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Sonic XS 1.0 Mario Games 

Another adaptation of Sega company mascot. This time our Sonic the Hedgehog must save the princess before she will be eated by evil Burger who wants to eat the beauty one using hamburger pun. . Freeware download of Sonic XS 1.0, size 3.58 Mb.


Mortal Kombat Arcanoid 1.0 Mario Games 

Another souped up version of Pong with powerups. 1 or 2 players. Did you ever asked yourself what comes out when you combine Pang and Tele Game Tennis Never Ok, anyway, Mortal Pwnbat is such a bastard! . Freeware download of Mortal Kombat Arcanoid 1.0, size 7.00 Mb.

Sonic Shadow XS 1.0 Mario Games 

Sonic Shadow XS - Shadow the hedgehog online sonic game. Play Shadow hedgehog as main character and save the friends of Sonic Land. Collect rings to get score and beat the levels by pushing hard and fast to right side of level. . Freeware download of Sonic Shadow XS 1.0, size 3.58 Mb.

Sonic Quiz Yoruchi 1.0 Mario Games 

Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. . Freeware download of Sonic Quiz Yoruchi 1.0, size 4.62 Mb.

Sonic Quiz 1 1.0 Mario Games 

Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. . Freeware download of Sonic Quiz 1 1.0, size 7.19 Mb.

Sonic Quiz 2 1.0 Mario Games 

Play Sonic Quiz 2 flash game Test your Sonic IQ. Answer 10 questions related to the Sonic Game Characters. . Freeware download of Sonic Quiz 2 1.0, size 7.38 Mb.

Lego Rock Rocket 1.0 Mario Games 

How far can you travel before running out of power? use special Lego character abilities to travel faster and longer. Catch as many points as you can to win the race! . Freeware download of Lego Rock Rocket 1.0, size 8.61 Mb.

Sonic Quiz 3 1.0 Mario Games 

Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. . Freeware download of Sonic Quiz 3 1.0, size 7.81 Mb.

Super Mario Icy Tower 1.0 Mario Games 

Again our brave moustached hero named mario must free the princess from evil hands of bowser. This time Bowser has builded the giant ice tower and put mario's true love on the last floor. Play as Super mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa or small Goomba. Use jumping abilities and bounce from the walls to get to the last floor of evil icy tower. Make combos . Freeware download of Super Mario Icy Tower 1.0, size 5.01 Mb.

Mario Super 1.0 Mario Games 

The game idea is a little bit old as the old mario bros from NES or Pegasus console. Nothing more to say about the idea. Play as famous red plumber named mario. Hi is on journey now and must rescue the princess Peach to save her life. Defeat evil Bowser and his minions in colorful adventure filled with evil minions and bonuses in free Super mario . Freeware download of Mario Super 1.0, size 6.73 Mb.

Whomb 1.0 Mario Games 

A small arcade game where You must smash spawning enemies by using enormous giant hammer. The main character the white rabbit is angry and You must help him vanish the attackers of garden. . Freeware download of Whomb 1.0, size 3.86 Mb.

The Incredibles - Save the Day 1.0 Mario Games 

Fight against enemies and earn points to unlock new moves. Use special moves and find way to destroy dangerous robots, seek for weak points and discover fighting techniques. . Freeware download of The Incredibles - Save the Day 1.0, size 7.61 Mb.

Tank Tactics Game 1.0 Mario Games 

A tactic game with tanks. Click to choose which unit to launch. Take out the enemies and take over all of their buildings by standing on them until the blue bar fills up. Regain your health by standing on one of your own bases until your health bar is filled. . Freeware download of Tank Tactics Game 1.0, size 11.66 Mb.

Super Punch Out 1.0 Mario Games 

Joe must to defeat all of his enemies to stay alive. If you fail, Joe will lose his life. Use special attacks and see what is the weak point of Your enemy to beat the game. . Freeware download of Super Punch Out 1.0, size 6.30 Mb.

Super Mario World Flash 1.0 Mario Games 

32 mario levels all with mario universe enemies for you to jump on and defeat. Can you beat all 32? . Freeware download of Super Mario World Flash 1.0, size 5.52 Mb.

Super Mario Space Age 2 1.0 Mario Games 

mario is again in space. Resuming his cruel combat against robot enemies. Collect the coins and activate the gates to pass to an upper level. Use Arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump. . Freeware download of Super Mario Space Age 2 1.0, size 5.40 Mb.

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