Map Viewer Software

GPS Map Viewer 1.8 Build 018000 David Aguirre Grazio 

GPSmapview allows you to display Waypoints, Routes or Tracks loaded from many file formats in an interactive Map. Use GPS Map Viewer toplan where you're going on vacation, or visualize geographic data. In addition GPSmapview can Print or export your maps in JPEG format.

Four kind of maps are available to display your geographic data: . Free download of GPS Map Viewer 1.8 Build 018000, size 0 b.


Tibia Map Viewer 3 2 Yury Sidorov 

Tibia Map Viewer is a useful freeware and Open Source application that allows you to view maps generated by Tibia game client and create or edit Map symbols.
You can view the entire Tibia Map you have explored, both upper and lower levels of the Map, with zoom ratio from 25 to 400 percents. It also allows you to export to BMP file. . Freeware download of Tibia Map Viewer 3 2, size 19.84 Mb.

WoW Model & Map Viewer 1.0 Wowmodelviewer 

Development Workspace of the World of Warcraft Model and Map Viewer.

WoW Model & Map Viewer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of WoW Model & Map Viewer 1.0, size 0 b.

OCAD-Viewer 1.0 Ocd-viewer 

A simple OCD-Map-Viewer

OCAD-Viewer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of OCAD-Viewer 1.0, size 0 b.

SwiftGIS Silverlight MapViewer CTP SwiftGIS Technology Team 

Silverlight Map Viewer is a .NET native GIS Viewer control which allows developers to create interactive mapping application on the web browser. Packed with powerful AJAX interactive, simple API that makes coding easy. It is compatible with Silveright 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. It includes many useful features which you may interest in; such as . Free download of SwiftGIS Silverlight MapViewer CTP, size 5.20 Mb.

Green Trails Maps - Mapps and Viewer 5.0 Green Trails Maps 

Green Trails Maps Digital Map Viewer and Mapp Store. It combines all the detail and accuracy which has made our recreation topographic maps famous with the Iphones scrolling and zooming capabilities. Use the Iphones GPS to find your position while hiking, biking, or horse back riding the trails! Once the MAPP is installed on your Iphone no . Freeware download of Green Trails Maps - Mapps and Viewer 5.0, size 56.41 Mb.

Henderson County Parcel Viewer 1.6 ROK Technologies, Inc. 

A simple, yet powerful property parcel Map Viewer for Henderson County, NC.
-Search parcels based on PIN or owner or address
-Identify individual parcels
-Turn on aerial photos and other basemaps
-View associated deeds, tax bills and real property information

Created by ROK Technologies, Inc using Esri ArcGIS Server. . Freeware download of Henderson County Parcel Viewer 1.6, size 8.39 Mb.

Henderson County Parcel Viewer (for iPhone) 1.2 ROK Technologies, Inc. 

A simple, yet powerful property parcel Map Viewer for Henderson County, NC.
-Search parcels based on PIN or owner or address
-Identify individual parcels
-Turn on aerial photos and other basemaps
-View associated deeds, tax bills and real property information

Created by ROK Technologies, Inc using Esri ArcGIS . Freeware download of Henderson County Parcel Viewer (for iPhone) 1.2, size 12.79 Mb.

SuperGet GM 5.20.156 Arceyes 

This software can stitch tile images into one big seamless image such as GeoTIFF and GeoJPEG, provides a task list window of downloading where all tasks can be displayed and a global satellite Map Viewer in the window.
SuperGet GM supports creating new task visually and multi-task while downloading, but no more than five. Another feature is . Free download of SuperGet GM 5.20.156, size 3.54 Mb.

GeoCosm 1.9 

GeoCosm is an Open Street Map Map Viewer that allows the generation of GPX files containing waypoints. Helpfull when planning Caching tours for Geocaching. It allows the conversion of GeoCoordinates in different popular formats. . Freeware download of GeoCosm 1.9, size 273.98 Kb.

vhclmaps 0.7.5 

2d/3d Map Viewer clients and vehicle simulation server. . Freeware download of vhclmaps 0.7.5, size 737.70 Kb.

vSigpac rc1434 

vSigpac is a Map Viewer and a marker creator/editor, terrain and texture generator for MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator (c)). vSigpac works primaryly with Sigpac maps/orthophotos from Spain, but it can work with others WMS compliant Map servers. . Freeware download of vSigpac rc1434, size 44.64 Kb.

