Maps Software

Polymap 3.1.0 Ambiente Informatica Ltda 

PolyMap is a desktop mapping program that lets you use your own data to customize the maps supplied with the program. Use the built-in spreadsheet to enter data or paste it from other Windows applications. Alternatively, you can use the import feature to bring in data from external spreadsheets, text, or database files. The Map Presentation Wizard . Free download of Polymap 3.1.0, size 7.73 Mb.


Soul Knights RPG 1.02 Lizard -2D Entertainment- 

Soul Knights RPG is a full real-time massive action role-playing game that takes you to Askarium, a dark world filled with creatures and challenges. A world that has been completely corrupted and cursed with evil magic and chaos by the powers of Drennum, the darkness lord...Travel through Swamps, Mountains, Deserts, Dungeons, Snowlands gaining . Free download of Soul Knights RPG 1.02, size 26.46 Mb.

Buffz RPG 1.6 Lizard -2D Entertainment- 

Buffz RPG is a 2d Real-time Action RPG where you have an ultimate quest of defeating Nidrog, the curse creator.Wootun's King requests your help ! A new source of evil magic is corrupting the planet, and only an overpowered buffer can stop this !
Choose from EIGHT buffers, with unique initial stats and get ready for some fighting !

CDXZipStream 8.0.0 Hughes Financial Services 

CDXZipStream is a complete solution for analyzing address and demographic data into Microsoft Excel. CDXZipStream also has built in features for geocoding, mapping, zip code lists by state or county, reverse look-up, calculating distance or finding the zip codes within a specified radius. No programming, complex database queries or awkward cut and . Free download of CDXZipStream 8.0.0, size 7.25 Mb.

Depiction 1.01.8778 Depiction, Inc. 

Depiction is a new type of mapping and simulation software that brings an easy, affordable "what-if" experience to everyday folks. Select a geographic area, then download or import data images, or even live reports. Your data immediately becomes interactive, influencing the behavior of other elements. Import spreadsheets, GIS shape files, . Free download of Depiction 1.01.8778, size 52.12 Mb.

GeoWatch 1.00 MobileTimes 

Automatic Geo/GPS location track utility for most parts of the World. Lets you know your geographic location at all times. maps are downloaded on a per demand basis. All GPS information is stored to a database and can be readily retrieved based on a given date and time range. Allows you to create visual 'walks' of visited locations. Export of . Free download of GeoWatch 1.00, size 1.78 Mb.

The PPT Library v2.1 enargeia consulting 

The PPT Library : more than 500 fully editable diagrams, maps and graphics to be used in Powerpoint in order to enhance your presentations. It'll help you to enhance visual quality and increase productivity.

14 different diagrams categories :
- Ideas&Relationships (~90 diagrams)
- Tables&Matrixes (~20)
- Step . Free download of The PPT Library v2.1, size 1.10 Mb.

Eye4Gps GPS mapping software 2.1 Eye4Software B.V. 

GPS Mapping Software for Windows, Loading topographic maps, manage GPS devices and more. The software can be used with various map formats including: GeoTiff, BSB Nautical Charts, AutoCad DXF files, ESRI Shapefiles. Using calibration you can also use scanned or downloaded JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIF maps. The software can be used for survey, . Free download of Eye4Gps GPS mapping software 2.1, size 7.06 Mb.

Tagalog Translator 3 3.1 RoosieWeb 

Standard version: Dictionary to translate Tagalog-English / English-Tagalog incl. additional information such as active verb, passive verb, L2 definition, examples, notes. Score based search algorythm. Expressions (phrases) grouped in categories. Internet tips (Philippines) incl. description & thumbnail. Advanced version: Own data (maintenance) . Freeware download of Tagalog Translator 3 3.1, size 11.10 Mb.

TMS TWebGMaps 1.0 

VCL Component with extensive configurability for integrating Google maps in VCL applications:
- Different map modes are available: default road map, satellite view, hybrid view and terrain
- Extra map information can be displayed: Bicycle View, Panoramio (pictures of interest) information, Traffic information
- StreetView can be . Free download of TMS TWebGMaps 1.0, size 5.91 Mb.

