Meteorites Software

MessLess Collector 4.6 MessLess Software 

People collect all kinds of stuff: beer bottle caps, Persian rugs, paintings, signatures, baseball cards, comic books, insects, coins, meteorites and even (I am not kidding) fossilized dinosaur droppings! Regular folks usually collect movies, books, DVDs and CDs. And, as a collection keeps growing and expanding, keeping track of all the items . Free download of MessLess Collector 4.6, size 6.26 Mb.


End my world 1.0 Ben Aprigliano 

End my World
Our Precious earth!

Soon to be destroyed by thousands of meteorites.
There is nothing you can do to make it stop!
We are all going to die!

Do you want to spend the time you have left with the ones you love?

Or do you go down swinging by avoiding as many of these . Free download of End my world 1.0, size 56.73 Mb.

Groundhog Assault 3D Lite 1.2.10 Thomas Burnett 

Its your meteor crater and your flags. Red Murray and his pack of jet-pack groundhogs are trying to make off with your flags. Pick up meteorites and knock them down. How long can you keep your flags?

Groundhog Assault is a non-violent FPS game set in a meteor crater swarming with jetpack wearing groundhogs. The goal is to keep your flags . Freeware download of Groundhog Assault 3D Lite 1.2.10, size 5.24 Mb.

HardShooter 1.0 SJ Corp. 

This game is that the hero defends the Earth against flying meteorites. If all energy of the hero or the Earth is gone, it ends.

And when each stage is successful, it is faster the speed and intensity of meteorites. As passing the stage, it is fun and the thrill so much.
. Free download of HardShooter 1.0, size 16.46 Mb.

Puzzle Space 1.0.1 Hydra Networks S.L. 

Would you like to travel through space with your own spaceship? With Puzzle Space you can do it! Build the path for your ship, avoid meteorites and black holes and catch the stars as you guide your ships to their destination in the Starport. Choose your favorite color from various models of ships.

Be careful of your ships, if you guide . Freeware download of Puzzle Space 1.0.1, size 23.80 Mb.

Car Racing Deluxe 2.0 

Car Racing Deluxe is right what you need if you are so far tired of those numerous Car Racing remakes. In this Game you will have to snatch your life out of the fiery lava mouth and shift from scorching meteorites. meteorites rain have taken down a small town where you lived in and your last chance is the only one spared car. You are moving to the . Freeware download of Car Racing Deluxe 2.0, size 1.98 Mb.

Star Battle 1.24 

3D turret action game. Defend cities on the Confederation planets against the alien attack and meteorites! . Freeware download of Star Battle 1.24, size 49.00 Mb.

OGL_Planets 1.0 

Simulation of our solar system with nearly REAL DIMENSIONS. The sizes and the distances of the planets and the sun are rendered naturally.Explore all the planets, some meteorites and a single comet as Kuiper Belt Object. Use the "hyper move" for rapid movement or fly with help of an autopilot automatically from planet to planet.OpenGL . Freeware download of OGL_Planets 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Big Math Attack 3.00 PC Shareware, Inc. 

Big Math Attack! is a colorful, graphical educational program that tests your child's math solving, spelling, and typing skills in a fun arcade environment. Several skill levels are available that makes this program suitable for both children and adults. Top scores in each category are recorded to track one's progress. The objective of the game is . Free download of Big Math Attack 3.00, size 1.10 Mb.

Crazy Crash Racing 2.4 

The game Crazy Crash Racing is right what you need if you are so far tired of those numerous Need For Speed remakes. In this Free Car Racing Game you will not only have to take a ride like the wind and show the masterclass, but you will have to snatch your life out of the fiery lava mouth and shift from scorching meteorites. meteorites rain have . Freeware download of Crazy Crash Racing 2.4, size 1.99 Mb.

Power Manga 0.8 TLK Games 

Power Manga, developed by TLK Games, belongs already to the legacy of the space adventure. It is one of the best Arcade Game developed under GNU General Public License. The present version for Windows is as neat as exciting. 42 levels, more than 200 sprites, some 14 guards that you must destroy with an arsenal of impressive space fight weaponry . Freeware download of Power Manga 0.8, size 7.36 Mb.

