Mysql C# Software

QT MySQL Budget 0.10 

A QT/Mysql/C++ Program to create and maintain a budget in a Mysql database. It includes the ability to create budget allocations and expenses and to view the totals for the current month and the combined total of all previous months. You can also view and . Freeware download of QT MySQL Budget 0.10, size 313.36 Kb.


Powerserv 4 1.0 

Win32 apache web server, php, perl, Mysql, C++ and ports of all main unix utilites (like ls or grep) including:PHP 5, Perl 5.6, Apache 2.0.50, Mysql 4.1.1a-alpha, phpMyAdmin-2.5.7-pl10 C++ (mingw gcc)with no need to edit config files. . Freeware download of Powerserv 4 1.0, size 17.67 Kb.

Nulidex SQL 0.9.0 Nulidexsql 

An easy-to-use object-oriented C++ wrapper for Mysql C API.

Nulidex SQL 0.9.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Nulidex SQL 0.9.0, size 14.05 Kb.

FuzzySQL 1.0 Fuzzysql 

A C wrapper library providing a common, database-independent API for vendor-specific database implementations, such as Mysql/C, PQ, etc.

FuzzySQL 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of FuzzySQL 1.0, size 0 b.

REXX MySQL Library 1.0.1 

Wrapper library for adding Mysql support into the REXX language. Libraries are written in C and then imported into REXX scripts. Once imported REXX scripts can access most of the functions of the Mysql C API through REXX. . Freeware download of REXX MySQL Library 1.0.1, size 56.05 Kb.

MySQL Server-Client Ing. RadomdoTsr Adamkovidodi 

This application is a combination of server and client Mysql database. The client is developed based on the Mysql C API and therefore has native access to this type of database. With this client, we can connect to an existing Mysql database or we can start the Mysql server through this application, and to connect to the server, default username is . Free download of MySQL Server-Client, size 3.88 Mb.

SQLSEM 1.0 Sqlsem 

SQLSEM SFENCE extensin module is supporting Mysql connection for you applications. You can use it for connect to Mysql server. Module uses Mysql C connector under GPL license.

SQLSEM 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) . Freeware download of SQLSEM 1.0, size 0 b.

Tree Based Accounting and Management 1.0 Tbam 

A Workflow based Management and Accounting packaged for Home, Micro and Small Business. Customer-Schedualing-Order-Invoicing-Payables plus a simple real time double entry Visual Accounting Package. PHP-Mysql C-Panel compatable.

Tree Based Accounting and Management 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Tree Based Accounting and Management 1.0, size 0 b.

SQLyog MySQL GUI 6.56 Webyog Softworks Private Limited 

SQLyog is an easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your Mysql database anywhere in the world. SQLyog is a tool that allows you manage Mysql database.

Salient Features :-

* Complete Unicode/UTF8 Support
* Developer / User Productivity
* Favorites Manager
* HTML Schema Documentation

dotConnect for MySQL 8.17 Devart 

dotConnect for Mysql is an enhanced data provider built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity of database application development.

dotConnect for MySQL Express 6.10 Devart 

dotConnect for Mysql Express, formerly known as MyDirect .NET, is an enhanced data provider for Mysql that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Mysql-based database applications. As part of the Devart database application development framework, dotConnect for Mysql Express offers both high performance native . Freeware download of dotConnect for MySQL Express 6.10, size 12.82 Mb.

TroSQL Free 1.10 TROSYS 

TroSQL is Mysql manager and Admin Tool with easy and efficient GUI with complete set of features to help user in creating, maintaining and managing Mysql Databases and Servers. It is well tested with Mysql version 5x and supports most of the latest Mysql features:

1. Mysql Compatibility & others
-Mysql 5.x compatible

SQLyog Community Edition 9 33 Webyog, Inc. 

SQLyog Mysql GUI is the most powerful Mysql manager and admin tool, combining the features of Mysql Administrator, phpMyAdmin and other Mysql Front Ends and Mysql GUI tools.
· Mysql 5.x compatible
· Create/Drop/Alter Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers and Events.
· HTTP and SSH Tunneling . Freeware download of SQLyog Community Edition 9 33, size 13.21 Mb.

MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0 MySQL AB 

Mysql Connector/C allows you to connect the applications written in C with the Mysql databases in order to read and write data. It implements the C API and provides you with all the tools if you only need the client library.

The connector allows you to build application that can communicate with the Mysql servers in order to exchange . Free download of MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0, size 0 b.

MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.3 MySQL AB 

Mysql Connector/C++ allows you to connect the applications created with C++ with the Mysql databases in order to read and write data. This database driver is designed to help you create C++ applications that can connect to a Mysql server.

This database connection driver provides support for the the object-oriented programming. It . Free download of MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.3, size 0 b.

DAC for MySQL 3.0.7 microOLAP Technologies LTD 

DAC for Mysql (also known as MySQLDAC) is the most powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder/Mysql.

This component suite allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to Mysql DB without BDE and ODBC.

BLOB fields are supported. MySQLDAC was developed for easy migration of existing projects . Free download of DAC for MySQL 3.0.7, size 33.91 Mb.

MySQL Data Access Components 10.1 Devart 

Mysql Data Access Components (MyDAC) is a library of components that provides direct access to Mysql from Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and Free Pascal) on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Applications based on MyDAC can connect directly to Mysql server or work through the Mysql client . Free download of MySQL Data Access Components 10.1, size 38.63 Mb.

Data Access Components for MySQL 6.10 Devart 

Data Access Components for Mysql (MyDAC) is a library of components that provides direct access to Mysql database servers from Embarcadero RAD Studio XE, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, CodeGear Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009, CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, Delphi 2007 for Win32, C++Builder 2007, Borland Developer Studio 2006, Delphi 2005, Turbo Delphi, . Free download of Data Access Components for MySQL 6.10, size 3.70 Mb.

MySQL Data Access Components for Rad Studio XE2 7.2 Devart 

MyDAC (Data Access Components for Mysql) is a library of components that provides direct access to Mysql database servers for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms from Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2/XE/2010, Embarcadero Delphi XE2/XE/2010, Embarcadero C++Builder XE2/XE/2010, CodeGear RAD Studio 2009/2007, CodeGear . Free download of MySQL Data Access Components for Rad Studio XE2 7.2, size 5.09 Mb.

SQLAPI++ Library Win32 3.7.22 Eugene Prystupa 

SQLAPI++ is a C++ library for accessing multiple SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, Mysql, ODBC). It uses native APIs of target DBMS so applications developed with SQLAPI++ library run swiftly and efficiently. The product also provides a low-level interface that allows developers to access . Free download of SQLAPI++ Library Win32 3.7.22, size 3.88 Mb.