Odbc Database Software

ODBC database plugin AGG Software 

DODBC Database plugin - created for export of data received over serial computer port to compatible Odbc Database.

Odbc interface lets work with different data bases under Windows control. Module has the following possibilities:

E data export to more popular data bases MS SQL, Oracle, dBase I-IV, Paradox and also work with . Free download of ODBC database plugin, size 0 b.


Trogon ODBC Database Monitor 1.5 Trogon Software 

Trogon Odbc Database Monitor provides you with the ability to monitor databases connectivity and accessibility utilizing local data sources and optionally SQL queries to verify that your databases are functioning properly. Most major Database systems support Odbc, such as: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, . Free download of Trogon ODBC Database Monitor 1.5, size 780.29 Kb.

ODBC2XML 2.10 Intelligent Systems Research 

ODBC2XML merges data from any Odbc Database into XML documents. Its simple but powerful architecture uses predefined XML templates with embedded SQL queries. It generates documents that contain the Odbc data merged into the original XML. It comes complete with a callable DLL and a command-line interface for batch processing. . Free download of ODBC2XML 2.10, size 294.91 Kb.

TurboDB for ODBC 6.1.1 dataweb.de 

TurboDB for Odbc is a lightweight, yet fast Database library that you can use in C++ and other programming languages.

You can install this fast and lightweight Odbc Database driver on customer computers without concerns. Like all our products the Database kernel and the Odbc driver only minimally interfere with the target system and can . Free download of TurboDB for ODBC 6.1.1, size 0 b.

ODBC Database Query 2.2 S. Chepurin 

Database query application that allows a user to simultaneously connect to multiple heterogeneous databases using Odbc and perform SQL queries.

Give Odbc Database Query a try to see how useful it can be for you!

. Free download of ODBC Database Query 2.2, size 0 b.

ODBC Database and Serial Data Logger AGG Software 

Module is for export of data received over serial computer port to compatible Odbc data base. Odbc interface lets work with different data bases under Windows control. Module has the following possibilities:
- data export to more popular data bases MS SQL, Oracle, dBase I-IV, Paradox and also dlTE work with office application MS Excel and . Freeware download of ODBC Database and Serial Data Logger, size 1.89 Mb.

ODBiC - Open DataBase Internet Connector 1.64 Odbic Software 

ODBiC - Open Database Internet Connector is an interface that sits between your Web pages and your Odbc Database.It can be run as a CGI program or ISAPI server extension to dynamically insert your data into your HTML documents or to update your databases from Web browser forms, or it can be run from the command line to 'publish' HTML documents.It . Free download of ODBiC - Open DataBase Internet Connector 1.64, size 144.38 Kb.

ARTS PDF Variform Plus Debenu Pty Ltd 

ARTS PDF Variform Plus extends ARTS PDF Variform Lite by allowing you to merge data from any Odbc Database or Adobe® FDF/XFDF files. Data can be merged directly to new PDFs or printed to any Windows Printer. Variable images are also supported in the Plus version.
Key features:
-Use data from any Windows Odbc Database, . Free download of ARTS PDF Variform Plus, size 1.45 Mb.

ReportXpert - Pro 5. 1. 2001 Vecal 

ReportXpert - Pro is a collection of graphical query and design tools that can access any Odbc Database such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, etc. Reportxpert - Pro provides a Report Navigator pane to organize your report, and tabbed views for Design and Preview so that you can design a report interactively. . Free download of ReportXpert - Pro 5. 1. 2001, size 8.78 Mb.

SqlLinkCE 1 1 GUI Innovations Limited 

Using SqlLinkCE you can access SQL Server and any Odbc Database from your Pocket PC. SqlLinkCE is implemented as a DLL on the Pocket PC, and as a server process on the PC, which can also be run as a service.

Main features:

- A ‘multi-threaded’ data server running on your PC server
- A library of . Freeware download of SqlLinkCE 1 1, size 11.23 Mb.

JDBTools 1.0.1 jdbtools.sourceforge.net 

This program converts, compares, merges, normalizes, and refactors data to and from disparate sources (CSV, Excel, and any JDBC/Odbc Database) for use in a Java program. . Freeware download of JDBTools 1.0.1, size 29.65 Kb.

