Off-Line Reader Software

Ameol2 2 5 Parkglobe Consultants Ltd 

An integrated mail, news and (optionally) CIX Conferencing Off-line Reader. Features include on or Off-line mail and news reading, styled text, powerful filters, auto-responding (with amessage or file), auto-forwarding, scheduler, support for addons (similar to plugins, about twenty already available), multiple users. When used with the CIX . Freeware download of Ameol2 2 5, size 0 b.


Feed Scheme 3.1.3 Ron Anderson Services 

Feed scheduling database utility designed for Off-line use in the broadcast and cable television industry. Feed Scheme tracks virtually all syndicated program and network feeds incoming to a facility from a variety of distributors using numerous delivery systems. Feed Scheme offers data import / export functionality and, as a planning tool, is an . Free download of Feed Scheme 3.1.3, size 2.83 Mb.

NavRoad HTML Viewer 6 50 FAICO Information Solutions 

Small, powerful Off-line HTML Viewer that runs off a floppy and requires no winsock.dll. Lets users view HTML and web image files anytime, anywhere. Supports all HTML 2 tags, and most HTML 3 tags. Supports frames, image maps, tables, bookmarks and directory buttons. May exportHTML file as plain text (without tags). Customizable interface, Kiosk . Free download of NavRoad HTML Viewer 6 50, size 53.26 Mb.

openFeeds 1.0 Beta  

openFeeds is a simple and easy to use RSS Reader that combines ease of use with functionality in order to provide you with an intuitive Off-line RSS aggregator.

openFeeds is very easy to use and allows you to quickly mark all the feed entries as new or read. It displays the feed items within a separate window, enabling you to easily open . Freeware download of openFeeds 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

BeyondRSS rc 

BeyondRSS is an Off-line RSS Reader. It allows user to download and archive the contents of RSS links, so these pages can be read without connecting to Internet. . Freeware download of BeyondRSS rc, size 899 b.

Harvard Classics 4.8 himalaya-soft 

Read, listen, or readalong the 33 of books of Harvard Classics, on-line, Off-line, anywhere, anytime.

Text of each book is hand-reformatted for best reading experience, audiobook done by experienced Reader, and videos professionally presented.

Inside each book, you can also explore an in-depth Wikipedia article about the . Free download of Harvard Classics 4.8, size 7.34 Mb.

VVV (Virtual Volumes View) 1 1 The VVV Team 

VVV is an application that catalogs the content of removable volumes like CD and DVD disks for Off-line searching. Folders and files can also be arranged in a single, virtual file system. Each folder of this virtual file system can contain files from many disks so you can arrange your data in a simple and logical way.

Main features:

Qool 2: Events and culture in Prague | Clubs, gigs, exhibitions 2.4.1 Qool 

What's up around in Prague. Clubs, concerts, cinemas, theatres, exhibitions and other cultural and sports events in Prague and Czech Republic. All information and imagery remains available and searchable when being Off-line, after first run. App provides much more:

current events and venues around
hot movie tips
reminders . Freeware download of Qool 2: Events and culture in Prague | Clubs, gigs, exhibitions 2.4.1, size 10.91 Mb.

Power Siphon Applied Kinematics Corporation 

Power Siphon is a high performance web spider which enables you to download web sites or any web content that you specify and save it on your hard drive for Off-line use. Downloading an entire web site is as easy as providing the URL of the home page or any other starting page. You can watch the progress of the download in real time and then access . Free download of Power Siphon, size 15.60 Mb.

HMView 4.04 Bersoft Inc. 

HMView is a Off-line HTML browser. This very compact system, which supports most of the HTML 3.0 specifications, is ideal for distributing HTML format information when you cannot be certain the recipient has a browser. The system is multilingual, supporting English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Frysk. Registration . Free download of HMView 4.04, size 901.12 Kb.

