Music Playback Software

Jazler24 Music Player 1 4 Jazler Software 

Jazler24 is exclusively made for Music Playback for all kinds of open places, where unnatended Music selection is needed. Jazler24 gives you the ability to program it to play the Music folders/genres you want at specific time-zones. It also supports multiple Music outputs so with one computer you can have multiple outputs with different Music and . Freeware download of Jazler24 Music Player 1 4, size 4.15 Mb.


PHP Presence Simulator 1.1 

Controls electrical controller board (UCI-X30 V1) and Music Playback to simulate human presence by turning lights on and off and playing / stopping songs at certain intervals.Working under Linux. . Freeware download of PHP Presence Simulator 1.1, size 92.09 Kb.

Pimpmobile 1 

Pimpmobile is a high performance sample-based Music Playback engine mainly targeting the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. . Freeware download of Pimpmobile 1, size 59.43 Kb.

GymPlayer 1.0.1 Appurpose Studio 

Choose songs from library and set a speed, and then put your iPhone in your pocket, the Music Playback speed will change depending on the speed of your running.
(Supports playing Music in background) . Freeware download of GymPlayer 1.0.1, size 1.05 Mb.

HomeStudio by Philips Consumer Lifestyle 2.0.1 Philips 

The Philips HomeStudio app brings a suite of cool, new features to your Philips docking entertainment system, including Music Playback and FM radio controls, a multi-function alarm clock, and a unique weather alert system.

HomeStudio app lets you easily browse and play your Music collection, share what youre listening to with friends on . Freeware download of HomeStudio by Philips Consumer Lifestyle 2.0.1, size 42.78 Mb.

Agile timed music player 12.0 Lark software studio 

Agile timed Music player is a professional timed Music and video player used for factory broadcast, campus broadcast, and building broadcast. The player has a variety of functions such as timed Music Playback, timed video Playback, timed affair reminding, and timed switch and so on.
The player, highly intelligent and accurate in time, can be . Free download of Agile timed music player 12.0, size 3.54 Mb.

Music Player Daemon for Windows 0.16.8 Avuton Olrich 

Music Player Daemon (MPD) allows remote access for playing various sound files and managing playlists. The design focus is on integrating a computer into a stereo system that provides control for Music Playback over a local network. . Free download of Music Player Daemon for Windows 0.16.8, size 21.74 Mb.

RadioBOSS Std 4.7.3 djSoftware 

If you run a bar, a restaurant, a shop, a casino, a dance club or even a radio station, Music becomes one of your key daily priorities. Music is what keeps your guests' spirit high, what makes them stay longer, enjoy their time and, of course, spend money and come back again. Therefore, as an owner of a popular place or radio station, you should . Free download of RadioBOSS Std 4.7.3, size 14.29 Mb.

Winamp Toolbar for Firefox Winamp 

Winamp 5.5 includes a unique feature: the Winamp Toolbar. For Firefox users, this toolbar comes very handy as you can control your Music Playback right from your browser. Also, it enables users to access easily.

Winamp Toolbar integrates with the browser and gives the comfort of controlling your Music from within the browser . Freeware download of Winamp Toolbar for Firefox, size 3.45 Mb.

Pianissimo Acoustica Inc. 

Pianissimo is a virtual grand piano that supports MIDI input. It is a very advanced Music Playback and recording tool that supports two inputs: MIDI and the mouse. If you have a MIDI keyboard or other device, you can connect it to the computer and control the grand piano with it. Additionally, you can use your mouse to press the keys, but I . Free download of Pianissimo, size 83.38 Mb.

AudioProc 1.82 Clay Hellman 

Allows full control of all aspects of the processing. There are over 300 adjustable controls! Suitable for PC-based Music Playback, Server-based Music playout systems for home or commercial use, Netcasting and Low-power AM/FM transmissions. This plug-in caters to audio engineers and enthusiasts who wish to have full control, but will likely . Free download of AudioProc 1.82, size 314.57 Kb.

Agile timed music player 12.0 Lark Software studio 

Agile timed Music player is a professional timed Music and video player used for factory broadcast, campus broadcast, and building broadcast. The player has a variety of functions such as timed Music Playback, timed video Playback, timed affair reminding, and timed switch and so on. The player, highly intelligent and accurate in time, can be set up . Free download of Agile timed music player 12.0, size 3.58 Mb.

MPfm Beta 1.0 Yanick Castonguay 

MPfm is a handy, accessible and Open Source instrument that has a lot of common features with other Music players. MPfm features a gapless Playback, support for most popular sound formats, tagging, etc. However, it also has a lot of unique features that most musicians will enjoy: loops, markers, time shifting, and more. MPfm is freeware and open . Freeware download of MPfm Beta 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

Newgrounds Music Player 1 36 TCOne Entertainment 

Newgrounds Music Player Portable is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to listen to songs from the NG Audioportal.
- search Newgrounds Music by genre
- mix several genres
- random Playback
- download your favourite songs to your computer
- access your Newgrounds favourites
- . Freeware download of Newgrounds Music Player 1 36, size 1.27 Mb.

Music Stop 1 4 Purple Parrot 

Purple Parrot Music Stop is an easy-to-use program for playing your favorite Music CDs and audio files (MP3s, WAVs, and other popular formats). In addition, extremely flexible playlists can be created to provide hours of listening enjoyment. While Music is playing, the program can reside in the task tray, conveniently out of your way. Hotkeys allow . Free download of Music Stop 1 4, size 13.42 Mb.

SnackAmp for Linux 3. 1. 2003 Tom Wilkason 

SnackAmp is a multi-platform Music player with normal Music player abilities, multi-user support, integrated web server, and a powerful AutoPlaylist feature. Currently mp3, wav, ogg vorbis, and many other sound files are supported. SnackAmp also plays mp3 and ogg streams and can act as a Icecast/Shoutcast compatible server for other stream clients. . Freeware download of SnackAmp for Linux 3. 1. 2003, size 1.36 Mb.

Xbox Music New Microsoft 

Xbox Music is a feature-packed application that provides users with a all-in-one tool for listening to their preferred albums, explore artists' biography and create playlists.

Furthermore, once they login to their Xbox LIVE account, users can even purchase Music within the same app.

. Free download of Xbox Music New, size 0 b.

Audio DJ Studio for .NET 4 3 MultiMedia Soft 

Audio DJ Studio for .NET is a native .NET component that makes it easy adding sound Playback and mixing capabilities to applications written with Visual Studio.NET
Audio DJ Studio for .NET comes with built-in decoding capabilities in order to decode most common sound formats like MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and many others: it can load different . Free download of Audio DJ Studio for .NET 4 3, size 7.27 Mb.

Finale Reader 2011.r2 1.0 Coda Music Technology 

Finale Reader is a program designed for the Music enthusiasts that want to play the Music notes that are recorded on a Music sheet file. The program also allows you to load XML files. This program is a good solution for anyone that wants to share Music notation files with their friends. . Freeware download of Finale Reader 2011.r2 1.0, size 85.14 Mb.

CrossDJ Free 2.4 Mix Vibes 

CrossDJ Free is a useful and reliable application that will allow you to easily mix your favorite Music files.

There are 2 high precision media players, direct iTunes integration in the Collection, 3 audio effects included in CrossDJ Free to mix more creatively.

Audio Loops from 1/8 beat to 16 beats are included as well as . Free download of CrossDJ Free 2.4, size 0 b.