Matching Memory Game Software

Evermatch Memory Game for Evernote 2.0 Kanda Software Inc. 

Evermatch is a fun and useful iPhone and iPad app to improve your Memory with Evernote. Evermatch uses the notes stored in your Evernote account and creates a fun, Matching Memory Game from them. Every note is duplicated and hidden under one of the post-its. Tap on any post-it to turn it over, then use your Memory to tap on a Matching pair. Match . Freeware download of Evermatch Memory Game for Evernote 2.0, size 76.02 Mb.


ABC Animals 1.0.3 Green Forest Studio 

Card Matching Memory Game for children (age 4+). Match up pairs of beautiful animal pictures! It's really easy to play. Just click on the cards to flip them over and try to find the pairs. Your main goal is to find the legendary unicorn as fast as you can. In this way you can earn bonus points. Rate yourself on the High Scores table! The Game also . Free download of ABC Animals 1.0.3, size 2.80 Mb.

DC Tiles 1.2 

A customizable tile Matching (Memory) Game written in C#. Written as a project for the DonationCoder ( coding school forum. You can create custom tile sets and share them with your friends. Requires .net framework. . Freeware download of DC Tiles 1.2, size 1.05 Mb.

Christmas Matcher 1.1 Jonathan Mulcahy 

Christmas Matcher is a Matching / Memory Game for children of all ages. This app contains no advertisements, in-app purchases or outside links of any kind. When playing this Game, children stay in the Game.

The Game has two levels of difficulty, showing 3 or 6 pairs on the screen at any given time. Each Game starts by showing you all . Free download of Christmas Matcher 1.1, size 29.78 Mb.

Happy Critters 1.1 Bryan Saltzman 

"If you liked the classic card Matching Game Concentration, you will absolutely fall in love with Happy Critters!" - Avid Gamer

Think you have the best Memory? Challenge your family and friends in this revolutionary card Matching Memory Game.

Just tap two Matching critters in a row and watch them disappear, but . Freeware download of Happy Critters 1.1, size 57.99 Mb.

Cartoon picture matching 2 2 

It's a funny puzzle Game;It's a card Matching Memory Game;The Game have gorgeous interface and helps players exercise response capacity, to improve the capacity of image recognition. (1)Three modes:Easy,Normal,Hard; (2)Each model has 10 level:No Change/Left/Right/Left And Right/Left and Right To Center/Up/Down/Up And Down/Top and Bottom To Center; . Freeware download of Cartoon picture matching 2 2, size 1.79 Mb.

Pairs memory game 2.3 

Pairs Memory Game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card Game for free on your mobile phone. Download now and see if you can make a high-score in our hall of fame. It is a very addictive Game, be warned, you will find yourself spending hours playing it with your mobile, don't say we haven't warned you.

Our . Freeware download of Pairs memory game 2.3, size 206.85 Kb.

1888 Memory Game 1.0 1888freeonlinegames 

1888 Memory Game is an excellent (and yet simple) board Game. This Game relies on your Memory skills - namely, your ability to remember the places of different numbers. The goal of this Game is to match numbers written on blocks by clicking on blocks in pairs - when you reveal two blocks with the same number, the blocks will disappear. There is a . Freeware download of 1888 Memory Game 1.0, size 29.92 Mb.

face4 Face memory game 01 Face memory games 

Face Memory Game. Memorization middot memorization middot memorization middot memorization middot memorizations memorize memorize this face middot memorize your lines. Sony doubles cd Memory to face dvd threat from electronics times in array provided free by looksmart find articles. There is an ashtray with a lit cigarette, a Game in progress and . Freeware download of face4 Face memory game 01, size 10.48 Kb.

ABC matching (Match It) 2 1 

It's a funny puzzle Game;It's a card Matching Memory Game;The Game interface is simple and helps players exercise response capacity, to improve the cognitive abilities of English letters. (1)Three modes:Easy,Normal,Hard; (2)Each model has 9 level:No Change/Top To Bottom/Bottom To Top/Up And Down/Left And Right/Right To Left/Left To Right/Top and . Freeware download of ABC matching (Match It) 2 1, size 1.08 Mb.