Evidence Sweeper 2.7 PrivacyAnywhere Software 

Evidence Sweeper is the best choice to safely and completely increase system performance and completely clear away your on and off line activities. It's an Internet cleaner, system cleaner, registry cleaner and privacy protector all in one! Evidence Sweeper can protect you from the dangers of the Internet! Evidence Sweeper lets you protect your . Free download of Evidence Sweeper 2.7, size 1.41 Mb.

Cache, Cookie & Windows Cleaner 8.1 GoSecret Software 

Clean up all evidence of your Internet activities and Off-line activities. With the free Plug-Ins you can have other programs cleaned such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, PicViewer etc. You can also create user defined items to have cleaned, perform the cleaning hidden in the background, shred files to make deleted files unrecoverable by . Free download of Cache, Cookie & Windows Cleaner 8.1, size 7.31 Mb.

SurfNoter 2.01 Allied Business Systems Inc. 

SurfNoter is great tool that solves of the problem of storing and organizing Web addresses on or off line, in or out of your Browser. You can easily copy and paste addresses in SurfNoter for use now or at a more convenient time. Add a description or keywords in the Description Line to categorize or identify the address for easy retrieval. In this . Free download of SurfNoter 2.01, size 943.10 Kb.

AtomNet 1.2 Change7 

There are many Internet and Off-line browsers today, but AtomNet has some special characteristics that make it different: Smallness. Zip support: AtomNet browses HTML pages and images and plays WAV files, compressed into zip files,. Full text search into zip files. AtomNet Favorites can point to HTML, Zip and Image local files, as to online files. . Free download of AtomNet 1.2, size 704.51 Kb.

Windows Vaccine 3.0 Horizon DataSys Inc. 

Win Vaccine is the definitive choice for immunizing PC's from on-line and Off-line activities. It's a Windows Internet cleaner, system cleaner, PC optimizer and privacy protector all in one!Key Features:- Safely eliminates files and folders that clog your PC's hard drive. This optimizes drive space and therefore increases PC performance. - Cleans . Free download of Windows Vaccine 3.0, size 678.91 Kb. orthodox icon guide 1.02 Acritum 

Enjoy viewing orthodox icons Off-line anywhere, anytime. This is a single-file portable freeware application with English and Russian interface that does not need installation and can work with or without an Internet connection. Being only 6 megabytes in size, the package contains 388 orthodox icons of the Mother of God and 59 icons of Jesus Christ . Freeware download of orthodox icon guide 1.02, size 6.78 Mb.

CCE SP Trial Version Custom Technology Corporation 

CCE-SP is an Off-line encoder, which is capable of encoding AVI, DV and QuickTime files into DVD compliant MPEG streams and pristine formats, along with precise customized settings. The application is ideally suited for the creation of MPEG-2 streams, and is highly useful especially for the 3DCG Animators, non-liner video editors, game creators as . Free download of CCE SP Trial Version, size 0 b.

Instruments Builder 4.0 P. Albou 

This is a full software package with a Win32 1 Off-line synthesizer (Mid2Wav4, which converts MIDI files to WAV format), its graphical front end (m2w4_gfe) and the Instruments Builder 4 application itself for instruments creation (the minimum instruments set for immediate use of the synthesizer is included). Full documentation is provided, in . Freeware download of Instruments Builder 4.0, size 2.01 Mb.

VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser 5.0.1 DekTec Digital Video B.V. 

Off-line software for in-depth analysis, quality measurements, error logging and visualisation of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and H.264 AVC video streams
Graphs of quality index (overall quality level of MPEG video), distortion index (indication of MPEG artefacts like blocking), bit rate and number of bits per frame
Extraction of Video Elementary . Freeware download of VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser 5.0.1, size 9.91 Mb.

EPractize Test Lab 1.0 EPractize Labs 

EPractize Test Lab is a free downloadable Off-line product. You can practice the exam at your convenient time and place. It gives you the freedom to practice without getting connected to the internet. You can also practice the range of tests provided by EPractize Labs. . Freeware download of EPractize Test Lab 1.0, size 15.78 Mb.