Nxj Developer Software

Unify SQLBase UNIFY Corporation 

SQLBase effectively reduces the development, deployment and maintenance costs of business applications. The ultra-low TCO of SQLBase ensures that ISVs and end-customers can maximize their ROI on business database applications. SQLBase offers very competitive deployment pricing; including a pay as you go licensing model that allows you to buy the . Free download of Unify SQLBase, size 22.66 Mb.


Gupta SQLBase Server 11 6 UNIFY Corporation 

SQLBase Server for Windows is the retail version of SQLBase for multi-user servers on Windows. Windows programs can be either application programs or service programs. In earlier versions of SQLBase, the server ran as an application program, requiring the user to log onto Windows before starting SQLBase. This results in SQLBase terminating when the . Freeware download of Gupta SQLBase Server 11 6, size 5.78 Mb.

Developer Program Roadmap Cost Estimator 1.0 280 Group LLC 

The developer Program Roadmap & Cost Estimator allow you to create a roadmap for your developer recruiting activities and a budget estimate. Also includes a developer Program White Paper that teaches you best practices and a PowerPoint sample showing an evangelism timeline. . Free download of Developer Program Roadmap Cost Estimator 1.0, size 0 b.

Developer Spell Check Engine 4.0 09-30-02 PIE Products 

Access developer Spell Check Engine for Microsoft Access 97 / 2000 / XP helps you to deliver polished MS Access 97 / 2000 / XP projects by providing a design-mode spelling check. Until now nothing on the market has given us the power and flexibility of this spell check engine. There's nothing worse than finishing a project and deploying it to the . Free download of Developer Spell Check Engine 4.0 09-30-02, size 3.39 Mb.

Elvis Developer 2 7 IT GmbH 

Use the Elvis developer module to build up a new project or change a project. Start the developer module using the Windows start menu.
You will be called to select the directory and edit the name of the project at the create new database dialog. Do not use any special characters for the project name. . Freeware download of Elvis Developer 2 7, size 0 b.

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual 11.2.011 Oracle Corporation 

The Oracle developer Tools for Visual Studio (ODT) is a tightly integrated "Add-in" for Microsoft Visual Studio. ODT is free.

Main features:

- Integration with Visual Studio: Use Server Explorer to browse your Oracle schema and launch one of the many integrated Oracle designers and wizards to create and alter . Freeware download of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual 11.2.011, size 277.89 Mb.

Xtend IVR Developer Edition 3.0.366 Xtend Technologies (P) Ltd. 

The developer Edition of Xtend IVR is available for free download and contains comprehensive help, a single port runtime, debugging and emulation technology to enable an IVR to be developed using any multimedia system and does not have any time or feature restrictions. . Free download of Xtend IVR Developer Edition 3.0.366, size 28.29 Mb.

eCognition Developer 8 64 Trimble GeoSpatial 

eCognition developer is a powerful development environment for object-based image analysis. It is used in earth sciences to develop rule sets (or applications for eCognition Architect) for the automatic analysis of remote sensing data.

- Superior collection of object-based image analysis tools and algorithms
- . Free download of eCognition Developer 8 64, size 76.97 Mb.

Data Layers OPCWare Client Developer 3.0.3 Data Layers Ltd. 

OPCWare Client developer is the most versatile productivity toolkit for OPC client developers, supporting multiple Integrated Development Environments including Visual Basic, Visual C , C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, Delphi, MS Office, and other VBA-enabled and ActiveX containers. . Free download of Data Layers OPCWare Client Developer 3.0.3, size 5.03 Mb.

Entity Developer 6.2 Devart 

Entity developer is a powerful ORM designer for ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL. You can use Model-First and Database-First approaches to design your ORM model and generate C# or Visual Basic .NET code for it. It introduces new approaches for designing ORM models, boosts productivity, and . Free download of Entity Developer 6.2, size 38.53 Mb.

kosmos AutoPilot Developer 1.00 kosmos BOS 

kosmos AutoPilot developer is a RAD tool for programming business processes into usual Business Applications that use a Database. The applications run in 3 tier mode, right out of the box. Using this tool the developer can construct software agents that have a role as procedure coordinators, planners and experts. The agents are written with . Free download of kosmos AutoPilot Developer 1.00, size 5.59 Mb.

