Network Access Control Software

McAfee Network Security Manager McAfee, Inc. 

McAfee Network Security Manager gives you real-time visibility and Control over all McAfee intrusion prevention systems and Network Access Control appliances deployed across your Network. With its plug-and-play operation, easy-to-use functions, and web-based management, Network Security Manager saves you time, trouble, and operating costs.
. Free download of McAfee Network Security Manager, size 0 b.


Sophos Network Access Control 3.5.311 Sophos 

Sophos Network Access Control (NAC) Advanced safeguards data. NAC Advanced protects information by permitting Access to the users who need it and enables companies to create comprehensive security policies to check that any computer accessing the Network – even those not owned by the company - are in full compliance.

NAC . Free download of Sophos Network Access Control 3.5.311, size 20.80 Mb.

Access Manager for Windows 9.62 IM-Soft 

Access Manager for Windows allows you to restrict Access to to key features of Windows, such as Control Panels or Start menu, Network, Taskbar, desktop, system tray, Network Access Control Page, Control Internet usage and more. It can also disable the Ctrl+alt+delete keys, the function keys at startup, allows to password protect Windows and . Free download of Access Manager for Windows 9.62, size 1.97 Mb.

LANProtector 2. 1. 2006 AxiomCoders 

AxiomCoders LANProtector is a powerful Local Area Network (LAN) protection tool / Network Access Control software tool. It can be used by anyone with basic computer Network knowledge to fully Control the Access to any number of LANs from unauthorized intruders. LANProtector can also be used to ensure the proper LAN Access configuration for all . Free download of LANProtector 2. 1. 2006, size 2.01 Mb.

PacketFence 3.3.1 

A Network Access Control (NAC) system featuring a captive-portal for registration and remediation, wired and wireless management, 802.1X support, isolation of devices, integration with IDS; it can be used to secure networks from small to large.Source code is hosted here: tracker tracker is hosted . Freeware download of PacketFence 3.3.1, size 9.13 Mb.

Security Policy Manager 0.1.3 

Creates true post-admission Network Access Control by regulating Network Access to admitted users on an as needed basis. Users cannot escalate privileges between micro-perimeters. Manageable, efficient and scalable for complex security environments. . Freeware download of Security Policy Manager 0.1.3, size 3.59 Mb.

NeoAccel SSL VPN-Plus 2. 3. 2337 NeoAccel Inc. 

NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus is a breakthrough in secure Network Access that delivers the ease of use and zero-client administration of SSL VPNs with the functional and performance benefits of conventional IPSec VPNs. Faster, easier and less expensive to deploy than IPSec VPNs, SSL VPN-Plus reduces costs and increases IT Control by eliminating the . Freeware download of NeoAccel SSL VPN-Plus 2. 3. 2337, size 629.31 Mb.

Lobby Track - Access Control Software 4 3 Jolly Technologies 

Lobby Track Access Control Software is a new secure tracking, Access Control, and visitor management software system. This innovative new technology allows organizations to track employees and equipment with detailed activity logs by individual or groups, provides Access Control in conjunction with entry systems and provides visitor management . Free download of Lobby Track - Access Control Software 4 3, size 26.71 Mb.

Management of Access Control in the Enterprise 1.0.0 Microsoft Research 

Management of Access Control in the Enterprise is a handy utility that is aimed at system admins. The purpose of the application is to facilitate data collection and it can target one or more servers.

After the information is gathered, administrators can analyze it and check out permissions and resource Access policies.

. Free download of Management of Access Control in the Enterprise 1.0.0, size 0 b.

RDMC Swap Access Control Entries SOE Software Pty Ltd 

RDMC Swap Access Control Entries is an easy to use application that you can use to replace an existing ACE with a new one.

This is useful when you want to find and replace specific users and groups with other ones, thus assuring data security. The program scans the target file server and replaces the old ACE with the new one.

RDMC Access Control List Restore SOE Software Pty Ltd 

RDMC Access Control List Restore allows you to recover the backup files that you generate using RDMC Access Control List Backup.

The files are restored in the same folder structure. You just have to select the backup file and press the 'start' button.

. Free download of RDMC Access Control List Restore, size 0 b.

RDMC Access Control List Backup SOE Software Pty Ltd 

RDMC Access Control List Backup is an application that allows you to backup all file and folder Access Control list to a text file.

The application is useful when trying to capture the security settings on data servers. Then, if you migrate domaind, you will be able to duplicate the security groups easily.

. Free download of RDMC Access Control List Backup, size 0 b.

Remote Access Quarantine Agent 1.0 Microsoft 

Windows Resource Kit Tools include two components that work as part of Windows Server 2003 Network Access Quarantine Control: RQS and Remote Access Quarantine Client (RQC).

RQS works on the remote Access server as a listener component. It informs the remote Access server when a client can be taken out of quarantine mode. RQC works on the . Free download of Remote Access Quarantine Agent 1.0, size 0 b.

dynamic server access control 1.0 

dynamic server Access Control provides: ip blocking and Access monitoring, server environment information, server load limit blocking, Network diagnostic tools (ping, nmap, dnslookup), search engine optimization, searchbot monitoring and more... . Freeware download of dynamic server access control 1.0, size 58.40 Kb.

TupInsight 3.1 The Tup Software Ltd. 

TupInsight is an easy-to-install and -use Internet activity monitoring and web Access Control system. It uses a computer on a local area Network (LAN) not only to monitor and record other hosts' web behaviors, but also to restrict online activities according to customized filtering Internet policies. The main functions and features of TupInsight . Free download of TupInsight 3.1, size 6.06 Mb.

Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6 Internet Administrator Company Ltd. 

The "Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server" is an integrated solution which allows to Control and manage internet Access and provides: -all-round internet monitoring; -incoming traffic, time and bandwidth Control; -Access Control to web sites, by protocols, time, queries, words, etc.; -flexible and powerful content filtering; . Free download of Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6, size 73.99 Mb.


BPACLer is a utility the displays a file or folder s effective Access Control list (ACL) (user and group permissions) and owner information. BPACLer eliminates the tedious process of selecting a file or folder object and having to browse through each individual Access Control entry (ACE) to see the effective permissions for different users and . Freeware download of BPACLer, size 377.49 Kb.

SecureXP 2005 eConcept Software 

SecureXP allows you to customize your Access Control settings for your Windows software. Lots of people using your computer? Don't want them changing your settings? SecureXP is the program for you. And it's free! SecureXP also comes with an Internet Explorer customizer, and a Windows Cleaner, which will erase sensitive history data that you may not . Free download of SecureXP 2005, size 751.62 Kb.

CD Access Control Professional 1.0.1 Dynamic Designs Software 

CD Access Control Professional checks all inserted compact disks againts a set of rules. these rules determine whether the disk is allowed to be run or ejected from the system. When a CD is ejected a message is displayed. Schedule when a disk can be used by hour or by day. Ideal for Schools, businesses or simply at home, where restriction of CDRom . Free download of CD Access Control Professional 1.0.1, size 1.67 Mb.

DoorKing Account Manager 5 6 DoorKing 

DoorKing's Remote Account Manager Software is a powerful, flexible and easy to use computer program that allows you to manage Access Control in a variety of controlled Access applications including apartment complexes, gated communities, condominium building's, college resident halls, office buildings, factories, industrial sites, etc. . Freeware download of DoorKing Account Manager 5 6, size 3.21 Mb.