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Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection Nuclear Coffee 

My Music Collection is the most comprehensive Music catalog software designed for organizing and managing Music Collections of any kind, including CD discs, MP3 files or vinyl records. This Music organizer allows you to create an ordered CD database and view its contents, even if the disk is lying on a shelf or is being borrowed by a friend of . Free download of Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection, size 6.45 Mb.


Household Inventory 2007 Jedisware, LLC 

Organize Music Collections, Personal Finances, Passwords and everyday home remodeling tasks
Easy to use interface allows Music, DVD, CD and Book Collections to be organized by genre. Storage area for Passwords and home remodeling tasks with photos.
Financial obligations can be tracked on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually and . Free download of Household Inventory 2007, size 610.30 Kb.

Jaikoz Audio Tagger 5.0.0 Build 1114 JThink 

Jaikoz Audio Tagger is a handy and reliable application that gives you full control of editing large Music Collections. Jaikoz Audio Tagger is easy to use straight away and the AutoCorrect task can perform a batch of tasks automatically.

Jaikoz Audio Tagger uses a spreadsheet view to allow you to edit information more quickly than other . Free download of Jaikoz Audio Tagger 5.0.0 Build 1114, size 0 b.

HomeStuff 1.01 Stuffware 

HomeStuff is a software product that will assist you with keeping track of your personal assets such as:Contents of your home, rental or condominium Contents of your recreational vehicle Music Collections of any kind Coin Collections, stamp Collections Home improvements and more...HomeStuff can:Keep records of how much you paid for each item How . Free download of HomeStuff 1.01, size 1.96 Mb.

mufin player 2.51 r710 mufin GmbH 

The free mufin player is the perfect alternative when it comes to Music players for PCs: it plays back all common audio formats, has an ultra-fast database for managing large Music Collections and can be used to transfer data to portable devices. What makes mufin player truly special is the interactive 3D Music universe, sorting the collection . Freeware download of mufin player 2.51 r710, size 3.65 Mb.

ClubMixer 2.0 Slychief 

Organize your Music Collections with Clubmixer Library Editor. Import Songs, edit tags. Clubmixer updated, and the improvements include many enhancements of Clubmixer Server more configuration options, new extension points where plugins can extend Clubmixer with additional functionality, unified media import – as well . Freeware download of ClubMixer 2.0, size 35.45 Mb.

EarCandy 0.1.1 Vince Hodges 

EarCandy is a Music juke-box that presents Music Collections in the somewhat novel way of artist,album, title regardless of the underlying directory structure.EarCandy uses an external player to play tracks. Under Unix/Linux the only player currently supported is xmms. . Freeware download of EarCandy 0.1.1, size 0 b.

GJay 0.3.2 

Gtk+ DJ; friendly GUI for generating great-sounding playlists across large Music Collections. Song matches are based on BPM, frequency, and user categories ('color' and rating). Works with mp3, ogg, and wav. . Freeware download of GJay 0.3.2, size 306.85 Kb.

StreamRock 0.4.2 

StreamRock is a web server application that streams your digital Music Collections to any computer. Get your favorite browser and Music player and start rocking to your Music Collections anywhere! . Freeware download of StreamRock 0.4.2, size 610.17 Kb.

Dataplastique 1.0 Dataplastique 

Dataplastique is a host for simple XUL-based document editing plugins, editing everything from Music Collections to food recipies. Status is pre-alpha. No files have been uploaded yet.

Dataplastique 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) . Freeware download of Dataplastique 1.0, size 0 b.

AudioExpert 9.0 Ulrich Decker Software Entwicklung 

The Music organizer software AudioExpert is the right choice for you if you have asked you at least one of the following questions.

You have one or more large Collections containing audio files? You know exactly that you have several titles double or even triple? But you are not up to fix it on your own because you simply don't have the . Free download of AudioExpert 9.0, size 8.66 Mb.

How to Organize MP3 Music 4.96 How to Organize 

How to Organize MP3 Music - download extra best mp3 Music organizer. Learn how to organize mp3 Music, how to organize mp3 Music on computer, how to organize mp3 Music automatically on portable players and how to organize mp3 Music in Music Collections. All you need to start to organize Music is to get this cutting-edge tool designed to organize mp3 . Free download of How to Organize MP3 Music 4.96, size 3.92 Mb.

