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Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01 Galleus 

Concentration - the memory Games is a full featured memory game of the card pair flipping style that combines tradition and innovation.
Played by a single player against the clock and high score table, or against human or computer opponents, improves memory and concentration during the game. Includes tournament play for the persistent player . Free download of Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01, size 4.59 Mb.


TLS Brain Training 1.0.1 Tiger Leisure Software Limited 

Only the best new and classic puzzles: Easy to Learn, Tough to Master, Fun to Play! We entertain and challenge players with a mix of exciting new games and proven, well-loved favorites. Unlike our competitors, our puzzles are fun and have staying power; each is playable many times without becoming tedious or repetitive. With a simple, elegant and . Free download of TLS Brain Training 1.0.1, size 9.08 Mb.

Mystic Flower 1 BlueCat Games 

Mystic Flower is an addictive and exciting casual game. Collect flowers to reach each level’s goals, but be careful about mistakes! If the flowers wither before you end the stage, you will have to start all over again! Don’t worry, though, mystic flowers are here to help you! Gather rows of flowers and gain the help of the mystic . Free download of Mystic Flower 1, size 21.46 Mb.

Pairs memory game 2.3 

Pairs memory game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card game for free on your mobile phone. Download now and see if you can make a high-score in our hall of fame. It is a very addictive game, be warned, you will find yourself spending hours playing it with your mobile, don't say we haven't warned you.

Our . Freeware download of Pairs memory game 2.3, size 206.85 Kb.

MemoryGame 3.0.2436 

In MemoryGame you will have to reveal two identical cards in order to remove them from the board.

The program will show you fifty four cards laying with its face down on the board. You can flip two cards at a time, so you will have to remember where is a given card when you turn its companion face up. If you fail to match a pair, both . Freeware download of MemoryGame 3.0.2436, size 90.47 Mb.

1888 Memory Game 1.0 1888freeonlinegames 

1888 memory game is an excellent (and yet simple) board game. This game relies on your memory skills - namely, your ability to remember the places of different numbers. The goal of this game is to match numbers written on blocks by clicking on blocks in pairs - when you reveal two blocks with the same number, the blocks will disappear. There is a . Freeware download of 1888 Memory Game 1.0, size 29.92 Mb.

PairMEM 1.0 PairMEM inc. 

PairMem is an extended "Pair the Cards" type memory game, with challenging levels.
4 difficulty level for everybody!
-Child level for kids (Group 2 cards at-a time)
-Easy level for beginners (Group 2 cards at-a time)
-Medium & Hard level for novice people (Group 3 & 4 cards at-a time!)
4 different . Freeware download of PairMEM 1.0, size 348.16 Kb.

Classic Calendar 1.0.2435 

This calendar provides a quick and easy method of managing events just like a classic wall calendar. Open it, click a date, enter a note and see it highlighted. Notes are automatically saved.
And if you need more than one calendar with separate notes, just install a new calendar into a different folder. All colors can be changed and it also . Freeware download of Classic Calendar 1.0.2435, size 1.01 Mb.

Simply Stickies 1 5 WellCraftedSoftware 

With the new software Simply Stickies you can create sticky notes on your desktop. Change their color and font. Have them automatically start with the computer.

All notes are automatically saved. New sticky notes are created from an icon located in the icon tray next to the computer's clock. . Freeware download of Simply Stickies 1 5, size 65.06 Mb.

Catch A Thief Addictive Memory Game 1 2 

"100% Off Full Version! Limited Time! Thief! Thief! Thief! Catch Him If You Can Be sure to check out our other apps and games as well! GameUtilities - 101 in 1 - 10 Games & 91 Utilities Photo Strip Maker Soccer Champ Air Traffic Dash Catch A Thief Is An Addictive memory game. Your Goal Is Catch The Thief And Get Him Behind Bars! Your Task . Freeware download of Catch A Thief Addictive Memory Game 1 2, size 3.04 Mb.

Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game 1.2.1 Fast Rabbit Software, LLC 

Preschool and kindergarten students will have fun practicing identification of numbers, letters, animals, and things while testing their memory skills in a classic tile match up farm themed environment in Little Hopper's memory Matching game. Program includes four practice modes, two skill levels, fun colorful graphics, and lively background music. . Free download of Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game 1.2.1, size 10.59 Mb.

Easy MEMOry - THE Concentration Game 7.10 Bruno Berenguer 

Easy MEMO is not only a memory game, it's the memory game. Of course, like any concentration games, you have to find pairs of identical pictures. - you play against the time- you can also play friends, your computer or even your youngest kids. - you can play online free memory games and enter the Hall of Fame. - you can download free add-on game . Freeware download of Easy MEMOry - THE Concentration Game 7.10, size 891.29 Kb.

1888 Memory Word Game 1 

Word game intends to remember as many correct names of the pictures as possible during the defined amount of time. Look at the generated pictures on the screen, memorize all the words within 20 seconds and write them down in the text boxes before time expires. At the end of the game, the pop-up window will show correct answers, percentage and your . Freeware download of 1888 Memory Word Game 1, size 1.36 Mb.

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