Yamv 1.0 Yamv 

YAMV = Yet Another Map Viewer. Yamv is a high performance real-time 3D Viewer for US Geological Survey geospatial data, including SDTS DEM and Geotiff files.

Yamv 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Yamv 1.0, size 0 b.

openmaps 1.0 Openmaps 

OpenMaps aims to develop a flash based 3d Map Viewer using multiresolution Map data

openmaps 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of openmaps 1.0, size 0 b.

TrailMap 1.0 Trailmap 

TrailMap is a tile-based offline Map Viewer. In order to view maps with TrailMap you first need to download Map tiles using other means.

Currently supported features:
- Points-of-Interest from GPX and LMX files
- MML maps (covers only Finland) from

TrailMap 1.0 . Freeware download of TrailMap 1.0, size 0 b.

Avenza PDF Maps 2.3.1 Avenza Systems Inc. 

Avenza PDF Maps
Get the App. Get the Map.

PDF Maps is a powerful, award-winning offline Map Viewer with a connected in-app Map Store to find, purchase and download professionally created maps for a wide variety of uses.

Maps stored on your device and are always available even when not connected to the Internet. Maps don't . Freeware download of Avenza PDF Maps 2.3.1, size 15.31 Mb.

Chea.P.S. 1.01 iAware 

Currently this app will crash when running iOS7. An update is under way. Thanks for your patience.

Chea.P.S. is a Map Viewer that displays Google Map data as you have never seen it before.
- 3d Perspective View / Map tilt. (iOS 3.1 and below only)
- 2 different views that can display Map, satellite and hybrid data.
- . Free download of Chea.P.S. 1.01, size 1.15 Mb.

Eorzea Navigator 1.3 Yukim 

This is FINAL FANTASY XIV (SQUARE-ENIX) assistant application.
Eorzea clock (in game clock), Item database and Recipe database.
The database can be edited like wiki.

Ver1.3 Updates
- Map Viewer & Search
Ver1.2 Updates
- Require iOS 3.0 or later
(The previous version was 4.1)
Ver1.1 Updates
- . Freeware download of Eorzea Navigator 1.3, size 2.10 Mb.

Offline Map Maker 2.1 

Offline Map Maker is a tool that help you to get offline tile images from Yahoo maps, Bing maps. All downloaded offline images are saved on your disk. You can view downloaded offline Map by Offline Map Viewer. And you can zoom out or zoom in the offline Map, or output the offline Map as a BMP file. . Free download of Offline Map Maker 2.1, size 1.33 Mb.

EQ Map Viewer 0.5 

<p>A new cartography mapping tool was introduced with the new Everquest:Legacy of Ykesha(tm) extension in March'03. This tool allowed players to view, edit and create maps of most zones in the Everquest world. The EQ Map Viewer programis an open . Freeware download of EQ Map Viewer 0.5, size 100.83 Kb.

Map Viewer Web Results

3D Graphical Map Viewer (g3DGVM)

A free 3D viewer for Digital Elevation Model (DEM ) and Digital Line Graphs (DLG ) maps. (free, with code) [linux, requires GTK+]

Diego Gutierrez Map of America, 1562

Western Hemisphere map; site includes historical information with scrolling and zooming map viewer.

BibleDatabase: Free Bible Software downloads

Full featured free Bible Software with many Bibles to choose from. Multi Bible viewer. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Biblical Names, Personal Prayer Diary, Biblical Map viewer, and Rich Text...

Realms Overseer 3D

A stand-alone 3D Fantasy RPG map viewer, designed to view and travel fantasy worlds, towns and dungeons. It is fully compatible with Campaign Cartographer 2 and partially compatible with Forgotten...


Sells hardware, mapping software, and accessories. Also offers map and navigation software for PC and Pocket PC computers.


Computer mapping software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It links plant records stored in the BG-BASE collections management database with an AutoCAD map.

OpenBSD developer world map

Map approximating where on the planet the various OpenBSD developers live.