QueryIT 1.170 queryit.sourceforge.net 

Odbc - Database Query Tool SQL,DB2,mySQL. Feel free to test, use or Improve this program. . Freeware download of QueryIT 1.170, size 3.32 Mb.

QT4 Sqlite Code Generator 1.0 Qsqlcodegen 

From an existing sqlite datafile or Odbc Database, generate QT objects for table creation, deletion, record access, update and deletion. This code has only been tested on the commercial version of Windows QT. Others have reported back and says it wor

QT4 Sqlite Code Generator 1.0 License - MIT License . Freeware download of QT4 Sqlite Code Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

db2dir 1.0 Db2dir 

Use an Odbc Database to generate and manage LDAP directories (ActiveDirectory, NT/ADSI, Domino, Exchange and later any LDAP-compliant directory) in a school and/or university environment. Later versions offer Unix/Linux support (generation of passwd/shad

db2dir 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of db2dir 1.0, size 0 b.

ODBC QueryTool 1.0.4 odbcquerytool.sourceforge.net 

Open Odbc Querytool. Query tool that specializes in working on a 3.5x Odbc Database driver. Totally RDBMS independent as Odbc should be. Knows about every Odbc option, function and comes with full documentation. . Freeware download of ODBC QueryTool 1.0.4, size 980.67 Kb.

TapiRex 1.9 Scavix Software Ltd. & Co. KG 

TapiRex caller id software shows a contact for an incoming phone-call with image, name and company. Microsoft Outlook is supported as source for the addresses as well as any other Odbc-Database (like Access, mySQL, SQL-Server, ...). The program can even show incoming calls on any telephone plugged to any computer in your network (client-server . Free download of TapiRex 1.9, size 4.21 Mb.

XLabel - Barcode Label Printing Software by Wolf 4 Wolf Software 

XLabel - Barcode Label Printing Software with all linear and 2D barcodes. XLabel is Unicode enabled, features layers, unlimited undo/redo, alphanumeric counters, an integrated help system, Odbc Database connection, SQL support, transparency and much more. 2000+ label formats are predefined, user defined formats are of course also possible. XLabel . Free download of XLabel - Barcode Label Printing Software by Wolf 4, size 5.12 Mb.

VideoGuard Single Server License (1-5) 1.5 Hoyasoft.com 

VideoGuard is a Windows Media Server plugin software. VideoGuard provides media files access management. It allows Windows Media server to validate users against an Odbc Database.VideoGuard can integrate the authentication and authorization of a streaming media from Windows media services with web pages. The web page inserts a session record into . Free download of VideoGuard Single Server License (1-5) 1.5, size 0 b.

SSuite Office - Advanced Edition 2 2 Van Loo Software 

Features a full set of communication utilities that allow you to contact everyone on your LAN network or through the internet.
With its full 32-bit architecture and stability, SSuite Advance Office can improve your productivity and document format compatibility.
This suite features a full set of communication utilities that allow you to . Freeware download of SSuite Office - Advanced Edition 2 2, size 28.18 Mb.

phpMaxBB 1.0 Phpmaxbb 

phpMaxBB is a highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package. Based on powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/Odbc Database servers. It includes all the features that you expect...

phpMaxBB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of phpMaxBB 1.0, size 0 b.

Odbc Database Web Results

MySQL Connector/ODBC (MyODBC)

Allows connect to a MySQL database server using the ODBC database API. [Open source, GPL]


Lets you connect your Qt Widgets to an ODBC Database.

PC Initiative

Web hosting and design; including ASP, CGI, Perl, ODBC database connectivity, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, XML, Flash and ActiveX. Based in Leicestershire, England.

The Positive Internet Company Ltd

UK web-hosting provider with full FTP/telnet/CGI, Frontpage extensions, ODBC database, and unlimited pop-3 mailboxes.


30 Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner at top and bottom of each page; no user ads. FTP uploads. CGI with ASP, SSI, and ODBC database support. URL: 'http://www.websamba/yoursite/'.


A desktop publishing software package for cross-media database publishing with native access to any ODBC database.

English Voice Actor and Production Staff Database

Fan-created database logging roles played by voice actors. Also notes production staff of the English release of a series.