security artifacts such as:

TakeOwnershipEx Happy Bulldozer 

TakeOwnershipEx can be used to obtain full access to files and folders on your computer. As you may know, in modern versions of Windows access rights to the system files are limited by NTFS. Default owner of most files is TrustedInstaller, and all users have read-only access (in most cases). TakeOwnershipEx allows users of the . Free download of TakeOwnershipEx, size 287.31 Kb.