Mouse Switch Software

ShareMouse Portable 1.0.90 Bartels Media GmbH 

ShareMouse also includes Mouse sharing, allowing to to operate two computers with one Mouse. Unlike a physical Mouse Switch, ShareMouse doesn't require you to press any button. Instead, just move the Mouse to the computer you wish to operate. ShareMouse allows you to operate two computers with one keyboard and saves you from buying a USB Switch. . Free download of ShareMouse Portable 1.0.90, size 1.47 Mb.


KaVoom! KM 3 42 KaVoom Software 

Kavoom! KM is like a hardware keyboard-Mouse Switch that allows you to operate two or more computers using a single keyboard and Mouse. You transfer control from one computer to another by moving the Mouse pointer off the edge of the screen towards the other monitor. Or you can use hotkeys to Switch back and forth. Key presses and Mouse movements . Free download of KaVoom! KM 3 42, size 0 b.

Mouse Speed Switcher 3.4.0 

Quickly and easily Switch between up to 10 Mouse speed settings. This can be useful for netbook or laptop users who frequently Switch between the touchpad and an external Mouse but prefer different speed and sensitivity settings for each. You can Switch to different Mouse settings from the system tray icon, via keyboard hotkeys or let the program . Freeware download of Mouse Speed Switcher 3.4.0, size 2.01 Mb.

Mouse Gesture Task Switcher (mgSwitch) 1.1.5.B317 Encsoft 

mgSwitch is an advanced task switcher using Mouse gesture.mgSwitch helps you Switch between application windows fast and easily by drawing the track of a Mouse gesture anywhere on the screen. After the Mouse gesture for mgSwitch is recognized, the main window of mgSwitch will display around your cousor with the thumbnail previews of all the running . Free download of Mouse Gesture Task Switcher (mgSwitch) 1.1.5.B317, size 5.69 Mb.

MouseSwitch 1.1.0 Till Hohmann 

MouseSwitch is designed as a simple, handy and accessible instrument that can be used with ease to Switch your computer's Mouse buttons.

Now you can easily perform button swaps with the help of this easy-to-use tool. All you need to do is access the the system tray icon of the program

. Freeware download of MouseSwitch 1.1.0, size 0 b.

ShareMouse 1.0.37 Bartels Media GmbH 

ShareMouse allows you to share one Mouse and keyboard with multiple Windows and Mac computers.

You just need to move the Mouse pointer to the computer you wish to control. When you reach the border of the monitor, the Mouse cursor magically jumps to the neighboring monitor and you can then control that computer. Any computer can be . Free download of ShareMouse 1.0.37, size 1.47 Mb.

ClickSwitch 1.0 Zem Soft 

Click Switch is a small, easy-to-use, tray-based system utility that automatically performs various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, lock workstation, etc with just a click of your left or right Mouse button. It also provides fast access to all these operations through a system tray icon and has a hotkey feature . Free download of ClickSwitch 1.0, size 48.08 Mb.

AutoSensitivity 1.4 Igor Kulman 

AutoSensitivity allows you to define different Mouse sensitivities (speeds) for your touchpad and Mouse and automatically Switch between them (based on Mouse connect / disconnect). This utility is for everyone who wishes to uses different Mouse speeds (sensitivities) with touchpad and Mouse. If you do not want to change the speed everytime you . Freeware download of AutoSensitivity 1.4, size 20.48 Kb.

Handy Mouse Plus 0001 Wilbert IS UG haftungsbeschrankt 

The APP Handy Mouse turns the Smartphone into a classic Computer Mouse with displayed soft keys on the display.

The App translates the IPhone movement to navigate the PC /presentation Mouse pointer.

This version additionally offers a Switch to change buttons for right or left handed persons and a function to load up and . Free download of Handy Mouse Plus 0001, size 2.62 Mb.

