Manage Passwords Software

My Password Manager for Pocket PC 1.0 LastBit Software 

Wouldn't you agree that it's much more convenient to always have confidential data like credit card PIN codes, bank account numbers, access details for remote mail or LAN logins handy and not just on the office or home PC? My Password Manager for Pocket PC is meant exactly for storing such information on your mobile computer.My Password Manager for . Free download of My Password Manager for Pocket PC 1.0, size 390.14 Kb.


AnyPassword Pro 1.04 RomanLab Co. Ltd. 

AnyPassword Pro is a professional to take care of your Passwords. Now and onwards all your Passwords will be stored in one secure place. Hierarchically structured folders, in which you keep your private data, can be (re)named and arranged in your own way. All Passwords, you are looking for in your records, will be found within seconds by their . Free download of AnyPassword Pro 1.04, size 712.21 Kb.

TyphoonPassword 2.0 TyphoonTools 

TyphoonPassword provides a 100% secure place to keep all your login and password information, accessible by using a single master password that can be frequently rotated. By automatically detecting when you return to configured login screens, logging in is easy as copying and pasting. All Passwords are stored using military strength encryption. . Freeware download of TyphoonPassword 2.0, size 25.60 Mb.

Flyingbit Password Keeper FlyingBit Software 

Flyingbit Password Keeper can stores user names and Passwords. The program includes a virtual keyboard which defeats any keylogger The built-in random password generator creates strong Passwords. Since all data are handled by the program, you don't have to remember any of those big password. Moreover, we can use it to remember serial numbers . Freeware download of Flyingbit Password Keeper, size 2.17 Mb.

Password Locker 7.0.1 CAPITOL Systems Corporation 

The secure solution for having your internet Passwords at your fingertips. Password Locker® is a secure password manager program that you install on your computer (Desktop/Laptop/USB) which lets you save Passwords, recover Passwords, print, Manage and form-fill all your Internet Usernames and Passwords from one convenient location on your . Free download of Password Locker 7.0.1, size 0 b.

PasswordJunkie 1 1 SuperGroovySoftware 

PasswordJunkie is your complete password management system. PasswordJunkie is simple and easy to use. With PasswordJunkie you can easily Manage hundreds of Passwords. The PasswordJunkie password generator allows you to generate secure Passwords encouraging movement away from same password everywhere strategies. PasswordJunkie quick search helps you . Free download of PasswordJunkie 1 1, size 6.84 Mb.

Portable Password Depot 5. 3. 2000 AceBIT GmbH 

Password Depot 4 protects your important and confidential Passwords from external access while offering maximum user-friendliness! According to Computerbild 01/08 Password Depot was "the only password management software that made a good impression during the comprehensive security test".
Highlights of Password Depot 4
* . Free download of Portable Password Depot 5. 3. 2000, size 3.67 Mb.

Password Dragon 5.0 Password Dragon 

Password Dragon is a free, easy and secure password manager that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. * First of all it's free. No strings attached. Password Manager does not contain any spyware or ad-ware. * The application is very intutive, user friendly and easy to use. * Files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm. Remember only the master . Freeware download of Password Dragon 5.0, size 753.66 Kb.

Form Auto Filler (Free Password Manager) 2.4 Form Auto 

Form Auto Filler is free password manager for Windows that was developed for a wide range of users who want to simplify logon and filling forms. Whether you need to purchase online, fill registration form, Manage Passwords, constantly submit different forms or login different sites, free password manager software helps you in any situation! Using . Freeware download of Form Auto Filler (Free Password Manager) 2.4, size 4.78 Mb.

Password Safer 1.0 Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

It a window based software which allows you to keep multiple Passwords at one location. Whenever needed, you just need to use single password of this software to open it and access all the information of many other saved Passwords. So now, you just need to remember only one password i.e. of this software- password safer. . Free download of Password Safer 1.0, size 857.09 Kb.

SafePassDB 1.0.0 Dorde Jocic 

SafePassDB was developed as a Java-based software that can help you keep safe all of your personal data.

SafePassDB is a cross-platform program that enables you to protect all of your personal data with the help of a master password. SafePassDB makes use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

. Freeware download of SafePassDB 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Universal Password Manager 1.7 Adrian Smith 

Universal Password Manager or UPM, for short, is a very easy to use cross platform password manager written in Java.

Over the years I've used a number of different password managers but I never quite found one that gave me everything I needed.

. Freeware download of Universal Password Manager 1.7, size 0 b.

SecureSafe Pro 2.74 

If you are having problems remembering all your access Passwords and logins, would like to protect yourself against identity theft and need a reliable software solution to store files with confidential information in one place safely and securely, you need to get SecureSafe Pro. Sure, it may sound like a sales push, but you'll change your mind once . Free download of SecureSafe Pro 2.74, size 1.49 Mb.

Aurora Password Manager 3.0 Animabilis Software 

Aurora Password Manager is a full-featured password storage and management solution. This software will store your sensitive data such as website and e-mail Passwords, credit card account data, cellular phone PIN codes, etc. in a secure database. The database is encrypted with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Algorithm, a standard adopted by the U.S. . Free download of Aurora Password Manager 3.0, size 3.30 Mb.

MY KEY RING! Ziata Solutions, L.L.C. 

My Key Ring! Password management, including filtering, sorting, launching to websites. From the 5 star award winning authors of Ziata! Elegant Outlook-like interface. Autofill forms, AutoUpdate when new versions are available, WebMonitor to watch IE brower activity, LaunchAssist! for websites that trap for Passwords or require uncommon login . Free download of MY KEY RING!, size 7.03 Mb.

Internet Password Pro 1.1 Hogan Web Solutions 

The more we use the internet, the faster we tend to accumulate a long list of usernames, Passwords and website log-in information. The two biggest problems are 1: trying to remember all of this information, and 2: writing them all down, which may put you at risk of the growing threat of identity theft. Internet Password Pro is designed to safely . Free download of Internet Password Pro 1.1, size 2.69 Mb.

PassMonster 2.25 Kamatoz.Computing 

Today we all use tens or even hundreds of complex Passwords to protect our access to private information. Passwords are given to us by network services, paging and cellular companies, software products, e-commerce services, banks, shops and many other institutions. Good password should comply to these simple rules: use as many different symbols as . Free download of PassMonster 2.25, size 713.03 Kb.

EZ Password Secure 1.2 SmartTools Software 

EZ Password Secure is a powerful tool to help you Manage all your Passwords and usernames, as well as the URLs and descriptions, in different groups. Further more, EZ Password Secure can store all other personal information, e.g. bank accounts. Built-in Password Generator provides custom Passwords. With the 1-Click function, you can paste the . Free download of EZ Password Secure 1.2, size 639.63 Kb.

Icecream Password Manager 1.16 IceCream Apps 

Icecream Password Manager is a free software to Manage your Passwords, credit cards, identities, software licenses, secure notes, driver licenses, passports, bank account and FTP accounts for free. The program securely protects your data with AES-256 leading encryption so there is absolutely no need to worry about the privacy of the created items. . Freeware download of Icecream Password Manager 1.16, size 13.33 Mb.