ODE Software

Lua ODE 0.3 luaode.sourceforge.net 

Lua ODE is bindings of OpenDE for the Lua language for Windoze, OS X, and Linux platforms. . Freeware download of Lua ODE 0.3, size 2.34 Mb.


ode-viz 1.0 ode-viz.sourceforge.net 

This toolbox generates automatically a vtk-visualization for an ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) simulation under Python. You only have to define the simulation space and world and forward these entities to the visualization. That's all... . Freeware download of ode-viz 1.0, size 9.55 Kb.

TclODE - ODE Solver for Tcl 1.0 tclode.sourceforge.net 

Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) solver for Tcl. Handles both stiff and non-stiff sets of equations; does time-evolved initial value problems and root finding. Based on the popular Lawrence Livermore solver LSODE. . Freeware download of TclODE - ODE Solver for Tcl 1.0, size 247.91 Kb.

The SBML ODE Solver Library 1.6.0 tbi.univie.ac.at 

The SBML ODE Solver is a command-line tool and programming library (ISO/ANSI C) for construction and numerical integration of an ODE system, derived from an SBML based description of a biochemical reaction network. . Freeware download of The SBML ODE Solver Library 1.6.0, size 8.19 Mb.

Interval ODE 1.0 Iode 

A real time physics library based on ODE with continuous collision detection. Features stable handling of arbitrary triangle meshes, high velocity collisions and high mass ratios.

Interval ODE 1.0 License - BSD License; GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of Interval ODE 1.0, size 0 b.

ODESolver PreAlpha DetlevCM 

ODESolver was specially designed to be an accessible, useful and very easy-to-use ODE solver.

The application was developed and written to help with a dynamical system in chemistry in C#.

. Freeware download of ODESolver PreAlpha, size 0 b.

An ode to noone 1.0 Jakob Fischer 

A TTF character that brings a special appearance on your documents.

An ODE to noone is a truetype font designed to help you change the ordinary looks of you digital papers.
. Freeware download of An ode to noone 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

ODEcalc 6.10 Optimal Designs Enterprise 

ODEcalc for Windows: An Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! State your equation and boundary or initial value conditions and it solves your problem. Plots solution y and derivative ydot versus x.

Solves most Boundary Value Problems (BVP) and Initial Value Problems (IVP) for Nth order ODE. ODE may be nonlinear, . Freeware download of ODEcalc 6.10, size 4.00 Mb.

Kirby Puzzles 1.0 Softendo 

Half Bejeweled, half tower defense in an ODE to Puzzle Quest gameplay. Cool! Kirby Puzzle Adventure Kirby is traveling one direction. Use cursor to show him the right direction. Kirby is traveling one direction. Place the arrows to change his path to complete each level. . Freeware download of Kirby Puzzles 1.0, size 4.07 Mb.

Visual Calculus 3. 7. 2001 GraphNow Software 

Visual Calculus is a grapher to compute and graph limit, derivative, integral, 3D vector, partial derivative function, series, ODE etc.Pre-calculus: functions, piecewise defined function, even and odd functions, polynomials, rational functions.The program has the Ability to set and modify the properties of coordinate graphs, animations and table . Free download of Visual Calculus 3. 7. 2001, size 3.54 Mb.

Destino de Venganza rc destino.sourceforge.net 

A rpg game based in a western-fantastic world, using Ogre for graphics, ODE for Physics and Lua for scripting. . Freeware download of Destino de Venganza rc, size 16.62 Mb.

Free Simulation Language(s) 0.3.1 freeode.berlios.de 

A language and a compiler for the solution of differential equations (ODE). Both lumped and distributed variables (PDE) will be possible. The ability to solve DAEs is a long term goal. The compiler generates a Python program that does the computation. . Freeware download of Free Simulation Language(s) 0.3.1, size 85.29 Kb.

hybrid model optimization/identification 0.9.0 danielwebb.us 

hybopt is a set of libraries to solve the identification and optimal control problems for hybrid (mechanistic/empirical) dynamic (ODE and DAE) models. . Freeware download of hybrid model optimization/identification 0.9.0, size 5.99 Mb.

jME Physics System 1.0 jme-physics.sourceforge.net 

jME Physics System provides an interface between jME (Java Monkey Engine) and ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). It sits on top of a slightly modified version of odejava, and provides a way to very easily set up a physics world and add objects to it. . Freeware download of jME Physics System 1.0, size 124.35 Kb.

MatODE 1.0 3me.tudelft.nl 

MatODE is a simple Matlab toolbox for interfacing to the Open Dynamics Engine rigid body physics simulator (ODE, by Russell Smith), created by the Delft Biorobotics Lab (Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands).The system to be simulated is defined in an XML file, while the joint positions and motor signals can be sensed and actuated . Freeware download of MatODE 1.0, size 8.50 Mb.

Newbie Game Engine 1.0 newbie-x11.blogspot.com 

Engine desenvolvida em C++ utilizando ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) e OpenGL, para desenvolvimento de jogos e pequenas simulaA§Aµes fisicas. . Freeware download of Newbie Game Engine 1.0, size 4.98 Mb.

OgreOde VC ogreode-vc.sourceforge.net 

As an evolution of OgreOde, which is the implementation of the Open Dynamics Engine inside of Ogre3D, an open-source 3D game engine, this MSVC 2008 project includes the ODE source and is compatible with the latest iterations of Ogre3D. . Freeware download of OgreOde VC, size 13.05 Mb.

Physics Defense 1.0 physicsdefense.sourceforge.net 

PhysicsDefense is going to be a little 3D game with a lot of physics involved using ODE, ODEJava, jME Physics 2 and jME. The goal is to keep balls from falling from an inclined plane, using obstacles, heat, cold and miscellaneous devices... . Freeware download of Physics Defense 1.0, size 9.02 Mb.

PVLE rc pvle.sourceforge.net 

PVLE is a C++ lightweight cross-platform game engine (real-time visualisation/simulation engine), using OSG (OpenSceneGraph) and ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) among other libs. It differs from other engines in the way it does not hide underlaying libraries. . Freeware download of PVLE rc, size 450.13 Kb.

Roller Ball 1 rollerball.sourceforge.net 

A 2D/3D scroller game, with rigid physics (using ODE) and hardware OpenGL acceleration.The game is designed with cross platform in mind. . Freeware download of Roller Ball 1, size 5.18 Mb.