IENavigator 2.0.18 SoftInform 

With IENavigator you can easily manage the currently opened Internet Explorer windows, Switch between them in a breeze and close all the windows with just one Mouse-click. Additionally, you can save and load the previously saved web page lists, which makes it simple to resume browsing from exactly the same place you were last time. If you are . Free download of IENavigator 2.0.18, size 2.75 Mb.

Soft Switch 1.02 Sixpence Software 

Soft Switch allows you to control multiple computers on a LAN as if they reside on a single multimonitor system. Once installed, simply move your Mouse to one side of your screen, and it will scroll seamlessly onto the other computer. You can control up to five computers at once. Soft Switch is especially useful for power users and network . Free download of Soft Switch 1.02, size 481.28 Kb.

KMremoteControl 1.00 Derman Enterprises Incorporated 

KMremoteControl, the cross-platform program that lets you use one system's keyboard/Mouse to operate all the PCs and Macs on your desk:- use your favorite keyboard/Mouse for all your work- recover your desk space ... hide the extra keyboards, mice and Mouse pads- control your PC using your Mac ... or vice versa- avoid buying that KVM Switch- great . Free download of KMremoteControl 1.00, size 2.20 Mb.

USBKeys2 2.0 Crick Software Ltd 

This software is designed to be used with the Crick USB Switch Box, to convert Switch presses into key presses and Mouse clicks. I already own a Crick USB Switch Box and will be using this software for this purpose only.
USBKeys2 it is easy to install and fun to work with. . Freeware download of USBKeys2 2.0, size 1.82 Mb.

Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer Ralph Hare 

Mouse gestures allow you to use the Mouse to control common Internet Explorer functionality (e.g. go back a page, Switch between tabs, close the current tab). Simply hold down the Mouse button (usually the right button, but this is fully configurable) and draw a simple shape to invoke the associated action.

Main Features :

ImTOO Multiple Desktops ImTOO 

As a virtual desktops manager software tool, ImTOO Multiple Desktops allows you to create multiple virtual desktops and Switch between them with Mouse or hotkeys.

Each virtual screen is a single distinct working environment. You can run applications on new desktops and define hotkeys to Switch desktops. . Free download of ImTOO Multiple Desktops, size 6.56 Mb.

Mouseless Scene Scriptor 1.0 

This program allows writers to build screenplay scenes without having to deal with having to (1) reach over, (2) position, and (3) click a Mouse every time they want to Switch to another screen element. . Freeware download of Mouseless Scene Scriptor 1.0, size 17.87 Kb.

Switch Viacam 1.0.0 Sviacam 

Switch Viacam (sViacam for short) is a free webcam based Switch emulator. Using a web camera, you can configure a particular spot in which motion is detected to trigger a Mouse click or a keystroke. As no particular features or shapes are detected, events can be fired using almost any part of the body or object moving in front of the camera. . Freeware download of Switch Viacam 1.0.0, size 434 b.

Kinect Mouse Cursor 1.2 peekb 

Kinect Mouse Cursor is a Kinect-based application designed to enable a user to use their hands to control the Windows Mouse cursor.

This sample demonstrates how to use the Kinect skeletal tracking feature to move the Mouse cursor with a user's hands:
· By default, the right hand moves the cursor and the left hand controls . Free download of Kinect Mouse Cursor 1.2, size 0 b.

Dynamic Keyboard 1.01 CanAssist 

Dynamic Keyboard is a small, simple, easy to use software specially designed to offer users an on-screen keyboard which allows you to type using your computer and an input device such as a joystick, trackball, Mouse, single Switch, among others.

As you type, the Dynamic Keyboard also anticipates what you are trying to type and helps you . Free download of Dynamic Keyboard 1.01, size 0 b.

Screen Mode Switch Release 1 Build 1 2.0 MicroMighty Inc 

Screen Mode Switch is a simple application which allows users to Switch between screen modes with the world's best solution for changing screen resolution, define a hot key for each pre defined screen and customize your favorite screen modes to show up in the tray menu.

Change resolution also when having no access to the system settings, . Freeware download of Screen Mode Switch Release 1 Build 1 2.0, size 419.43 Kb.

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