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common language extension for win32 srplab 

CLE is a common extension paltform. Modules developped on CLE can be called by any other languages supported. In addition, CLE also present a general pattern for mixed calls. CLE is cross-platform, which supports win32 and linux X86. Developing extension using interface presented by CLE, and calling these extensions also use the same interfaces. . Free download of common language extension for win32, size 15.37 Mb.


Oracle Data Integrator Oracle 

Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements:
from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.The 11g version of ODI has pushed the state of the art technology in data integration further ahead . Freeware download of Oracle Data Integrator, size 0 b.

ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator ESTOS GmbH 

ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator.

These innovative component features have been developed specifically for Microsoft Office Communicator. The optional ESTOS PhoneTools add comfort and simplify telephony with hotkey dialing and TAPI dial support.

Main features:

-Hotkey dialing
Working with Windows . Freeware download of ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator, size 1.42 Mb.

FxStudio Designer 2 3 AristenFx 

FxStudio Designer provides the design surface for creating outstanding visual effects. The familiar, friendly and powerful user interface incorporates tried and tested features to aid the artist.

FxStudio Designer brings an enjoyable workflow and experience to visual effects development. By keeping similar elements grouped together an . Free download of FxStudio Designer 2 3, size 7.33 Mb.

MQ Visual Browse 1 5 Capitalware Inc. 

The MQ Visual Browse application allows users to view messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program.

MQ Visual Browse is a great tool for application programmers, JMS developers, quality assurance testers, and . Free download of MQ Visual Browse 1 5, size 37.21 Mb.


This program is an application to share the lines of the 3rd party TAPI driver of a PBX system easily to the network. So every network client is able to include all TAPI functions of the driver in the local applications with a remote TAPI driver. You also get an "occupied" display in which you can recognize if users are calling or absent. . Freeware download of ESTOS TAPI Server 2 2, size 13.18 Mb.

MQ Visual Edit 1. 5. 2001 Capitalware Inc. 

The MQ Visual Edit application allows users to view, manipulate and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program.

MQ Visual Edit is a great tool for application programmers, JMS developers, quality . Free download of MQ Visual Edit 1. 5. 2001, size 41.11 Mb.


ESTOS ProCall One stands for the new office productivity software for single workplaces, small offices and home offices. The product is equipped with functionalities like Computer Telefonie Integration (CTI), contact data search and management, "Active Contacts" Technology, caller journal and call planning and has been designed for the . Freeware download of ESTOS ProCall One, size 0 b.

esProc Standard Raqsoft 

esProc is a business computing software, which is professional in Big Data computation with high performance and simplifying complex data computation, reducing cost of software and hardware as well as management expenses and enhancing the computation development efficiency of Java programs and reports. According to different situations, esProc has . Free download of esProc Standard, size 64.81 Mb.

OpenNI SDK 2.0.0 Beta 

OpenNI SDK is a reliable development framework that includes a collection of tools, libraries and wrappers designed to aid programmers in 3D sensing projects.

OpenNI SDK provides users with the possibility to inititate and develop 3D solutions and computer vision Middleware alike.

. Free download of OpenNI SDK 2.0.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Oracle Forms and Reports Oracle 

Oracle Forms, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently.

This continuing commitment to Forms technology enables you to leverage your existing investment by easily upgrading and integrating existing Oracle Forms applications to take . Free download of Oracle Forms and Reports, size 0 b.

UI Atoms 2012 NeuroSpeech Technologies 

UIAtoms d-deOCt A Smarter Way to Code!

A new Unique way of WPF/Silverlight coding, share exact same code and same logic to develop rapid business forms and advanced validation techniques with UI Atoms 2010.

Customized Desktop Applications are the need of the hour. Clientsd-deOao demands for increased flexibility and . Free download of UI Atoms 2012, size 20.71 Mb.

OCSelot 1.5.1 Tillmann Wegst 

OCSelot is a lightweight Java Middleware. It allows you to use plain old Java objects for services, it can create services as a "side effect" of proxy allocation, requires very little code and no extraneous ORB, no IDL, and no XML configuration, lets you easily switch between remote and local modes, has distributed garbage collection, . Free download of OCSelot 1.5.1, size 199.23 Kb.

Interface Architect Simply Integration Limited 

Interface Architect is a Cloud-based Microsoft Windows editing application which may be used for documenting the integration of systems within an organisation, by guiding users in the entry or automated-import of system interface details (eg program API signatures for RPC, flat-file definitions for ETL, XML and JSON definitions for Middleware and . Free download of Interface Architect, size 11.85 Mb.