Magento 2 Extension Windows Phone Software

FileExtensionApp develope IT 

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App description

++++++++++++++ NEW in version 1.2 +++++++++++++++++++++++

*** All new design in typical Windows 7 Phone style (including new stunning page transitions)

*** Faster and optimized search

*** New extension favorite page (Organize your favorite extensions. Add, . Free download of FileExtensionApp, size 1.05 Mb.


2-N-1 Hangman Free 

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2-N-1 Hangman is THE COOLEST version of the classic hangman and the first version to have “One Player and Two Player” Mode so you to play against your phone or as a teaching mode for your kids. The "Two Player" mode consists of you and your friend typing a word for the other to guess.

2-N-1 Hangman also offers 6 . Freeware download of 2-N-1 Hangman Free, size 1.05 Mb.

2 Players Snake Free! 

Mobile \ Entertainment

2 Players on one phone control 2 snakes which constantly grow in length. When your opponent's snake has nowhere to go without touching anything - you win!

Have fun playing this game with your friends!

You control the snake moving in 4 directions using 4 on-screen arrows.

Download it now because it's for two players . Freeware download of 2 Players Snake Free!, size 1.05 Mb.

3DFun 2 SVS Technology 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

3DFun 2 makes looking at your pictures fun. 3 different animations are presented. Choose a photo from the media library in the phone and look at it as a cube animation, spawn animation or multiple animations. In cube and multiple animations you can also change the color of photos to red, green or blue. In cube animation you can rotate the cube in . Free download of 3DFun 2, size 1.05 Mb.

A+Illusions FHindustries 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Welcome to the exciting world of optical illusions.
Just stop, see and stare!

1.Spoiled lines
2.Dizzy squares
3.One Line?
4.Which letter?
6.Follow me!
8.Which is longer?
9.Which is bigger?
11.The Birds
13.Who's . Free download of A+Illusions, size 1.05 Mb.

Air Horn Party 2 ZanySoft 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Air Horn Party 2 is here now on Windows Phone! Great for sporting events, surprising your friends or just making yourself heard.

Air Horn Party 2 is now available with additional sirens and alarms too. The full version comes with 13 extra sound effects in all for your Windows Phone.

NOTE: Trial version shows ads. The full . Free download of Air Horn Party 2, size 4.19 Mb.

Animals Farm Full Screen Publicidade e Producao De Software Lda 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Animals Farm is the first game of a series of educational games for children of ages 2+.
In Animals Farm children learn the names and sounds of the farm animals while playing.
Is your child bored? Do you need something to entertain him/her? Animals Farm is the perfect solution, it will keep your child quiet and happy for hours.

Amour 2 Vela Entertainment Studios 

Mobile \ Reference

Amour 2

Romance comics have an outdated and cheesy stigma about them, but once they played a large role within comic history. Within the third phase of the golden era (1948 to 1954) comic readership was at an all time high, read by both men and women, and romance comics were one of the five genres that kept comic readership diverse. In . Free download of Amour 2, size 37.75 Mb.

Anagram 7 David Tepper 

Mobile \ Productivity

Patch 1.2:
-Fixed an issue with the text boxes losing focus while a search was on-going.
-Removed ads from the paid version.

Anagram 7 is your ultimate Anagram generation tool for Windows Phone 7.
Anagrams are formed when you take the letters in a sentence and jumble them around to form new words. For example, . Free download of Anagram 7, size 1.05 Mb.

Andi 2 rising systems networks 

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ANDI 2 - Islamismus

Wie schon in der ersten Andi Geschichte versuchen Extremisten Jugendliche wie euch mit ihrer Propaganda zu kodern. Diesmal sind es radikale Islamisten, die Ayshe, Andi und den Freunden das Leben schwer machen. Dabei geht es ganz klar nicht um den Islam als Religion, sondern um den religiosen Extremismus einer . Freeware download of Andi 2, size 27.26 Mb.

Another Level RogueCode 

Mobile \ Productivity

Update 1.1: The phone will now give a slight vibration when either the vertical or horizontal level is at 0 degrees, so you don't need to look at the screen.

Update 1.2: Added a small link to my other apps.

There are tons of other spirit levels, but they are either rubbish, or not free. This is a simple spirit/bubble level . Freeware download of Another Level, size 1.05 Mb.

App Companion GAB 

Mobile \ Productivity

different countries. You can also translate comments in your preferred language.

Small fix
Fixed ratings issues
-Fixed some issues with layout
- Add support for addtional Marketplace
- Monthly comments
- Latest 100 comments by date . Freeware download of App Companion, size 1.05 Mb.

Argie RPG On 3 Technologies 

Mobile \ Games


*** BUG FIXING ***
User should now be able to access the world map

*** WIP ***
We are working on the PVP features. This will be ready once MANGO update is out.

*** FEEDBACK ***
Thanks everyone for your comments. We ready everyone of them carefully taking notes and analyzing the next . Free download of Argie RPG, size 10.49 Mb.

Autopalya-Matrica Livesoft Kft. 

Mobile \ Travel

Easier than ever before to buy Hungarian highway vignettes by using Autopalya-Matrica. This application introduces a very easy and comfortable way of buying vignettes in a fraction of time.

Version 1.2 contains the following features:
History Management
Motorway information (source:
New Prices (2012)
Multiple . Free download of Autopalya-Matrica, size 2.10 Mb.

Ballochet 2 MindsEdge 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Your mission is to hit the target. It's easy: just aim your cannon and fire. But you'll be going against a host of obstacles. There are fans, magnets, moving beams, and much more. Ballochet 2 is a follow-up to the wildly popular Ballochet. This game provides hours and hours of fun with 49 levels of play. Can you beat this fabulous game? . Freeware download of Ballochet 2, size 41.94 Mb.