Christmas Matching Card Game 1.0 Gluten Free Games 

The Christmas Card Matching Game is a brand new holiday themed puzzle/Memory Game! Tap any card to reveal the hidden Christmas object and find it's perfect match. Embrace the new holiday hit that's become everyone's favorite casual puzzle Game, The Christmas Card Matching Game!

The Christmas Card Matching Game is a . Free download of Christmas Matching Card Game 1.0, size 31.35 Mb.

Horse Horse Donkey - Memory game for people who love horses 5.0 Code 4 Development LLC 

Horse Horse Donkey is a fun Memory Game where you match pictures of horses all while trying not to flip over Mr. Donkey. If you get the Mr. Donkey the countdown begins and you have to finish Matching before it reaches zero. Try to beat your best time and highest completed round! . Free download of Horse Horse Donkey - Memory game for people who love horses 5.0, size 4.93 Mb.

Purim Match - Memory Game 1.2.0 Kosher Penguin LLC 

Purim Matching Game Memory Pairs is a Memory Game designed to be kid friendly with the Purim Jewish Holiday artwork.

Purim Match is fun animated and easy to play.

Key Features

- Unique Purim artwork
- Gamecenter leaderboards
- 3 difficulty levels
- Timer to keep score
- Turn Audio on and off for . Free download of Purim Match - Memory Game 1.2.0, size 8.60 Mb.

PROcessu Memory Game 2.0 Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda 

The PROcessu Memory Game 2.0 is more than a Memory Game. Beyond you being able to play alone, against a friend or a computer, on an 8x5 (40 tiles) grid, you can associate text and sound to the images that are shown in the tiles. So this program can be used for just fun, to teach languages or any another activity where is important the setting of . Free download of PROcessu Memory Game 2.0, size 9.62 Mb.

MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0.23 MyBrainTrainer, LLC 

MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0 is a shareware Game designed to train our brain. It gives us the opportunity of improving our concentration and Memory abilities. We can download the trial version free from the developer's website and play it for 3 days. We can purchase the Game online or directly from the Game’s interface. The games . Free download of MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0.23, size 0 b.

Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01 Galleus 

Concentration - the Memory Games is a full featured Memory Game of the card pair flipping style that combines tradition and innovation.
Played by a single player against the clock and high score table, or against human or computer opponents, improves Memory and concentration during the Game. Includes tournament play for the persistent player . Free download of Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01, size 4.59 Mb.

PairMEM 1.0 PairMEM inc. 

PairMem is an extended "Pair the Cards" type Memory Game, with challenging levels.
4 difficulty level for everybody!
-Child level for kids (Group 2 cards at-a time)
-Easy level for beginners (Group 2 cards at-a time)
-Medium & Hard level for novice people (Group 3 & 4 cards at-a time!)
4 different . Freeware download of PairMEM 1.0, size 348.16 Kb.

Improving Memory Game trial 1.0 School of Phenomenal Memory 

New, fresh, fun and high quality Improving Memory Game that will keep you playing for hours non stop! The more you play the better your attention and Memory gets. This Game is designed by the founder of the School of Phenomenal Memory so a player can relax and have some fun while actually improving his/her attention and Memory. The Game is packed . Freeware download of Improving Memory Game trial 1.0, size 12.85 Mb.

Barnyard Adventures Memory Game 1.0 Blob Media 

Use the power of your Memory to rescue barnyard animals trapped in the barns of the evil farmer!

Barnyard Adventures Memory Game is a fun Game that is simple enough for young children to pick up with ease while allowing more advanced age groups to enjoy more challenging levels.

In One Player mode children play against the . Free download of Barnyard Adventures Memory Game 1.0, size 26.84 Mb.

My Little Memory Game 1 

My Little Memory Game is a simple free Memory Game with 3 levels. For ages 4-10. . Freeware download of My Little Memory Game 1, size 1.07 Mb.