Magento 2 Extension Software

EJB Source Generator 2.0 

EJBGen 2.0 is an EJB Extension module for the SrcGen project. It generates Java and XML source files based on meta-data supplied in the form of an XML document that conforms to a DTD/XML Schema that describes the structure of an Enterprise Java Bean. . Freeware download of EJB Source Generator 2.0, size 280.19 Kb.


Inotify Tcl Wrapper 2.1.1 

The Linux kernel (since 2.6.13) provides a mechanism to listen for events that happen on files and directories, without needing to poll for updates. This Tcl Extension implements a wrapper to allow Tcl programs to access this facility. . Freeware download of Inotify Tcl Wrapper 2.1.1, size 58.14 Kb.

Machine Learning Tools in Java (MLJ) 1.0 

Java port and Extension of MLC++ 2.0 by Kohavi et al. Currently contains ID3, C4.5, Naive (aka Simple) Bayes, and FSS and CHC (genetic algorithm) wrappers for feature selection. WEKA 3 interfaces are in development. . Freeware download of Machine Learning Tools in Java (MLJ) 1.0, size 450.58 Kb.

Maven Annotated Mojo 1.4.0 

Maven 2 and Maven 3 build system Extension that allows writing annotated Mojos using JDK 1.5 annotations instead of doclet comments. . Freeware download of Maven Annotated Mojo 1.4.0, size 138.69 Kb.

TEncryption 1.0 

Private-key, symmetrical (same password to encrypt and decode) file encryption with 8-bit to 2147483647-bit (2^3 to 2^31) encryption using my own algorithm and my own Extension of MD5 ( . Freeware download of TEncryption 1.0, size 55.99 Kb.

WLAN Power Management Extension for ns-2 1.0 

Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11) power management Extension based on ns-2.33. This supports legacy power save functions defined with IEEE 802.11. . Freeware download of WLAN Power Management Extension for ns-2 1.0, size 41.67 Mb.

Windows Extension (WE) 1.0.48 

The Windows Extension (WE) is an encapsulation of Windows API. The distinct features of WE are: 1. C++ interface; 2. simple interface for common usage, but advanced usage; 3. low coupling degree; 4. no framework, no pattern. . Freeware download of Windows Extension (WE) 1.0.48, size 22.21 Mb.

XMP PHP Toolkit Extension 14 

XMP PHP Toolkit Extension is a PHP module which include the Adobe XMP Toolkit SDK. The main functions from adobe XMP will be available from PHP as classes and methods. The actual release 2.0 is based on the new Adobe XMP Toolkit SDK 5.1.2. . Freeware download of XMP PHP Toolkit Extension 14, size 8.63 Mb.

BPMN extension for Cloud computing 1.0 Bpmn4cloud 

Program based on created BPMN 2.0 Cloud Extension.
It reads a model *.bpmn, which was created using jBPM BPMN 2.0 modeling tool. Then user is able to define a sensitivity of data elements. After that an Ontology is created and filled in with model elements. Special logical rules process the data. User is able to additionally define the . Freeware download of BPMN extension for Cloud computing 1.0, size 49.18 Kb.

Hispciv - a scriptable Freeciv client 1.0 Hispciv 

Hispciv is an Extension of Freeciv version 2.1.0 that uses Lua scripting engine in the client to facilitate otherwise boring and repetitive tasks.

Hispciv - a scriptable Freeciv client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Hispciv - a scriptable Freeciv client 1.0, size 0 b.

packetaggregation 1.0 Packetagg 

This projects provides an Extension to the Linux kernel and the ns-2 network simulator for aggregating and de-aggregating IP-packets.

packetaggregation 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of packetaggregation 1.0, size 0 b.

CORBA for PHP 1.0 Phporb 

CORBA for PHP is a PHP Extension to use CORBA objects in PHP5(Zend Engine 2). It uses MICO as its ORB and will also provide an Idl-to-PHP language mapping specification and compiler.For a PHP4 CORBA support look at the great Universe-phpext.

CORBA for PHP 1.0 License - PHP License . Freeware download of CORBA for PHP 1.0, size 0 b.

Video 2 MP3 1.0.3 Build 1 Skwire Empire 

The Video 2 MP3 application was developed to be a small tool that will automatically extract the audio from a video file and make an MP3 of it.

1) Drag & drop a video file onto this executable file.
2) An MP3 file will be created in the same directory as the executable.
3) It will use the same name as the . Free download of Video 2 MP3 1.0.3 Build 1, size 0 b.

Interpolate Extension Preview 2 Adobe 

Interpolate Extension is a handy and reliable Photoshop graphic plugin that provides new possibilities to blend between colors.

It consists of two different filters: Interpolate (for filling transparent zones in the current layer) and Match Edges (color modification for layer edges).

. Free download of Interpolate Extension Preview 2, size 0 b.

RISA CIS/2 Translator 1.0.5 RISA Technologies, LLC. 

RISA CIS/2 Translator is a compact application that is designed to help you export data from the RISA-3D program. You can use it to transfer the model data to CIM steel part 21 format.

The program can export and import data and can be used to convert the data between the R3D and STP file formats. When working in export mode the program . Free download of RISA CIS/2 Translator 1.0.5, size 0 b.

eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition 2.9.0 Build 775 MagneticOne 

eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition is a handy and reliable application for managing your online store.

It enables you to manage your inventory, categories and manufacturers, upload product images, generate sale reports, manage product attributes, export and import products. To keep your data safe, you can perform . Free download of eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition 2.9.0 Build 775, size 0 b.

Remote Agent Extension for AnyFileBackup 3.2.5 AAR Innovations 

Remote Agent Extension for AnyFileBackup enables you to replicate data between two or more computers that are no connected to a network constantly.

This might be the case for laptops, notebooks or pocket computers. In order to use this Extension the TCP/IP protocol has to be installed on both computers.

. Free download of Remote Agent Extension for AnyFileBackup 3.2.5, size 0 b.

File Extension Fixer Carifred 

File Extension Fixer is a handy tool for fixing damaged or corrupted EXE, MSI, REG, BAT, CMD and COM files.

Also, the application offers you easy access to the Registry Editor, the Task Manager and the System Configuration window, which comes in handy if malware programs have blocked these functions. It can be used to run system restore . Free download of File Extension Fixer, size 0 b.

File Encryption Extension for AnyFileBackup AAR Software Ltd. 

File Encryption Extension for AnyFileBackup enables you to to compress the transferred files. This reduces the network traffic and decreases the amount of time required to transfer files. Extension uses ZIP compatible compression method so you can restore files by any ZIP decompression program, such as WinZip, PKWare pkzip etc.

Also . Free download of File Encryption Extension for AnyFileBackup, size 0 b.

HDD S.M.A.R.T. Extension for AnyFileBackup AAR Innovations 

HDD SMART Extension uses S.M.A.R.T. technology, included in all modern hard disks. S.M.A.R.T. is an HDD self-testing and monitoring performed by some HDD.

It looks like the HDD is continuously making self-tests and calculating some "attributes", which reflect the current state of efficiency and status of the HDD.

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