Magic Math Space Tour for ages 11 to 12 2.2 Nippon Educational Soft Lab. 

Children can effectively learn math with friendly natural animals and/or worms. The comprehensive game of Space Tour, touring among various planets and the experience to fly over the surface of the earth, is provided. The players on the way encounter the hazards such as space dragons to block the way and/or falling meteorites, etc. The incorrect . Free download of Magic Math Space Tour for ages 11 to 12 2.2, size 10.45 Mb.

Deep Space 3D Screensaver 1.0 3Planesoft 

Deep Space 3D Screensaver offers you an opportunity to start off for a breathtaking space odyssey. Right before your eyes opens a magnificent view encompassing a very distant galaxy full of unexplored planetary systems, meteorites, mysterious nebulas and artifacts of unknown origin. The final frontier proves to be so immense and unbounded that no . Free download of Deep Space 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 14.05 Mb.

Bewitching Tropics 1.0 

How do you think where is paradise on the earth? Of course it is tropical islands. If you like exotic countries you will love this multiscenes tropical screensaver. Every scene includes magnificent lagoons with happy inhabitants.
For example dolphins, amazingly jumping out of water, topical colorful butterflies, exotic birds and gulls. . Freeware download of Bewitching Tropics 1.0, size 5.37 Mb.

Astro-Mania 2.0 Sheppard Software 

Astro-Mania teaches all the important facts about 38 astronomical objects such as planets and stars. It has a learning database that includes essays, images, and lists of all the important facts for each of the 38 space objects. The space objects include the nine planets, stars and star types, asteroids, meteorites, galaxies, and more.

. Free download of Astro-Mania 2.0, size 1.31 Mb.

Ultra Galaxy War 1.0 MyPlayCity, Inc. 

Ultra Galaxy War is an exciting action game, by The objective is to destroy all pirate ships, and kill the five bosses that are invading the galaxy. This fast-paced game is full of action, as enemy ships and huge meteorites appear from all sides, forcing you to avoid them while at the same time shooting your enemies and collecting . Freeware download of Ultra Galaxy War 1.0, size 4.52 Mb.

Bejeweled Twist 32.0 WildTangent, Inc. 

Bejelewed Twist is an exciting puzzle game developed by PopCap Games.

This game is full of color and explosions. You have to join jewels of the same kind, and as you do it, they will explode and in that way you will get some points. You will find a lot of precious stone such as rubies, emeralds,amber and so on.

At the . Free download of Bejeweled Twist 32.0, size 46.27 Mb.

WinRock Wizard MinServ (Mineral Services) and R.A. Kanen 

The WinRock Rock Classification Wizard is a rock classification program for use with mineralogical data. The WinRock Rock Classification Wizard uses the International Union of Geological Sciences recommendations for igneous rock classification and uses modal mineralogy or XYZ data. WinRock Wizard also classifies sedimentary and metamorphic rocks . Freeware download of WinRock Wizard, size 4.17 Mb.

The Sandbox of God Remastered Vertigo Games 

The Sandbox of God Remastered is a game where you play as God.

You must take decisions before the world is created. Your goal is to make humans believe in you. To achieve this, you must balance your gifts and punishments. You can send them seeds to plant, fish to eat, gold and silver to collect, meteorites that they can use to live, . Free download of The Sandbox of God Remastered, size 14.42 Mb.

3D Majestic Universe Screensaver 2.0 Scenic Reflections 

The free 3D Majestic Universe animated screensaver is devoted to the beauty of our endless universe. This screensaver includes 15 incredible space scenes that show major planes, constellation from other universes, asteroids and meteorites and many other space objects. The 3D Majestic Universe screensaver gives you unique opportunity to leave all . Freeware download of 3D Majestic Universe Screensaver 2.0, size 13.30 Mb.