Nonuniform Software

DeskLensPro 2.0.0 Absolute Core 

Highly customized nonuniform magnifiers. There are four types of lens mode: DeskLens, MouseLens, Surveillance, MouseCmera. DeskLens is a lens which magnifies under that lens. MouseLens is under mouse pointer so you can work freely. Surveillance lens watches area around previously determinated pixel. MouseCamera magnifies everything below the mouse . Free download of DeskLensPro 2.0.0, size 3.06 Mb.


Einspline B-spline library 0.9.2 

einspline is a C library for the creation and evaluation of interpolating cubic basis splines (B-splines) in 1D, 2D, and 3D. It supports both uniform and nonuniform meshes, single and double precision, and real and complex data. . Freeware download of Einspline B-spline library 0.9.2, size 820.68 Kb.

NewCADtools2 2.2 Cadhedral 

NewCADtools2 is a package of 51 productivity tools and commands forAutoCAD and derived platforms. It contains 5 toolbars(MODIFY,MODIFYII,TEXT TOOLS,MISCELLANEOUS,SHAPES).There is also menu that can be added to the main AutoCAD menu.To start command, type at the command prompt command name or select it from toolbar or menu.This package includes . Free download of NewCADtools2 2.2, size 516.10 Kb.

Nonuniform Web Results

Image Reconstruction Toolbox

M-files for several algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction. Included in collection is a NUFFT MATLAB toolbox that performs fast and accurate nonuniform FFT computations.


Article about Nonuniform Rational B-Splines - NURBS a summary by Markus Altmann.


Universal Non-Uniform RANdom number generators: a GPL library of C functions to generate nonuniform random numbers, by Josef Leydold and Wolfgang Hoermann of the University of Economics, Vienna.