Avangardo GPS generator PRO 4.0.3 Avangardo 

Use GPS without GPS receiver! Try this advanced GPS device simulator (virtual GPS receiver). It can be used for development purposes or for testing GPS software before buying. Generates NMEA messages from different data inputs (map or file). Generated NMEA data can be used by mapping or other GPS enabled software . GPS simulator can be helpful not . Free download of Avangardo GPS generator PRO 4.0.3, size 819.20 Kb.

Flash USA Map 1.8 

An interactive Flash USA map with all the features you need for your web site or project. This is the ideal solution for dealer maps, real-estate listings, or visualizing state statistics. Nearly every aspect of the map is customizable. However, unlike competing products, our map is very simple to install and edit. Just upload XML and SWF files and . Freeware download of Flash USA Map 1.8, size 95.23 Kb.

Interactive Flash Map of Europe 1.0 Inc. 

Flash Map of Europe.
Suitable for Real-Estate, Dealer maps, Branch Offices Locators.
With this fully-clickable map you will be able to improve navigation and provide visitors with better and quicker access to information as well as improve the way you present the information. The map can be used 'as is' however it is also easily . Free download of Interactive Flash Map of Europe 1.0, size 119.81 Kb.

MemoryMiner GroupSmarts, LLC 

MemoryMiner , is the long-awaited, breakthrough update to the award-winning Digital Storytelling application for Mac OS X. A fantastic complement to the iLife suite, MemoryMiner is all about capturing and exploring your life memories.

It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on . Free download of MemoryMiner, size 38.78 Mb.

CacheMaps 4. 1. 2008 BigBird Productions 

CacheMaps retreives a variety of maps for your caches from the Internet.
CacheMaps uses the Geocaching loc- or gpx-files as input. Directely from the Geocaching site or as exported from GSAK.CacheMaps v4 has been designed to be used next to GSAK. A lot of the functionality that was available in previous versions of CacheMaps, is available in . Freeware download of CacheMaps 4. 1. 2008, size 1.57 Mb.

MAPublisher 8. 5. 2002 Avenza Systems Inc. 

MAPublisher 8.5 supports Esri ArcGIS 10 geodatabases and ArcMap document (MXD) files*. Connect to Personal, File and ArcSDE geodatabases as well as import MXD files with ease.
Cartography with MAPublisher is now faster, easier and better than it has ever been . Free download of MAPublisher 8. 5. 2002, size 174.89 Mb.

FreeView 10 3 PCI Geomatics 

Geomatica FreeView is a flexible data viewing tool supporting over 100 raster and vector formats for loading, viewing, selection, and enhancement. FreeView is useful for any geospatial data viewing application, and is freely distributable.

FreeView includes a modern interface with many useful display tools, including fast roam and . Freeware download of FreeView 10 3, size 41.88 Mb.

GetData Graph Digitizer 2 24 

GetData Graph Digitizer is a program built for getting raw data out of visual graphs for analytical purposes. Most of the comparative data are usually visualized by graphs and charts. This software helps you in converting these visual data in to figures and export in to sheets in desired formats.

The software works on simple procedure . Free download of GetData Graph Digitizer 2 24, size 1.09 Mb.

Urban Terror 4. 1. 2001 Frozen Sand LLC 

Urban Terror is a multi-player, first-person shooter developed by Frozen Sand. This game was originally a Quake III mod that became very popular. Due to this popularity, developers where still updating the game even if the Quake III days were over. At the end, they decided to use IOQuake to make a standalone version of the game. That is the Urban . Freeware download of Urban Terror 4. 1. 2001, size 0 b.

TMbot 4 2 Support & Services s.r.o. 

Do you ever get bored with all the little, repeated actions in Travian?
Tired of getting beat by little kids that have no life outside of online gaming?
Wish Travian gave you more information about your account without clicking on a million different screens?

If so, then TMbot is for you. Just take a look and then try it . Freeware download of TMbot 4 2, size 27.07 Mb.