Ridorium Mp3 Music Organizer 4.63 Ridorium Corporation 

Mp3 Music Organizer - is award-winning software to Organize Mp3 Music. This Music organizing program is the Music organizer, Mp3 organizer and automatic Mp3 organizer tool to organize Music Collections. Automatic Music organizer, Mp3 organizer tool and Mp3 Music organizer can organize Mp3 Music files in Mp3 track Collections of any size. Also this . Free download of Ridorium Mp3 Music Organizer 4.63, size 12.96 Mb.

Melomania 1.89 Able Apples 

Melomania is a handy Music collection program for Windows, which allows you to catalog Music Collections of any kind, from vinyl to MP3s, and provides you with the facilities to manage a Music database, including:

* automatic adding of digital tracks
* information loading from Internet
* lent media tracking
* instant cover . Free download of Melomania 1.89, size 8.66 Mb.

XI Combination Systems Nordic XIGraffix Software 

XI Combination Systems helps you organize your movies, books and your Music Collections. Automatically catalog and organize an entire collection.XI Movie Combination helps you organize your movie collection. Automatically catalog and organize an entire movie. You do not need to type in all movie details only the movie Title and then tell XI . Free download of XI Combination Systems, size 5.40 Mb.

Jajuk 1. 9. 2005 Bertrand Florat 

Jajuk is software that organizes and plays Music. It is a full-featured application geared towards advanced users with large or scattered Music Collections. Using multiple perspectives, the software is designed to be intuitive and provide different visions of your collection.
Main Features:
Player functions
* Digital DJ: Let . Freeware download of Jajuk 1. 9. 2005, size 22.44 Mb.

Java SID Player Music Library V2 2.2.5 

This is a Commodore 64 emulator specialized for sound reproduction. It is also a SID player for Music Collections like HVSC and CGSC. . Freeware download of Java SID Player Music Library V2 2.2.5, size 5.84 Mb.

MP3 Karaoke 6.1.9 MP3 Karaoke 

MP3 Karaoke is a freeware to create karaoke mp3 songs from your mp3 Music Collections.
MP3 Karaoke can eliminate and remove human vocal voice from the mp3 files.
It is incredibly easy and fast.
It can copy & save audio tag from the source files to the destination ones, MP3 Karaoke is capable of writing ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE MP3 . Freeware download of MP3 Karaoke 6.1.9, size 2.31 Mb.

Remove Duplicate MP3 Platinum 3.81 Remove Duplicate, Inc. 

Remove Duplicate MP3 - Want to remove duplicate mp3? Download the program to find and remove duplicate mp3 files from your computer.

Find and remove duplicate mp3 files, automatically sort and remove duplicate mp3 on your computer, safely remove duplicate mp3 files in your Music Collections in any location using this award-winning tool . Free download of Remove Duplicate MP3 Platinum 3.81, size 6.93 Mb. 1. 5. 2004 

Last.Fm scrobbler is a desktop program, by means of which you can listen to all types of radio stations, and Music Collections of all the imaginable Music styles. Last.Fm opens a whole universe of new Music, after creating an account and downloading its freeware utility.

Using Last.Fm is as simple as writing the name of an artist and . Freeware download of 1. 5. 2004, size 5.42 Mb.

Music Collections Web Results

Lully Archive

List of manuscripts of his works by the Stanford University Music Library. Sorted by country.

Order TV Music

A reseller of music advertised through television and other media, and a seller of music-related collector's merchandise. offers all the current and popular tv, infomercial, and...


Features helpful gifts for senior citizens that include garden tools, mobility accessories, music collections, large print cards and books and specialty items.

Rock River Communications

Services includes creating music collections for retail sale, gift with purchase, or promotional use, and other multimedia programming.

KIX Software Solutions

Music catalog master software for cataloging music collections; downloadable demo version.

University of California at Santa Barbara Arts Library

Houses the art and architecture, and music collections; information about collections and services, and extensive Internet resources in the arts.

Pro Data Doctor

Provides usb drive data recovery utility to retrieves unintentionally deleted favorite music collections and private photos from major USB media drives. USB Drive / Memory Stick Data Recovery...