OCX Freeware

Word Viewer OCX 2.4 SkySof Software Inc. 

Word Viewer OCX is an ActiveX component which enables your application to display and interact with Word document files. Simply place the control on your form, set the Path property, and you are all set! Word Viewer OCX is identical to Word's interface. . Freeware download of Word Viewer OCX 2.4, size 1.70 Mb.


Free UPX 1.7 Jacek Pazera 

Free UPX is an advanced graphical interface for the UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables). It allows you to compress (and decompress) files produced according to Microsoft Portable Executable and COFF Specification (EXE, DLL, OCX, BPL, CPL and other). It offers easy access to all documented and undocumented UPX parameters without the need for . Freeware download of Free UPX 1.7, size 1.22 Mb.

registerTS 1.0 I've found 

register TS is a tool for computer programmers that allow you to save time in test dll and OCX that necessarly are to be try. register TS version put itself on the traybar and allow you to register and unregister dll and OCX with a simple click. registerTs dinamically add two options to windows contest menu(register now or unregister now) a dll . Freeware download of registerTS 1.0, size 398.46 Kb.

OCX/DLL Manager 1.1.0 Fox Programming Solutions 

Quickly register your OCX and DLL files through an easy to use interface . Freeware download of OCX/DLL Manager 1.1.0, size 503.32 Kb.

RegDllView 1.45 NirSoft Freeware 

RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered dll/OCX/exe files (COM registration). For each registered file, you can view the last date/time that it was registered, and the list of all registration entries (CLSID/ProgID). . Freeware download of RegDllView 1.45, size 45.06 Kb.

Eltima Flash Player 3.0 FLV Software 

Based on Adobe Flash web plugin Eltima Flash Player was enriched with lots of useful options and controls. It allows to view and manage your FLV and SWF files with the top grade usability and absolutely free.
Flash Player includes options to play, rewind, fast forward and playback Flash files frame by frame, zoom in and out, set playback . Freeware download of Eltima Flash Player 3.0, size 2.67 Mb.

vURL Desktop Edition 0.3.7 Ur I.T. Mate Group 

vURL Desktop Edition (vURL DE) is the desktop version of the extremely popular vURL Online service.
vURL Desktop Edition currently allows you to get and save the source code of any website you fancy with the click of a button, and additionally, see a list of files it currently links to. . Freeware download of vURL Desktop Edition 0.3.7, size 57.71 Mb.

OfficeMDI Tabs 1 1 Teebo Software Solutions 

OfficeMDI Tabs? is the no-code-required solution for providing tabbed MDI interfaces in your VB applications. It works with your existing MDI applications: Just add the controls to your forms, change a few properties, and you're ready to go!

OfficeMDI Tabs quickly enables your application to have the latest UI appearances used in . Freeware download of OfficeMDI Tabs 1 1, size 76.02 Mb.

KC Softwares SUMo KC Softwares 

SUMo stands for Software Update Monitor. It is a very powerful software through which you can update your system using latest version of much desired software. It displays small window screen in the corner of your system for updating when you open a new program. Therefore, it keeps your PC up-to-date.

SUMo can automatically scan the . Freeware download of KC Softwares SUMo, size 0 b.

VideoToolBox 1 1 KC Softwares 

VideoToolbox is a movie file analyzing utility. Features include:
Container support; AVI, Matroska
Codecs requirements automatic detection
File intergrity check
Automatic, content based container format detection
Displays movie info; Duration, streams
Displays Video stream info; Resolution, bitrate, frames per . Freeware download of VideoToolBox 1 1, size 0 b.

DF_Language 1.0.264 Info2000 

DF_Language scans your projects for any properties of controls and belong all source code. A simple text file (.lan) is created and can be edited for adding new languages. In matter of minutes your software is ready for multi languages support. You may distribute the language files editor for free, so you partners can add other languages and send . Freeware download of DF_Language 1.0.264, size 2.14 Mb.

winMizer 1.0 gonchuki 

A simple application designed to temporarily hide the windows that you are not using.

winMizer will help you take away those windows that you don't need (but must keep open), and you can restore them once you need them again.

winMizer resides in the tray area, and can hide any window you have visible in your desktop. . Freeware download of winMizer 1.0, size 10.34 Mb.

Index.dat Suite 2 11 Ur I.T. Mate Group 

Index.dat Suite is a rather unique program that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allows you to view the index.dat files on your system.

Index.dat Suite's current features includes: view, delete and backup index.dat files, view and delete . Freeware download of Index.dat Suite 2 11, size 3.02 Mb.

Dependency Viewer 1 1 Fox Programming Solutions 

Dependency Viewer analyze your program and find out exactly what files it needs to run. Search and download missing OCX or DLL files required.

It is ideal for programmers who need to know which files to distribute with their software. It allows file type filtering when searching for dependencies. . Freeware download of Dependency Viewer 1 1, size 418.82 Kb.

JMasterMind 1 J&B Software 84 

JMasterMind v1.0 is the Mastermind classic, to understand which e' the just combination,
before ending the movements on hand.
You will be able to choose how many movements to make in order to arrive at the end of the game,
and they are not of the numbers but of the images that you must chose.
Powered by J&B Software . Freeware download of JMasterMind 1, size 1.92 Mb.

AB Extension Pack 1. 2. 2003 Ur I.T. Mate Group 

The AB Extension Pack is a collection of extensions written for Avant Browser that provide added functionality to an already wonderful browser shell. The extensions available can all be used from the browsers right click context menu and where applicable, are also available from the favourites.
Extensions currently include webpage and text . Freeware download of AB Extension Pack 1. 2. 2003, size 41.55 Mb.

DNSCheck 1.0 Hollsco Group 

DNSCheck was written to combat a bug in the Windows build of BIND 9. Under load, it appears that BIND 9 simply stops answering queries on either or both TCP and/or UDP ports, although the service continues to run, so service recovery does not solve the problem.

Hollsco Group tried using other DNS monitoring applications, however most . Freeware download of DNSCheck 1.0, size 96.77 Mb.

Galaktika Express LLC "Galaktika-Dnepr" 

Galaktika Express - a complete ERP system for mid-size enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, based on a system configured Galaktika ERP - http://galaktika.ru. Introduction and support in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as other regions of Ukraine and Russia are carried out by LLC 'Galaktika-Dnepr'. For questions about . Freeware download of Galaktika Express, size 1140.45 Mb.

WebX Lite 1.0.042 Future Wave Tech, Inc. 

WebX Lite is a freeware version of WebX Server. WebX Lite is ideal when static web pages are all that is required.
Using WebX Lite could not be simpler. First set the basic parameters of a web server, choose the Server Port and the Virtual Path where you web pages are located. Then start the server. That is it. . Freeware download of WebX Lite 1.0.042, size 38.65 Mb.

PhotoToMovie 1 1 KC Softwares 

PhotoToMovie is the most user friendly solution for anyone who wants to easily make a movie out of digital pictures. Unlike most video editing software, PhotoToMovie is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. PhotoToMovie can add nice looking effect to your film and thanks to video compression your movies can be easily sent to friends . Freeware download of PhotoToMovie 1 1, size 0 b.