Avatar Everywhere Wallpaper Creator TEAMCHINA 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Avatar Everywhere lets you add your Xbox LIVE avatar and a caption to your photos, allowing you to create personalized wallpapers for your phone or customize images to send to your friends.

Added optional selectable caption backgrounds (speech/thought bubbles)
Added support for landscape image view/saving . Free download of Avatar Everywhere Wallpaper Creator, size 1.05 Mb.

A-V Mini Dict Tung Ha 

Mobile \ Productivity

Vietnamese Dictionary by tdiddy.2 from winphoneviet
- Search in the realtime
- Quickly Pin to Start
- Ad-free

Change log:
*Version 1.2:
- bug fixes & performance improvement
- now the data list will be fetched more datas automatically when you scroll
- comes with more data: oxford . Freeware download of A-V Mini Dict, size 14.68 Mb.

AvSol 3D Cam TheWim 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Allows you to take stereoscopic Side By Side and anaglyph 3D pictures with your phone cam. The main screen helps you take 2 suitable pictures for the left and the right eye. There is now a timed mode to snap two pictures in 10 seconds. You can also pick pictures from the media library. So you don't have to start this app to start taking 3D . Free download of AvSol 3D Cam, size 1.05 Mb.

Basic Spanish For Dummies Kallidus Inc. 

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Hotel, Bank and Store. You'll find what you need with both phrases and words written in English and their translation in Spanish with audio playback.

2. Dictionary – Commonly used words in both Spanish to English and English to Spanish formats.

3. Flashcards – Pick your category (same ones as in Words/Phrases) and . Free download of Basic Spanish For Dummies, size 14.68 Mb.

BF3 Q-stats vjdagi 

Mobile \ Productivity

Now with photo function to share on FB or email,....

Stats for BF3
for platforms XBOX, PC and PS3

its a FREE app for chekking your stats on battlefield 3

whats new in v2.2
- Added an info button
bug fixes
- The accuracy there was totally wrong.
- App crashes while loading.

Big Guns Tower Defense Vectorlight Games 

Mobile \ Games

Defend your base from the ever advancing armies of buggies, tanks, planes and more in this addictive all action free Tower Defense game.
Features 10+ weapons and 35 levels of if increasingly difficult fun!

V1.2 Includes:
Bug when selling a turret that could cause the game to crash
Tapping Sell is more reliable

BlockAddiction NicoVermeir 

Mobile \ Games

V. 2.0
added Time Attack mode, score as high as you can in 60 seconds
Try to place all blocks on top of each other while they keep speeding up. Get a high score and challenge your friends to beat it! . Freeware download of BlockAddiction, size 3.15 Mb.

Bottlr Christoph Schuster 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Bottlr ermoglicht die mobile Verwalung des eigenen Weinlagers.

Neu in 1.2:
- Anzahl der gekauften Flaschen
- Handlername
- Das Kaufdatum wird korrekt gespeichert . Free download of Bottlr, size 1.05 Mb.

BoxeTIME Clink Apps 

Mobile \ Sports

*2 Novembre 2011 * l'applicazione diventa GRATUTITA e senza nessuna limitazione.

BoxeTIME e un vero e proprio PERSONAL ROUND TIMER per chi pratica sport come Boxe, Muay Thai ed altre arti marziali.
L'applicazione conteggia i Round effettuati tenendo conto del minuto di ripresa che intercorre tra un round e l'altro, ispirato al . Freeware download of BoxeTIME, size 1.05 Mb.

Browser To WP7 code6421 

Mobile \ Productivity

Browser To WP7 provides:

1. send link(url)/selection text/custom text from IE8/9,Chrome,FireFox to your Windows Phone 7

2. send image from IE8/9,Chrome to your Windows Phone 7

3. after link is sent , you can:
3.1 navigate the link with Browser.
3.2 send the link via SMS/EMail
3.3 delete link

BubbleTapGame Razor118 

Mobile \ Entertainment

You have to tap all bubbles and that's it :). At the end you will see the game time.

Ver 1.2 - Fixed exiting appliaction by pressing back button. . Freeware download of BubbleTapGame, size 1.05 Mb.

C4S4WP7_Light kilala04 

Mobile \ Social Networking

C4S is foursquare client without GPS Location.
Specify the current location by tapping the map you can find venue.

V1.2:Added support for API V2 and OAuth 2.0.
V1.2:fixed some app crash errors. . Freeware download of C4S4WP7_Light, size 1.05 Mb.

CarAudio Blake Haas 

Mobile \ Productivity

CarAudio was created by Blake Haas to provide a free effective resource for people to have for when they are installing car audio.
1.2 Update -
* Added Car Alternator Calculator
* Fixed some misc errors. . Freeware download of CarAudio, size 1.05 Mb.

CastleStack Farhad Abasov 

Mobile \ Games

Update 2.0: Mango support added

Update 1.2: Bug and lag fixes.

Update 1.1: Fixed a small bug that caused crashes.

Castle Stack is a fun stacking game where the objective is to stack as many castle blocks as possible. The castle tower starts swaying back and forth as the it gets taller, making the game more . Freeware download of CastleStack, size 3.15 Mb.

CDP Calculator and Unit Converter CDP Software 

Mobile \ Productivity

New in version 2.0
- Unit Converter
- BMI Calculator
Also includes
- Calculator
- Loan Calculator
- Tip Calculator
- Mileage Calculator . Freeware download of CDP Calculator and Unit Converter, size 1.05 Mb.