Developer Calculator 1.0 TSFORUS 

Here is the developer calculator, you can run it even from the command line, and the result would be printed in command window back, please see the screen shots. . Freeware download of Developer Calculator 1.0, size 99.33 Kb.

MS Developer Studio AddIn 1.0.36 SoftCab, Inc. 

MS developer Studio AddIn was designed to be an addin package for Microsoft developer Studio 5.0 or 6.0 that you can use to add some useful features to developer Studio, including advanced #define tags! MS developer Studio AddIn will enrich with its useful features developer Studio.
· Define Expander
· Learn what . Free download of MS Developer Studio AddIn 1.0.36, size 314.37 Kb.

PocketSurvey Developer Lite 2013.04.27 Handheld Systems Ltd 

PocketSurvey developer Lite is a feature-rich and powerful application designed to help users create custom questionnaires of any complexity and size.

The software is built as a complex suite for creating and collecting survey data and it consists of 4 major components: PS Data Manager, PS Survey Manager, PS Mobile and PS Data Doctor.

PDF Converter - Developer Pro 4.5 Amyuni Technologies Inc. 

With PDF Converter - developer Pro you'll be able to easily generate PDF documents using it like a specialized printer.

PDF Convertor can be easily integrated into your application development. Because PDF Convertor doesn’t rely on external libraries, you can license and distribute your software solutions quickly and easily. . Free download of PDF Converter - Developer Pro 4.5, size 0 b.

ActiveReports Developer 7.0.6163.0 GrapeCity, inc. 

ActiveReports developer is a collection of tools that can help you create forms and reports with minimum effort. The package includes a powerful API that enables you to create complex reports for virtually any type of activity.

The Report Designer features an easy to use interface that allows you to visually create the report layout and . Free download of ActiveReports Developer 7.0.6163.0, size 0 b.

Quick Reporting Tool - Developer Module 1.0.0 Little Creations Software 

Quick Reporting Tool - developer Module is a simple application for creating database connections and SQL queries.

The resulting queries can be executed using the End User Module of the application or by passing command line parameters to the developer Module, in order to perform scheduling in Windows Task Scheduler.

. Free download of Quick Reporting Tool - Developer Module 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Pismo File Mount Developer Kit Build 165 Pismo Technic Inc 

The Pismo File Mount developer Kit can be used by developers in conjunction with Pismo File Mount Audit Package. Using the Pismo File Mount developer Kit developers can control and extend Pismo File Mount Audit Package, or they can integrate Pismo File Mount technology with their applications.

. Free download of Pismo File Mount Developer Kit Build 165, size 0 b.

Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit Microsoft 

Using the Kinect for Windows developer Toolkit you will be able to create apps that use the Kinect technology.

This toolset includes many samples of code you can use in your projects, as well as the Face Tracing Software Development Kit and the Kinect Studio.

. Free download of Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit, size 0 b.

Windows Embedded Developer Update Microsoft 

Windows Embedded developer Update was developed to be an application that you can use to automatically search for, download, and install the latest updates for Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Windows Embedded developer Update can automatically notify you when updates are available. You can then use Windows Embedded developer Update to . Free download of Windows Embedded Developer Update, size 0 b.

Nxj Developer Web Results

WordWeb Developer

WordWeb Developer's COM object allows you to add thesaurus/dictionary functionality to your applications.

Java Developer Connection (JDC)

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Developer.com - VB

Articles concerning VB advanced features, with general developer's forum.

Developer.com PHP Articles and Tutorials

Catering to novice and mid level webmaster/programmer; developer.com has tutorials on what you need to get started with PHP though how to validate e-mail addresses.

Developer Solutions International

International software reseller providing a range of components, tools and services marketed toward the professional software developer.

Apple Developer Connection: Mac OS X Server

Developer information, FAQs, bug reporting, and free downloads from Apple for Mac OS X Server.

Apple Developer Connection: Mac OS X

Apple's developer resource for Mac OS X. Contains guidelines, tutorials and API information for new OS X developers. Most documentation is available in HTML or PDF format.